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Supervised tooth brushing in Northland31
An orthodontic tooth brushing technique to enhance oral hygiene in patients with fixed appliances: interim results of a randomized controlled clinical trial26
Genetic and environmental factors associated with hypodontia16
The Role of Blood and Serum Proteins in the Pathogenesis of Molar-Incisor Hypomineralisation7
The effect of incremental lower lip advancement on intraoral pressures7
Longitudinal associations between periodontitis and glycated haemoglobin7
Taphonomic alteration to juvenile porcine bone after exposure to a marine environment7
The oral health of individuals with haemophilia: a mixed methods investigation6
Factors Associated with Orthodontic Pain6
Biofilm management with oral probiotics in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances5
Factors associated with orthodontic pain4
Child Abuse: Understanding the Biomechanics of Rib Fractures in Infants4
Alveolar Ridge Preservation in the Sheep Model4
Parental perceptions of the impact of early childhood caries in Malaysia and New Zealand4
Digital assessment of three-dimensional tooth movement during orthodontic activation using an optimised typodont system4
A longitudinal study of tooth formation and root resorption from birth to preadolescence4
Factors affecting children’s oral care practices during the first 2 years of life3
The use of child oral-health-related quality of life measures in a randomised control trial of the Hall crown technique in a primary care setting3
Candida albicans: sex and survival in a rat model of colonisation3
Factors influencing caries activity in children - a longitudinal study3
Dental Treatment of Children under GA: a situational analysis3
Children’s oral health-related quality of life five to seven years after comprehensive care under general anaesthesia for early childhood caries3
Quality Evaluation of Dental Records and Patient Satisfaction following Periodontal Surgery3
Development of an in vivo model to investigate the effects of three adhesive removal methods around orthodontic brackets: A pilot study3
Eating Fast and Body Mass Index in Young Adolescents. Is there a relationship?2
Epidemiological validation of a Malay version of the Child Perceptions Questionnaire (CPQ11-14) in Brunei2
Healing of grafts of BioOss® and MoaBone® in a sheep maxillary sinus model2
Aspects of Dental Development and Skeletal Maturation in New Zealand Polynesian Children and Adolescents2
Student and graduate perceptions of the Doctor of Clinical Dentistry programme - a qualitative research project2
Xerostomia among adult New Zealanders: a national survey2
Clinical and Psychosocial Aspects of The Long Face Morphology2
Alveolar bone healing using a novel bone substitute material in a sheep tooth extraction model2
Oral-Health-Related-Quality-of-Life in Cambodian Children2
A study of periodontal disease in mongolism2
The dental workforce in New Zealand2
Personality characteristics and self-reported oral health2
Fluoride intake of infants in New Zealand2
The Influence of Interproximal Reduction on Enamel Roughness and Bacterial Adhesion2
Engineering 3D constructs of human bone matrix in a mechanically-active environment2
Adolescent oral health in New Zealand in 20092
A mechanical strain model for the assessment of periodontal ligament cell endoplasmic reticulum stress in three-dimensional culture2
Genetic factors associated with orthodontic pain in children and adolescents: a pilot study2
Presence and Origin of Titanium Particles in Peri-implant Tissues2
Treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea with oral appliances2
The Restorative Management of Dental Caries affecting Children and Adolescents in New Zealand2
The oral health of rest home residents with dementia2
Dentists’ knowledge and experiences of treating patients with Head and Neck Cancer.1
Novel therapeutic targets for Endodontic infections1
The expression of Candida albicans acetaldehyde producing enzymes in C. albicans infected mucosal lesions: a potential role in some oral cancers1
Under Pressure: Generic and Individual Intra-oral Pressure Profiles in Liquid Swallows1
Wnt expression during osseointegration of titanium dental implants1
The use of oral health services by adults with intellectual disability. A mixed methods study.1
Identification of factors in the natal and neonatal period influencing enamel development in the permanent first molars and incisors1
The use of topical tranexamic acid for the prevention of postextraction bleeding in patients on oral anticoagulants who are undergoing oral surgery, without modification of their anticoagulant regime1
Remineralisation of decalcified tooth enamel consequent to orthodontic treatment1
Development, Validation and Preliminary testing of A Novel Indwelling Wireless Intraoral pH Telemeter1
Validity of the Cervical Vertebral Maturation Method for Prediction of Mandibular Growth Peak1
Heterologous expression of membrane proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae1
De novo bone formation in the presence of titanium devices using adipose-derived stem cells grown in serum-free conditions1
BRONJ: The effects of zoledronic acid on the VEGF receptors and implications for osteoblast growth and maturation1
Growth Factor Expression In The Rat Condyle - Implications For Craniofacial Development1
Investigating resistance mutations in the drug target of triazole drugs1
A novel model for exploring causes and treatments of craniofacial birth defects1
The influence of orthodontic and orthopaedic therapy on mandibular motion1
Efficacy of a Mandibular Advancement Appliance on Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children1
The role of primary oral healthcare clinicians in the detection and diagnosis of oral and oropharyngeal cancer in New Zealand1
Microbial Leakage at the Implant-Abutment Interface: Comparing Original and Aftermarket Abutments in an Ovine Model1
Novel grafting materials for sinus floor elevation in the sheep model1
Primary tooth pulp as a source of progenitor cells for tissue regeneration1
Psychosocial aspects of periodontal disease diagnosis and treatment1
Dental caries, tooth wear and dietary sugar intake in a sample of Northland Māori.1
Oral Behaviours and Masseter Activity in Patients with Masticatory Muscle Pain1

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