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  • Low-frequency Raman spectroscopy in pharmaceutical applications 

    Bērziņš, Kārlis
    Low-frequency Raman (LFR) spectroscopy was used to probe a variety of pharmaceutical systems within a framework of different analysis scenarios, including macro and bulk analysis, in-situ monitoring of solid-state ...
  • Explaining and changing the price of litigation services 

    Toy-Cronin, Bridgette
    This article shows that there are many other potential points for reform that stretch beyond the calls for more legal aid or more pro bono and look towards making the private market accessible to those who it is meant to ...
  • What is pro bono and how much do lawyers do? 

    Toy-Cronin, Bridgette; Stewart, Kayla
    Access to justice is firmly on the policy agenda and pro bono work is an important part of that agenda. While it can only ever make a limited contribution to closing the justice gap, it can provide access to legal services ...
  • Beyond "doing a few interviews" 

    Toy-Cronin, Bridgette
    The aim of this article is to provide a short introduction to students, practitioners, and academics, who are considering a project that goes beyond doctrinal legal research. This includes those who are considering the ...
  • To turn the key : the history of deaf education in New Zealand. 

    Stewart, Pauline Ann
    On the 10th March 1880, the Sumner School for the Deaf and Dumb was established. It was the first school for hearing impaired children in the world to be totally funded by the Government. In 1942, a further school was ...

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