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  • Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensate with a Vortex 

    Lee, Au-Chen
    We theoretically consider the properties of a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate with a vortex. Our theory includes the influence of the leading order quantum fluctuation corrections which allows the condensate to stabilize ...
  • Aid in Dying in New Zealand: Recent Legal Developments 

    Geddis, Andrew; Gavaghan, Colin
    This article considers Lecretia Seales and her New Zealand High Court case to receive aid in dying. The author discusses the main issue in this case, specifically whether directly administering a lethal dose of medication ...
  • Children's Interests in Division of Property on Relationship Breakdown 

    Peart, Nicola; Henaghan, M
    The breakdown of a marriage, civil union, or de facto relationship inevitably affects children of the relationship. The question this paper addresses is whether the interests of children should be taken into account in the ...
  • Family Finances on Death of a Spouse or Partner 

    Peart, Nicola; Briggs, Margaret; Henaghan, Mark
    On death there is an inevitable tension in succession law between property and family, between testamentary freedom and the deceased’s duty to provide for family members. This paper considers the relationship property ...
  • Intestate Succession in Australia and New Zealand 

    Peart, Nicola; Vines, Prue
    The rules of intestate succession in Australia and New Zealand have their origins in English law as a result of colonization. This article considers the historical development of intestate succession in Australia and New ...

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