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Special issue: GeoComputation ’964
Spatio-temporal and object visualization in rugby union3
Measuring spatial accessibility to primary health care3
Geostatistical modelling, analysis and mapping of epidemiology of Dengue Fever in Johor State, Malaysia3
An object repository model for the storage of spatial metadata2
Investigating complexities through computational techniques2
The visualisation of uncertainty in spatially-referenced attribute data using TRUSTworthy data structures2
Sport and time geography: a good match?2
Object-oriented classification and Ikonos multispectral imagery for mapping vegetation communities in urban areas2
Usability evaluation of non-immersive, desktop, photo-realistic virtual environments2
The conservation status of New Zealand’s indigenous grasslands2
Spatial isomorphism2
GIS, expert systems and interoperability2
First experiences in implementing a spatial metadata repository1
A taxonomy of spatial data integrity constraints1
Using data models to estimate required effort in creating a spatial information system1
Neuro-fuzzy engineering for spatial information processing1
Recomputing historical barometric heighting1
User defined spatial business rules: storage, management and implementation — a pipe network case study1
Environmental decisions with spatial process modelling1
Development of a generic system for modelling spatial processes1
Data sharing using the X.500 directory1
Incorporating a new computational reasoning approach to spatial modelling1
Spatial information systems for wildlife conservation management: Taiaroa Head royal albatross colony1
Sea level change in New Zealand – spatial impacts from a surveyor’s perspective1
Fixation of neutral alleles in spatially structured populations via genetic Drift: Describing the spatial structure of faster-than-panmictic configurations1
Using molecular genetics to gain insight into allopatric and sympatric speciation of topshells and their parasitic trematodes1
The use of boundary conditions for inductive models1
The view from the Chathams: geovisualisation of web site hits using Google Earth™1
The trustree for the visualisation of attribute and spatial uncertainty: usability assessments1
Methods for creating scale-free networks without resorting to global knowledge1
Model-based cartographic generalisation with uncertainty1
How interesting is this? Finding interest hotspots and ranking images using an MPEG-7 visual attention model1
A vector-agent paradigm for dynamic urban modelling1
Discovering population structures with extreme fixation rates via evolutionary search1
Space, freedom, and law: maybe space is all that matters1
Violent crumble: do buildings stand and systems tumble?1
A preliminary investigation of the stability of Geographically-Weighted Regression1
Digerud online GIS: developing an online community GIS resource in the Frogn municipal district of Norway1
Selection in space1
Irregular vector-agent based simulation for land-use modelling1
Cubes, shadows and comic strips - a.k.a. interfaces, metaphors and maps?1
Playing possum with knowledge discovery: inducing population density models from spatially referenced ecological data1
Analysis of distortions in a mental map using GPS and GIS1
Beginning research on the quantification of spatial order1
Point allocation inside polygons and GWR: an experimental analysis with survey data1
The storage and reconstruction of polygon boundaries using circles1
HD aerial video for coastal zone ecological mapping1
An explicit spatial model for niching in genetic algorithms1
Rule extraction from spatial data using local learning techniques1

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