University of Otago research outputs at Dissertation level are not subject to the same quality assurance process required of theses. The dissertations in OUR Archive were selected for inclusion by each Department in recognition of their demand, unique content and high standard of research. Access is provided with the author’s agreement.

Recent Deposits

  • The rehabilitation of Napier 

    MacFarlane, J. N.
  • The Katipo Spider 

    Hornabrook, Richard William
    The katipo spider of New Zealand has attained much notoriety in this country and elsewhere when poisonous spiders are discussed. It is, however, evident that many of the popular beliefs concerning this spider in New Zealand ...
  • Observations on Filariasis in Western Samoa 

    Fitzgerald, Norman W
    The following investigations were carried out when the writer was research assistant to the Research Expeditions sent to Western Samoa in 1953 and 1954 by the Medical Research Council of New Zealand. The members of these ...
  • Toheroa on Oreti Beach: management to minimize threats of local extinction 

    Gray, Matthew Christopher
    Toheroa (Paphies ventricosum) is widely regarded as the national shellfish, yet since the early 1900s toheroa have been disappearing from the beaches of New Zealand. Despite 20 years of a ban on harvesting, the population ...

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