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  • CYMRC 15th data report (2015-2019) 

    McDonald, Gabrielle; Hii, Joseph; Dawson, Pauline; Szymanska, Kasia; Wolfe, Nick; Lawrence Lodge, Rachael; Chalmers, Stephen; Rayner, Craig
    In Aotearoa/New Zealand in the period 2015–19, 2,666 pēpi, tamariki and rangatahi aged from 28 days to 24 years died. The most common causes of these deaths were suicide, transport incidents, cancers and sudden unexpected ...
  • The use of algorithms in the New Zealand public sector: A preliminary assessment 

    Gavaghan, Colin; Liddicoat, Joy
    An article concerning the New Zealand Government's report on the use of operational algorithms in various areas and departments, including Immigration NZ and ACC. The article discusses various questions regarding algorithms ...
  • Dextran-based vaccine delivery system 

    Nguyễn, Hiển Văn
    Background: As opposed to conventional cancer therapies (i.e. chemotherapy, radiation or surgery) that target cancer cells directly, immunotherapies stimulate the immune system to release effectors that kill cancer cells. ...
  • Influence of sourdough fermentation on flavour formation and perception in sourdough bread 

    Warburton, Andrea Evelyn
    Sourdough is simply fermented ground cereal and water, but in actuality it contains a complex ecosystem of microorganisms, mainly yeast and lactic acid bacteria (LAB). The metabolic activity of the microorganisms is used ...
  • The short- and long-term effects of television pace and fantasy rates on children's executive functioning 

    Hinten, Ashley Elise
    Television’s introduction in the 1950s spurred long-lived concerns for the consequences of television viewing on children’s cognitive development that still persist today. Historically, critiques have focused on child-directed ...

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