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dc.contributor.authorGale, Christopher
dc.contributor.authorMullen, Richard
dc.contributor.authorPatterson, Tess
dc.contributor.authorGray, Andrew
dc.identifier.citationGale, C., Mullen, R., Patterson, T., & Gray, A. (2013). The effect of recent adverse events and psychotic symptomatology among people with schizophrenia. Presented at the ‘Schizophrenia – Epidemiology and Biology’: XXIV Paulo International Medical Symposium.en
dc.description.abstractThere have been considerable investigations in recent years of the correlation of early life event interactions, with psychotic symptomatology, with suggestions of causal links.. However, most of these investigations do not consider more recent life events at the same time. Outpatients with schizophrenia were surveyed using the CIS-R and PANNS. Questions from the life events module were weighted by the frequency of events and correlated with PANSS positive, negative and total scores and suicidality questions An association was found between lifetime sexual abuse, and positive symptoms a victim of a crime and home violence with positive symptoms, and between being in difficulties with the police and suicidality. Lifetime bullying was associated with a decrease in negative symptoms. Further investigations of life events need to consider both early and recent events.en_NZ
dc.rightsAttribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported*
dc.subjectAdverse experiencesen_NZ
dc.titleThe effect of recent adverse events and psychotic symptomatology among people with schizophreniaen_NZ
dc.typeConference or Workshop Item (Poster)en_NZ
otago.schoolDepartment of Psychological Medicine, Dunedin School of Medicineen_NZ
otago.schoolPreventive and Community Health, Dunedin School of Medicineen_NZ
otago.event.placeOulu, Finlanden_NZ
otago.event.title“Schizophrenia – Epidemiology and Biology”: XXIV Paulo International Medical Symposiumen_NZ
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Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
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