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Soldiers' Foodways: Historical Archaeology of Military Comestibles in the Waikato Campaign of the New Zealand Wars51
Whales and Whale Bone Technology in New Zealand Prehistory26
Prehistoric Maori Subsistence: Evaluating Two Regions in North-eastern New Zealand22
Aspects of primary education in Samoa : exploring student, parent and teacher perspectives18
Pre-Angkor Cambodia: the transition from prehistory to history17
Specialised Production of Early‐Lapita Pottery: A Skill Analysis of Pottery from the Island of Emirau13
Foreign seasonal workers in New Zealand horticulture: an ethnographic account of the nexus of labour and immigration policies and employment practices13
Land Snail and Soil Analysis in Atoll Archaeology; with Special Reference to Atafu Atoll, Tokelau Islands13
Recent Advances in the Archaeology of the Fiji/West-Polynesia Region13
Grave doubts : an anatomy of funeral rituals in a New Zealand context12
Cane and commitment: gender and familial relations on smallholder sugar cane farms in Fiji12
Medicating Miners: The Historical Archaeology of the St Bathans Cottage Hospital12
A Woman's Glory: A Study Exploring Experiences of Spiritual Power and the Gendered Lives of Women in Two Pentecostal Communities in the USA and New Zealand12
From Wonder Woman to Aeon Flux : women heroes, feminism and femininity in post-war New Zealand11
Nobility or utility? Zamindars, businessmen, and bhadralok as curators of the Indian nation in Satyajit Ray’s Jalsaghar (The Music Room)11
Human Perceptions of Megafaunal Extinction Events Revealed by Linguistic Analysis of Indigenous Oral Traditions11
Mangarevan Archaeology: Interpretations using new data and 40 year old excavations to establish a sequence from 1200 to 1900 AD10
Pelvic dimensions : an account of studies of the pelvis 1885-19889
A functional analysis of coral tools from late prehistoric Moloka'i Island, Hawaii.9
Risky needling : a localised South Island study of women's experiences of amniocentesis9
The spatial distribution of pā in Tōtaranui/Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand9
Ideological choice in the gravestones of Dunedin's Southern Cemetery8
Archaeology and Shell Adzes in Prehistoric Oceania: A Revised Methodological Approach to the Descriptive Analysis of a Solomon Islands Collection8
The concept of similarity in prehistoric studies : a test case using New Zealand stone flake assemblages8
The Sweet Potato Factory - An Archaeological Investigation of the Pouerua Cultivation Landscape7
Codfish Island/Whenua Hou Archaeological Project: Preliminary Report7
Archaeology and history of the Chinese in southern New Zealand during the nineteenth century : a study of acculturation, adaptation, and change7
Phimai is the New Black: Assessing the Standardisation of Kiln Fired Phimai Black Ceramics from the Iron Age Site of Non Ban Jak, Northeast Thailand7
Stone tool production at Cat's Eye Point, Kā̄kanui, North Otago, New Zealand6
The analysis of glassware from New Zealand historic sites6
Data for an Archaeozoological Analysis of Marine Resource Use in Two New Zealand Study Areas (Revised edition)6
Living in the Tension: A cross-cultural comparative study of the meaning and management of care, self-care, and wellbeing across two communities of faith-based youth workers.6
Redcliffs Archaeological History and Material Culture6
Moa and moa hunting : an archaeological analysis of big game hunting in New Zealand6
Admirality Islands6
Deep Heat: An Experimental Analysis of Ovenstones5
Spirituality, Culture and Place: The Rainbow Temple in NSW, Australia5
