• Media Studies 101 

    Pearson, Erika; Taffel, Sy; Nicholls, Brett; Wengenmeir, Martina; Chin, Khin-Wee; Phillips, Hazel; Snowden, Collette; Madill, Bernard; Ross, Jane; Gallagher, Sarah; Fisher, Thelma; Kabir, Shah Nister J.; Ceuterick, Maud; Mettner, Hannah; Urbano, Massimiliana
  • Willful women in contemporary cinema: Affect, space and affirmative aesthetics 

    Ceuterick, Maud
    Under the current patriarchal status quo, women’s bodies do not have the same ‘freedom’ (and thus capability) of spatial movement and social exis- tence as bodies ‘gendered as masculine, or racialised as “white”’ (Sheller ...