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Recomputing historical barometric heighting13
Spatio-temporal and object visualization in rugby union10
Location, location, location: quantifying high density patterns of Hector’s dolphin in relation to oceanographic features6
Wildlife population analysis with GIS: conservation management of royal albatross6
Spatial similarity5
User defined spatial business rules: storage, management and implementation — a pipe network case study4
Sources of sediment and nutrient exports to the Great Barrier Reef4
A taxonomy of spatial data integrity constraints3
Neuro-fuzzy engineering for spatial information processing3
Analysis of distortions in a mental map using GPS and GIS3
HD aerial video for coastal zone ecological mapping3
Measuring spatial accessibility to primary health care3
Geostatistical modelling, analysis and mapping of epidemiology of Dengue Fever in Johor State, Malaysia3
Digital near-infrared camera for 3D spatial data capture3
Special issue: GeoComputation ’963
GIS maturity and integration3
Incorporating a new computational reasoning approach to spatial modelling2
The visualisation of uncertainty in spatially-referenced attribute data using TRUSTworthy data structures2
Spatial analysis of home range, core area and habitat selection of red deer (Cervus elaphus) on an extensively managed high-country station2
Object-oriented classification and Ikonos multispectral imagery for mapping vegetation communities in urban areas2
Keep your eye on the ball: Local versus global statistics in sport visualisation2
Towards topoclimate maps of frost and frost risk for Southland, New Zealand2
An integrated GIS for Fiordland’s marine habitats2
The conservation status of New Zealand’s indigenous grasslands2
The evolutionary consequences of phenotypic plasticity: adding spatial dimension2
Spatial data mining: where to from here?2
Biodiversity and genes on landscapes2
Calculating the 2D motion of lumbar vertebrae using splines2
GIS, expert systems and interoperability2
Cadastral “reform”—at what cost to developing countries?2
Process management for geographical information system development2
Development of a generic system for modelling spatial processes1
Data sharing using the X.500 directory1
How interesting is this? Finding interest hotspots and ranking images using an MPEG-7 visual attention model1
Point allocation inside polygons and GWR: an experimental analysis with survey data1
An explicit spatial model for niching in genetic algorithms1
A practical spatial data capture technique for human motion research1
Assessment of the performance of image fusion for the mapping of snow1
Clustering of childhood asthma hospital admissions in New Zealand, 1999-20041
Red blood cell segmentation using guided contour tracing1
An empirical investigation into correlation functions in a spatially-dispersed evolutionary algorithm1
A comparison of localised and global niching methods1
Development of an automated tracking system for analysis of human movement1
Using computational fluid dynamics for wind flow over a complex topography1
Extraction of end-of-summer snowlines from ASTER images for Southern Alps1
Development of a non-destructive method to assess vegetation structure and structural diversity of tussock grasslands at a landscape scale1
A review of the evolution of spatio-temporal data types1
The development and application of a cognitively-intuitive dynamic map based on a diffusion-based density equalizing algorithm1
Analysis of images of ice floes1
Some approaches to the analysis of replicated bivariate spatial point patterns: Drosophila retina1
Geospatial aspects of alcohol-related harm in New Zealand1
Revealing the local geospatial knowledge base of oyster fishing at Bluff, New Zealand1
Spatial location of genes within cells in gene interaction networks1
The ARGOS project and the role of GIS1
Hector’s Dolphin database for a South Island bay: a new tool for the research toolbox?1
Quality of data for geo-spatial studies of alcohol-related harm1
Phylogeography of carnivorous snails from Northland1
Geographic information systems at AgResearch1
GIS as a mine rehabilitation tool: examples from Wangaloa Coal Mine1
Landscape structure and ecosystem conservation: an assessment using remote sensing1
The derivation of thematic map layers from entity-relationship data models1

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Benwell, George L32
Whigham, Peter A28
Moore, Antoni21
Holt, Alec20
Aldridge, Colin H10
Chong, Albert K10
Hodge, Ken10
McLennan, Bruce9
Purvis, Martin9
Cockcroft, Sophie7
Clement, Deanna6
Robertson, C J R6
Brodie, Jon4
Furnas, Miles4
Hughes, Andrew4
Hunter, Heather4
Marr, Andrew4
Mathieu, Renaud4
McKergow, Lucy4
Prosser, Ian4
Bagheri, Nasser3
Dick, Grant3
Dickinson, Katharine3
Kasabov, Nikola3
McCane, Brendan3
Peake, Simon A J3
Seng, Su Bee3
Zhang, Feng3
Aryal, Jagannath2
Baumgarten, Mandy2
Bowman, M Hamish2
Buick, Roz2
Ezigbalike, I. Chukwudozie2
Kardos, Julian2
Kypri, Kypros2
Langley, John2
Lilburne, Linda2
Lord, Janice2
MacDonell, Stephen2
Mann, Samuel2
Mark, Alan2
Netzer, Michael2
Pascoe, Richard2
Richards, Katrina2
Spencer, Hamish2
Wing, Stephen2
Woodford, Brendon J2
Barris, Sian1
Bell, Melanie L1
Britt, Steve1
Button, C1
Carroll, Grant1
Crane, Julian1
Craw, Dave1
Croft, Hayden1
Dameh, Mustafa1
Deng, Da1
Dixon, Katherine1
Earl, James1
Emanuelson, Martin1
Exeter, Daniel J1
Firns, Peter1
Francisco, Eduardo de Rezende1
Green, David1
Hales, Simon1
Hall, G Brent1
Hankey, Nick1
Hay, Geoff1
Kennedy, G1
Kennedy, Martyn1
Knight, Peter1
Lee, William G1
Liddell, Gerard1
Maegli, Tania1
Maegli, Tanja1
Mojžíšek, Jan1
Norbury, Grant1
Oltmer, Sven1
Rodda, Judith1
Rufaut, Cathy1
Sabel, Clive E1
Sirguey, Pascal1
Slooten, Elisabeth1
Spencer, Hamish G1
Stanton, Jo-Ann1
Todd, Andrea1
Vromen, Joost1
Wakes, Sarah1
Wasicek, Armin1
Wiggers, John1
Wolf, Heiko1
Woodward, Alistair1

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