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnosis and intervention: An investigation of professional practice in New Zealand5
Meat Weight, Nutritional and Energy Yield Values for New Zealand Archaeofauna5
Horticulture in prehistoric New Zealand : an investigation of the function of the stone walls of Palliser Bay5
Sea mammal hunting and prehistoric subsistence in New Zealand4
Murihiku Pa: An Investigation of Pa Sites in the Southern Areas of New Zealand4
The exploitation of Mayor Island obsidian in prehistoric New Zealand4
Colour as a symbol in New Zealand prehistory3
The taphonomy of big-game hunting in prehistoric New Zealand3
When two worlds meet : an examination of the intersection between scientific views of genetic testing and the realm of popular culture3
What's Cooking? An Archaeological Residue Analysis of Ceramics from Thailand3
Neighbours and Social Capital in the wake of the Christchurch Earthquakes3
Virtually tribal/tribally virtual: Shareholders in indigeneity3
Excavations at Te Hoe Mahia Peninsula3
An Exploration of Health Perceptions and Practices among South Asian Descendants Living in Dunedin, New Zealand3
Landscape : perceptions of Kai Tahu I Mua, Āianei, Ā Muri Ake3
Curves in all the Right Places: An Analysis of Shape and Decoration in Mycenaean Pottery from Late Bronze Age Cyprus3
An investigation of archaeology in New Zealand as a means of establishing views about the past3
A High-Resolution Chronology of Human Arrival and Environmental Impact in Northland, New Zealand2
Things of Roviana : material culture, personhood and agency in nineteenth century Solomon Islands2
Maori rock drawings : a stylistic analysis of drawings in North Otago and South Canterbury.2
Cracked pots and rubbish tips : an ethnoarchaeological investigation of vessel and sherd distribution in a Thai-Lao village.2
Tracks and Traces: an archaeological survey of railway construction related sites on the Otago Central Railway2
Working the Vines: seasonal migration, money, and development in New Zealand and Ambrym, Vanuatu.2
Shell Microband Analysis as a Tool in New Zealand Archaeology2
Sailing for Survival2
Excavations at the Oashore Whaling Station: (M37/162) Banks Peninsula January–February 20042
Pots on the Move? The Nature of an Early Papuan Pottery Assemblage from Oposisi, Yule Island, Papua New Guinea2
Archaeology and Temperance: Measuring a Century of Household Alcohol Consumption in New Zealand2
A land of plenty: butchery patterns and meat supply in nineteenth century New Zealand2
Negotiating health: perspectives from Pacific women in Dunedin1
The physical analysis of Pacific pottery1
Shadow Cultures, Shadow Histories: Foreign Military Personnel in Africa 1960-19801
Style vs. Substance: Understanding Prehistoric Samoan Pottery Production on the Island of 'Upolu Using Stylistic and Chemical Techniques1
A study of early Marianas Islanders, the skeletons under their skins1
Prehistoric man and his environment in the Catlins, New Zealand1
Glimpses of Eternity: Sampled Mormon Understandings of Disability, Genetic Testing, and Reproductive Choice in New Zealand1
Technological change at Hayes Engineering Works, Oturehua, New Zealand1
Artefacts and Community Transformations: A Material Culture Study of Nineteenth Century North Dunedin1
Post-mortem personalisation : an ethnographic study of funeral directors in New Zealand1
Settlement Patterns and Indigenous Agency in Te Tau Ihu, 1770-18601
Stable isotopes and diet : indications of the marine and terrestrial component in the diets of prehistoric populations from New Zealand and the Pacific1
