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  • Food Waste Reduction Roadmap 

    Vincent, Tessa; Croad, Trixie
    Mapping out solutions for food waste reduction at each stage of the food supply chain. Globally, one third of all food is lost or wasted from farm to fork. Food waste has economic, environmental and social consequences. ...
  • A Homebrewers Guide to Upcycle Unwanted Bread in to Beer 

    The Upcycled Food Lab
    Upcycling’ some of the 29 million loaves of bread wasted annually in New Zealand into beer, is a fun concept that can help to raise awareness of food waste and divert unused bread away from landfills. Working with Citizen ...
  • Crisis Management Toolkit for Food Rescue Organisation 

    Clare, Grace
    Adapted from a dissertation on "The Impact of Covid-19 on Food Rescue Organisations In New Zealand/Aotearoa" October 2020 This research set out to: 1) Obtain an understanding of how well food rescue organisations in ...
  • Ethics of Food Waste 

    Mirosa, Miranda; Pearson, David; Pearson, Rory
    In order to investigate the ethical implications of the food waste issue, this chapter considers the wider role of ethics in society and discusses general ethical issues in relation to food. In a more specific exploration ...
  • Essays on climate finance transition risk 

    Nguyễn, Quyên Thi Hoàng
    This thesis analyses the financial implications of climate transition risk. It brings new insights to the topic from three perspectives: (i) the prediction of corporate carbon footprints using machine learning techniques, ...

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