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  • Chinese Consumer Perceptions Towards Active And Intelligent Packaging Technologies 

    Lloyd, Kayna
    The purpose of this research was to understand Chinese consumer perceptions towards active and intelligent packaging technologies and to determine consumer willingness to accept novel packaging technologies. A multitude ...
  • God in the Machine: Depicting Religion in Video Games 

    Tregonning, James
    This thesis shows that Dark Souls uses representations of fictive religion to comment on real religion. These representations are rooted in the affordances of the video game medium, meaning that even as Dark Souls comments ...
  • They sleep standing up : Gujaratis in New Zealand to 1945 

    Leckie, Jacqueline
    This study concerns the Gujaratis in New Zealand, mainly up to 1945. The majority of Indians in New Zealand are Gujaratis, most of them members of either the Koli or Kanbi castes and originally from South Gujarat. Although ...
  • Land, water and gold in Central Otago, 1861-1921 

    Hearn, Terrence John
    Economic growth in nineteenth century New Zealand involved the exploitation of the natural resources of land, forests, and minerals and their transformation into sources of productive output. To encourage such use and ...
  • The struggle for and against the Employment Contracts Act, 1987-1991 

    Heal, Sarah
    On May 3rd 1991 the legislative framework of industrial relations in New Zealand was revolutionised by the introduction of the Employment Contracts Act. This legislation was opposed by an overwhelming majority of workers. ...

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