Pacific Archaeology: Documenting the Past 50,000 Years1
Tawhiti Rahi: Nga Poito o te Kupenga o Toi te Huatahi - A float of the fishing net of Toi te Huatahi. A multi-disciplinary study of Māori settlement of Tawhiti Rahi, an offshore island in northern New Zealand.1
Retrospective Anthracological Analysis of Two Early Coastal East Otago Polynesian Settlements1
What Happened at the End of Lapita: Lapita to Post-Lapita Pottery Transition in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea1
Diet and Subsistence at the Hohi Mission Station: An historical archaeozoological analysis1
Excavations on Motupore Island (Vol 1)1
Excavations on Motupore Island. (Vol 2)1
Changing food habits of New Zealanders of European descent 1870-1970 : an anthropological examination of the mechanisms of cultural change1
It's Your Shout! A New Way of Measuring Use Wear on Glass Bottles1
The Empress Augusta/Sepik River1
New Guinea1
The excavation of Ban Na Di and the prehistory of the Sakon Nakhon Basin1
The three-dimensional jig-saw puzzle : a ceramic sequence from North east Thailand.1
War before Angkor: the evidential and theoretical context of warfare in prehistoric Thailand1
The material culture of Ban Bon Noen1
A Marker to Remember: Transformations in Plot Attributes from 1870s – 1930s in Dunedin’s Historic Northern Cemetery1
The classification of prehistoric stone implements by factor analysis : a consideration of New Zealand stone adzes.1
The seams of subjectivity and structure : women's experiences of garment work in Aotearoa New Zealand and Fiji1

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Simmons, Alexandra Lee51
Cunliffe, Emily A.26
Smith, Ian23
James-Lee, Tiffany Mahalia22
Pereira, Janet Aileen18
Beckwith, Jacinta Anne17
Hogg, Nicholas William Stanton13
Prochazkova, Jana13
Thompson, Adam Tyler13
Bower, Sherrema12
Carswell, Sue12
Garland, Jessie12
Lawrence, Victoria12
Cox, Murray P11
Cullen, Lynda11
Ghosh, Gautam11
Roa, Tom11
Wehi, Priscilla M.11
Whaanga, Hemi11
Green, Roger C.10
Weisler, Marshall I.10
Baskerville, Rachel Francis9
Dickson, Hamish9
McKay, Willow Reay9
Wadsworth, Tristan9
Edgar, Philip Gerard8
Leach, B. Foss8
Radclyffe, Charles8
Anderson, Atholl7
Bell, Alexander Campbell7
Heath, Helen Rosemarie7
Ritchie, Neville A.7
Grogan, Dean J6
James-Lee, Tiffany6
Kerby, Georgia6
Kooyman, Brian P6
Nevermann, H6
Wardell, Susan Edith6
Wilson, Amanda Jane6
Bagley, Kerryn5
Fogel, Ron5
Gillies, Karl B5
Leach, Helen M5
Prickett, Nigel5
Potts, Kirsty Nicole4
Seelenfreund Hirsch, Andrea Claudia4
Smith, Ian W. G.4
Adam, Rebecca3
Bailly, Hannah3
Campbell, Tania Marie3
Hauman, Cathleen3
Hofmann, Daniel Alexander3
Holdaway, Simon John3
McGovern-Wilson, Richard3
Russell, Khyla J.3
Stallard, Kirsten3
Walters, Muru3
Allen, Jim2
Bailey, Rochelle-lee2
Bain, Pamela J.2
Calder, Angela M.2
Dahl, Jenny2
Mennis, Mary R.2
Mitchell, Peter John2
Sutton, Nicholas Peter2
Thomas, Tim (Timothy David)2
Trilford, Danielle2
Watson, Clara2
Watson, Katharine2
Allen, Francesca Lesley1
Anderson, William Jeffrey Cairns1
Buchan, Rosemary Ann1
Chetwin, James Nicholas1
Clift, Kristin1
Edwards, William G1
Hamel, Jill1
Harrington, Christy1
Huakau, Gina1
Intō, Michiko1
Jackson, Moira Annette1
Kijngam, Amphan1
Krieger, Maximilian1
Lane, Jennifer1
Mitchell, Janet1
Molloy, Nicola Terese1
Park, Graham Stuart1
Platts, Maeve1
Quinn, Carolyn J1
Reche, O1
Robinson, James Justin1
Roy, Katherine Joyce1
Russell, Tristan Christopher1
Schäfer, Cyril Timo1
Teele, Benjamin Whittemore1
Vogel, Yolanda Jacqueline1
Woods, Naomi1
Wu, Pei-hua1

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