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  • Evaluation of a pilot breast cancer screening programme 

    Richardson, Ann Kathleen
    A pilot mammographic breast cancer screening programme was established in 1991 for women aged fifty to sixty-four living in Otago and Southland. The pilot programme was evaluated to measure the acceptability, effectiveness, ...
  • Manipulation of the host cell cycle by murine norovirus VPg 

    McSweeney, Alice Mary
    Human norovirus (HuNV) is a leading cause of acute gastroenteritis worldwide. Despite advances in HuNV cell culture the virus remains difficult to study in the laboratory. Murine norovirus (MNV) is routinely utilised as a ...
  • Climate change and behaviour change : empowering youth action through narrative 

    Ryan, Guy
    This thesis is a review of the literature spanning multiple disciplines to provide an overview of climate change science in the global and New Zealand context, its implications, and a context for action amongst young New ...
  • Hierarchical capture-recapture models 

    Schofield, Matthew Ryan
    A defining feature of capture-recapture is missing data due to imperfect detection of individuals. The standard approach used to deal with the missing data is to integrate (or sum) over all the possible unknown values. The ...
  • Ruth France and the male monolith 

    Murray, Heather
    This thesis explores how a promising writer of the 1950s and 1960s did not fulfill her promise because the literary climate of New Zealand was controlled by male writers who were mostly out of sympathy with women's writing. ...

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