• BARDS Otago 

    Large, David; Cop, Michael
    BARDS is a browser-based remix engine for three different textual versions and four graphic novel interpretations of Hamlet, allowing students and researchers to act as an editor of a visual text. Between 1603 and 1623, ...
  • A closer look: Fiji's COVID-19 crisis 

    Goundar, Sargam; Kessler, Kim Andreas
    Fiji’s COVID-19 story started with the Fijian Government taking action in the form of travel restrictions to Fiji and mandatory border quarantine to keep the virus out. This was largely driven by an anticipation of Fiji’s ...
  • Island people rely on strengths 

    Goundar, Sargam; Kessler, Kim Andreas
    Pacific Island countries and territories are internationally portrayed as particularly vulnerable to Covid-19. However, in times of crisis, it is important not to forget their strengths.
  • Media Studies 101 

    Pearson, Erika; Taffel, Sy; Nicholls, Brett; Wengenmeir, Martina; Chin, Khin-Wee; Phillips, Hazel; Snowden, Collette; Madill, Bernard; Ross, Jane; Gallagher, Sarah; Fisher, Thelma; Kabir, Shah Nister J.; Ceuterick, Maud; Mettner, Hannah; Urbano, Massimiliana
  • With One Eye Closed: Illegal orphanages in rural China 

    High, Anna
    This article considers the state’s response to unregistered and unregulated orphanages in China. The author concludes that for these orphanages, legality is generally neither here nor there, until an accident or scandal ...