• Communicating agents: an emerging approach for distributed heterogeneous systems 

    Cranefield, Stephen; Gorman, Paul; Purvis, Martin
    The concept of an intelligent software agent has emerged from its origins in artificial intelligence laboratories to become an important basis for the development of distributed systems in the mainstream computer science ...
  • Interactive visualisation tools for analysing NIR data 

    Munro, Hayden; Novins, Kevin; Benwell, George L; Moffat, Alistair
    This paper describes a tool being developed to allow users to visualise the ripening characteristics of fruit. These characteristics, such as sugar, acid and moisture content, can be measured using non-destructive Near ...
  • Spatial data acquisition from motion video 

    Williams, Mark
    Geographic information systems are an important tool for the field of geocomputing. A key component of every system is the data—spatial data has traditionally been labour-intensive to collect, and hence expensive. This ...
  • Special issue: GeoComputation ’96 

    Anderson, Martin; Kasabov, Nikola; Purvis, Martin; Benwell, George; Kennedy, Geoff; Sallis, Philip
    A collection of papers authored by members of the Information Science department and presented at the 1st International Conference on GeoComputation, Leeds, United Kingdom. (The individual papers are also available separately.)
  • Using rough sets to study expert behaviour in induction of labour 

    Parry, David; Yeap, Wai Kiang; Pattison, Neil
    The rate of induction of labour (IOL) is increasing, despite no obvious increase in the incidence of the major indications. However the rate varies widely between different centres and practitioners and this does not seem ...
  • View-based consistency and its implementation 

    Huang, Zhiyi; Sun, Chengzheng; Cranefield, Stephen; Purvis, Martin
    This paper proposes a novel View-based Consistency model for Distributed Shared Memory. A view is a set of ordinary data objects that a processor has the right to access in a data-race-free program. The View-based Consistency ...