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dc.contributor.authorFrimpong, Siawen_NZ
dc.identifier.citationFrimpong, S. (2002, July 15). The impacts of structural adjustment programmes on the operations of the Ghana stock exchange (Thesis). Retrieved from
dc.description.abstractThis study evaluates the impacts of Ghana's Structural Adjustment Programmes on the operations of the Ghana Stock Exchange from 1990 to 2001. Three main components of the adjustment programmes, namely divestiture of state-owned enterprises, value-added tax and devaluation (depreciation) of the cedi, are evaluated. The study finds that divestiture had a positive impact on trading activities and market capitalization of the Exchange. However, value-added tax and devaluation had adverse effects on the operations of the Ghana Stock Exchange.en_NZ
dc.subjectGhana's Structural Adjustment Programmesen_NZ
dc.subjectGhana Stock Exchangeen_NZ
dc.subject1990 to 2001en_NZ
dc.subjectdivestiture of state-owned enterprisesen_NZ
dc.subjectvalue-added taxen_NZ
dc.subjectdevaluation (depreciation) of the cedien_NZ
dc.subject.lcshHF Commerceen_NZ
dc.subject.lcshHF5601 Accountingen_NZ
dc.subject.lcshHG Financeen_NZ
dc.titleThe impacts of structural adjustment programmes on the operations of the Ghana stock exchangeen_NZ
otago.schoolFinanceen_NZ of Otagoen_NZ Thesesen_NZ
otago.openaccessAbstract Only
dc.identifier.eprints649en_NZ & Quantitative Analysisen_NZ
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