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  • What monitoring strategies are most successful for promoting weight loss? A randomised controlled trial 

    Jospe, Michelle; Roy, Melyssa; Brown, Rachel; Williams, Sheila; Osborne, Hamish; Meredith-Jones, Kim; McArthur, Jenny; Fleming, Elizabeth; Taylor, Rachael
    Objectives: While tracking progress is one of the strongest predictors of success in healthy eating and physical activity interventions, it is uncertain whether it matters which behavior (diet, activity or weight) is being ...
  • What's for dinner? Relative and absolute differences in food prices 

    Duncanson, Mavis; Boston, Grace; Parnell, Winsome; Simpson, Jean
    Background: Women with children experiencing food insecurity report difficulty affording healthy food and express concern that high fat processed food and sugar sweetened beverages are often less expensive than fresh foods ...