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  • A Policymakers’ Handbook for Addressing the Impacts of Ocean Acidification 

    McGraw, Christina M; Currie, Kim I; Law, Cliff S; Vance, Jesse M
  • Morganeering 

    Bickerton, A. W.
    Morganeering is a satire on capitalism in the era of the "Robber Barons" like John Rockefeller, Henry Ford and John Pierpont Morgan. Their success at consolidating industries is taken to extremes by the novel's capitalist ...
  • The Two Lawyers 

    Southan, W.M.
    Southan's novel is set in the fledgling New Zealand town of Timaru and the boisterous goldfields of 1860's Victoria. One lawyer, Frank Perry, is a pillar of manly rectitude, while the other, John Hobart, is a dastardly ...
  • Alone in the World 

    Colclough, Mary Ann
    Orphaned and alone, the young governess Annie Barrington sail to New Zealand in search of her lost brother. In Auckland, she finds instead a man who offers her happiness, but whose past hides a dark crime. Also, trying to ...
  • The Passionate Puritan 

    Mander, Jane
    Set in 1912, The Passionate Puritan follows young teacher Sidney Carey to an isolated kauri-milling community in the far north. She discovers romance there, but will she be able to seize it, or will puritanical conventions ...
  • Lenore Divine 

    Devanny, Jean
    Lenore Divine follows the romantic and political adventures of the title character and her friend Lafe Osgood. Will Lenore find happiness with dissolute Holly Virtue or with Waikato farmer Kowhatu Ngatoro? Can Lafe redeem ...
  • Ngā Kete Mātauranga. Māori scholars at the research interface 

    Ruru, Jacinta; Nikora, Linda Waimarie
    In this beautiful and transformative book, 24 Māori academics share their personal journeys, revealing what being Māori has meant for them in their work. Their perspectives provide insight for all New Zealanders into how ...
  • Indigenous peoples, consents and rights: Troubling subjects 

    Young, Stephen
    Analysing how Indigenous Peoples come to be identifiable as bearers of human rights, this book considers how individuals and communities claim the right of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) as Indigenous peoples. The ...
  • Materialising Ancestral Madang: Pottery Production and Subsistence Trading on the Northeast Coast of New Guinea 

    Gaffney, Dylan
    Materialising Ancestral Madang documents the emergence of pottery production processes and exchange networks along the northeast coast of New Guinea during the last millennium before the present. This dynamic period in the ...
  • Impacts of Research 

    Larcombe, Maria; Coleman, Michele; Stokes, Tim; Cannon, Richard; Lübcke, Antje; Smith, Shiobhan
    High quality research that changes the world is what we strive for at the University of Otago Division of Health Sciences. It’s also what governments around the world are asking for. They want greater accountability from ...
  • Mapping Hinduism: 'Hinduism' and the study of Indian religions. 1600-1776 

    Sweetman, Will
    The process by which Hinduism came to be constituted as an object of European study is often taken to be the most egregious example of the invention of a religion through the reification of disparate traditions of belief ...
  • Being and Owning: The Body, Bodily Material, and the Law 

    Wall, Jesse
    When part of a person’s body is separated from them, or when a person dies, it is unclear what legal status the item of bodily material ought to obtain. This book develops a way for the law to address disputes over the use ...
  • Tom Hungerford: A Story of the Early Days of the Otago Goldfields 

    Baldwin, William; Sullivan, Jim
    Tom Hungerford was inspired by the Otago gold rush of 1861, but is practically unknown as it was published only as a serial in the Tuapeka Times. The author, William Baldwin, a larger-than-life figure who was a runholder, ...
  • The Choice of Law Contract 

    Hook, Maria
    This book offers a contractual framework for the regulation of party autonomy in choice of law. The party autonomy rule is the cornerstone of any modern system of choice of law; embodying as it does the freedom enjoyed by ...
  • Health Professionals and Trust: The Cure for Healthcare Law and Policy 

    Henaghan, Mark
    An ever increasing number of codes of conduct, disciplinary bodies, ethics committees and bureaucratic policies now prescribe how health professionals and health researchers relate to their patients. In this book, Mark ...
  • Galileo and the Conflict between Religion and Science 

    Dawes, Gregory W.
    For more than 30 years, historians have rejected what they call the ‘warfare thesis’ – the idea that there is an inevitable conflict between religion and science – insisting that scientists and believers can live in harmony. ...
  • Orienting Feminism Media, Activism and Cultural Representation 

    Overell, Rosemary; Overell, Rosemary; Dale, Catherine
    This edited collection explores the meaning of feminism in the contemporary moment, which is constituted primarily by action but also uncertainty. The book focuses on feminist modes of activism, as well as media and cultural ...
  • Affective Intensities in Extreme Music Scenes Cases from Australia and Japan 

    Overell, Rosemary
    An ethnographic study of gender, place and belonging, Affective Intensities introduces readers to the embodied sensations, flows and experiences of being in extreme music scenes in Australia and Japan.
  • The Merry Marauders 

    Rees, Arthur J.
    The Merry Marauders (1913) recounts the humorous misadventures of an accident-prone theatre company, bringing to life the itinerant theatrical world and its struggles with the temperance movement and frontier environment. ...