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Bayesean Analysis as a Predictor of outcome rate.78
Extraction of end-of-summer snowlines from ASTER images for Southern Alps5
Two new tools for aggregation and geoprocessing of raw spatial data3
Calculating the 2D motion of lumbar vertebrae using splines3
Vaccination of pregnant women and infant hospitalisation rates for pertussis in Aotearoa2
Biogeography and evolution of South Pacific topshells (Gastropoda, Trochidae) and their trematode parasites2
Using computational fluid dynamics for wind flow over a complex topography2
The space-time representation of complex transportation networks2
Development of a non-destructive method to assess vegetation structure and structural diversity of tussock grasslands at a landscape scale2
Towards a community GIS for the Bluff oyster fishery2
The effect of spatial population structure on levels of genetic variation2
A review of the evolution of spatio-temporal data types2
Spatio-temporal patterns of campylobacter contamination in freshwaters: results from the Taieri and Motueka catchments2
The "Kawachi" algorithm: a single-parameter network constructor?2
The development and application of a cognitively-intuitive dynamic map based on a diffusion-based density equalizing algorithm2
Analysis of images of ice floes2
Examining the relationship between biodiversity and land management in mid-altitude tall tussock grasslands2
Some approaches to the analysis of replicated bivariate spatial point patterns: Drosophila retina2
Density-dependent breeding site selection in translocated populations South Island Robin and South Island Saddlebacks2
Sources of sediment and nutrient exports to the Great Barrier Reef2
Geospatial aspects of alcohol-related harm in New Zealand2
Does space always matter in the origin of biological species2
Revealing the local geospatial knowledge base of oyster fishing at Bluff, New Zealand2
Spatial location of genes within cells in gene interaction networks2
The ARGOS project and the role of GIS2
An integrated GIS for Fiordland’s marine habitats2
Hector’s Dolphin database for a South Island bay: a new tool for the research toolbox?2
Power and persuasion: GIS as a tool to combat inequality; injustice and environmental destruction in the Bluff oyster fishery2
The conservation status of New Zealand’s indigenous grasslands2
Spatial data mining: where to from here?2
Location, location, location: quantifying high density patterns of Hector’s dolphin in relation to oceanographic features2
Geographic information systems at AgResearch2
Development of an automated tracking system for analysis of human movement1
Habitat mapping on the coastal plains1
Research by management during mine site rehabilitation: a case study from Otago1
Scale-free networks: a model for regional seismic systems?1
Identifying the user of a craniofacial database1
Spatial similarity1
On the usefulness of very high resolution IKONOS satellite imagery for vegetation mapping1
Quality of data for geo-spatial studies of alcohol-related harm1
The evolutionary consequences of phenotypic plasticity: adding spatial dimension1
Biodiversity and genes on landscapes1
Phylogeography of carnivorous snails from Northland1
GIS as a mine rehabilitation tool: examples from Wangaloa Coal Mine1

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