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dc.contributor.authorHoult, Regan Ben_NZ
dc.identifier.citationHoult, R. B. (2000, February 20). MBO liklihood and firm characteristics: Evidence from a data envelopment analysis (Thesis, Master of Commerce). Retrieved from
dc.description.abstractThe source(s) of wealth created by managers taking a public company private in a Management Buyout (MBO) are not well understood. This study uses Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to empirically test two theories on these wealth gains, Jensen's Agency Cost of Free Cash Flow theory and the Asymmetric information theory. Prior research on these two theories has failed to produce conclusive results. The DEA analysis used here finds some support for the predictions of the Agency Cost of Free Cash Flow theory, but little for the Asymmetric Information theory.en_NZ
dc.subjectpublic companyen_NZ
dc.subjectManagement Buyouten_NZ
dc.subjectData Envelopment Analysisen_NZ
dc.subjectAgency Cost of Free Cash Flow theoryen_NZ
dc.subjectAsymmetric information theory,en_NZ
dc.subject.lcshHF Commerceen_NZ
dc.subject.lcshHF5601 Accountingen_NZ
dc.subject.lcshHG Financeen_NZ
dc.subject.lcshHF5601 Accountingen_NZ
dc.titleMBO liklihood and firm characteristics: Evidence from a data envelopment analysisen_NZ
otago.schoolFinanceen_NZ of Commerce of Otagoen_NZ Thesesen_NZ
otago.openaccessAbstract Only
dc.identifier.eprints587en_NZ & Quantitative Analysisen_NZ
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