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dc.contributor.authorDaniell, Mark Jamesen_NZ
dc.identifier.citationDaniell, M. J. (2000). Management ownership and firm value revisited (Thesis). Retrieved from
dc.description.abstractThe relationship between management ownership and firm value is investigated in an attempt to reconcile the conflicting findings in Morck, Shleifer and Vishny (1988) and McConnell and Servaes (1990) using a sample of Fortune 500 firms and two commonly used ownership sources. The findings support the quadratic form of McConnell and Servaes, suggesting that firm value increases to a maximum at around 25 to 35 percent management ownership, then decreases for management ownership levels beyond this point.en_NZ
dc.subjectmanagement ownershipen_NZ
dc.subjectfirm valueen_NZ
dc.subjectFortune 500 firms,en_NZ
dc.subject.lcshHF Commerceen_NZ
dc.subject.lcshHF5601 Accountingen_NZ
dc.subject.lcshHG Financeen_NZ
dc.titleManagement ownership and firm value revisiteden_NZ
otago.schoolFinanceen_NZ of Otagoen_NZ Thesesen_NZ
otago.openaccessAbstract Only
dc.identifier.eprints581en_NZ & Quantitative Analysisen_NZ
dc.description.referencesAitkin, M.A., 1974, Simultaneous inference and the choice of variable subsets, Technometrics 16, 221-227. Ang, IS., Rebel A. Cole, and J.W. Lin, 2000, Agency costs and ownership structure, Journal of Finance 55, 81-106. Berle, Adolf A. Jr., and Gardner C. Means, 1932, The modern corporation and private property (Macmillan, New York). Bhabra, Gurmeet S., and Hannah Maling, 1999, Managerial ownership and firm value: Evidence from New Zealand, Working paper, Finance and Quantitative Analysis Department, University of Otago, New Zealand. Chen, Carl R., and Thomas L. Steiner, 2000, Tobin's Q, managerial ownership, and analyst coverage: A nonlinear simultaneous equations model, Journal of Economics and Business 52, 352-382. Chung, Kee H., and Stephen W. Pruitt, 1994, A simple approximation of Tobin's q, Financial management 23, 70--74. Demsetz, Harold, 1983, The structure of ownership and the theory of the firm, Journal of Law & Economics 26, 378-390. and Kenneth Lehn, 1985, The structure of corporate ownership: Causes and consequences, Journal of Political Economy 93, 1155-1177. Fama, Eugene F., and Michael C. Jensen, 1983a, Separation of ownership and control, Journal of Law & Economics 26, 301-325. , and Michael C. Jensen, 1983b, Agency problems and residual claims, Journal of Law & Economics 26, 327-349. Hanson, Robert C., and Mon H. Song, 195, Managerial ownership change and firm value: Evidence from dual-class recapitalizations and insider trading Jo urnal of Financial Research 18,281-297. Hermalin, Benjamin E., and Michael S. Weisbach, The effects of board composition and direct incentives on firm value, Financial Management 20,101-114. Himmelberg, Charles P., R. Glenn Hubbard, and Darius Palia, 1999, Understanding the determinants of managerial ownership and the link between ownership and performance, Journal of Financial Economics 53,353-384. Jensen, Michael C., 1986, Agency costs of free cash flow, corporate finance and takeovers, American Economic Review 76,323-329, Jensen, Michael C., and William H. Meckling, 1976, Theory of the firm: Managerial behavior, agency costs and ownership structure, Journal of Financial Economics 3,305-360. Kole, Stacey R., 1995, Measuring managerial equity ownership: A comparison of sources of ownership data, Journal of Corporate Finance 1,413-435. Lindenberg, E.B., and S.A. Ross, 1981, Tobin's q ratio and industrial organization, Journal of Business, 1-32. McConnell, John J., and Henri Servaes, 1990, Additional evidence on equity ownership and corporate value, Journal of Financial Economics 27,595-612. Modigliani, F., and M.H. Miller, 1963, Corporate income taxes and the cost of capital: A correction, American Economic Review 47,261-197. Morck, Randal, Andrei Shleifer, and Robert W. Vishny, 198, Management ownership and market valuation: An empirical analysis, Journal of Financial Economics 20, 293-315. Myers, S.C., 1984, The capital structure puzzle, Journal of Finance 39,575-592. Short, Helen, and Kevin Keasey, 1999, Managerial ownership and the performance of firms: Evidence from the UK, Journal of Corporate Finance 5,79-101. Stulz, Rene M., 1988, Managerial control of voting rights: Financing policies and the market for corporate control, Journal of Financial Economics 20,25-54. Titrnan, S., and R. Wessels, 1988, The determinants of capital structure choice, Journal of Finance 18,1-19. Weston, J.F., 1979, The tender takeover, Mergers and Acquisitions, 74-82.en_NZ
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