• Equity in New Zealand university graduate outcomes: Māori and Pacific graduates 

    Theodore, Reremoana; Taumoepeau, Mele; Kokaua, Jesse; Tustin, Karen; Gollop, Megan; Taylor, Nicola; Hunter, Jackie; Kiro, Cynthia; Poulton, Richie
    Higher education confers significant private and social benefits. Māori and Pacific peoples are under-represented within New Zealand universities and have poorer labour market outcomes (e.g., lower wages, under-represented ...
  • Extended Baseline Report: Graduate Longitudinal Study 

    Tustin, Karen; Chee, Kaa-Sandra; Taylor, Nicola; Gollop, Megan; Taumoepeau, Mele; Hunter, Jackie; Harold, Gordon; Poulton, Richie
  • Māori University success: what helps and hinders qualification completion 

    Theodore, Reremoana; Gollop, Megan; Tustin, Karen; Taylor, Nicola; Kiro, Cynthia; Taumoepeau, Mele; Kokaua, Jesse; Hunter, Jackie; Poulton, Richie
    Māori (Indigenous New Zealand) university graduates are role models for educational success and are critical for the social and economic wellbeing of Māori whānau (extended family) and communities. In this study, Māori ...
  • New Zealand Children and Young People's Perspectives on Citizenship 

    Taylor, Nicola; Smith, Anne; Gollop, Megan
    The perspectives of 66 children and young people (aged 8/9 and 14/15 years) on their understanding of citizenship issues were obtained through focus group discussions in New Zealand schools. The children reported on their ...
  • Pacific university graduates in New Zealand: what helps and hinders completion 

    Theodore, Reremoana; Taumoepeau, Mele; Tustin, Karen; Gollop, Megan; Unasa, Charlotte; Kokaua, Jesse; Taylor, Nicola; Ramrakha, Sandhya; Hunter, Jackie; Poulton, Richie
    Increasing the numbers of Pacific Island students who graduate from New Zealand universities is important for the students’ futures, their families, communities and society in general. In this study, Pacific graduates (N ...