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  • Wireless monitoring of intra-oral pH 

    Loke, Coreen
    Introduction and Aim: Intra-oral pH plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of tooth wear as well as white spot lesions in patients with fixed or removable orthodontic appliances. However, there is currently very ...
  • Wnt expression during osseointegration of titanium dental implants 

    Kim, Ryan Woongki
    Background: The Wnt 1, 7b and 10b proteins come from a family of 19 signalling molecules. These proteins initiate the Wnt/Beta-catenin signalling pathway to promote osteoblast differentiation and bone formation and thus, ...
  • Xerostomia among adult New Zealanders: a national survey 

    Benn, Angela Mary Leslie
    Objectives: To date, no nationally-representative epidemiological survey of xerostomia has been undertaken. The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence, associations and impacts of xerostomia in a nationally ...