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  • Killing Mary to save Jodie : the sacrificial separation of conjoined twins : does the end justify the means? 

    McAlevey, Anja
    Law and morality have long ensured that the killing of innocent people is prohibited. However, in 2000, the English Court of Appeal in Re A (children) (conjoined twins: surgical separation) [2001] Fam 147 sanctioned an ...
  • Medical decision making on behalf of the incapacitated elderly 

    Matthews, Frances G.
    This thesis describes the law governing medical decision making on behalf of the incapacitated elderly in New Zealand, especially in relation to standard medical treatment and participation in medical experiments. It ...
  • Accessing Legal Services: The Price of Litigation Services 

    The price of legal services is often charged by the hour (the billable hour), usually at a rate of hundreds of dollars per hour. An agreement to pay these hourly rates might also come with little clarity over how many hours ...
  • The liability of local authorities for escapes 

    MacAskill, Gary Stuart
    To some extent the style adopted in a legal exposition is determined by the object of the work and the nature of the subject matter. I have here attempted a critical restatement of the law relating to the liability of local ...
  • Children's Competence to Consent to Medical, Surgical and Dental Treatment: Partner's in Healthcare? 

    Miller, Fiona
    Commonly it is believed that children need to be 16 years old before they have the right to give, or refuse, consent to medical, surgical or dental treatment. This is an understandable misconception in New Zealand, as the ...
  • Government Use of Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand 

    Gavighan, Colin; Knott, Ali; Maclaurin, James; Zerilli, John; Liddicoat, Joy
    Final Report on Phase 1 of the New Zealand Law Foundation’s Artificial Intelligence and Law in New Zealand Project
  • Prescriptive and Holistic Contextualism: Emerging Variants of Modern Contract Interpretation 

    Connell, Simon; Connell, Simon
    Debate over the proper approach to modern contract interpretation continues even in this era of modern contract interpretation where context is always considered. This paper identifies and contrasts two rival approaches ...
  • Can Your Trust Be Trusted? 

    Peart, Nicola
    This paper is the transcript of the author’s Inaugural Professorial Lecture, delivered at the University of Otago on 23 October 2008. The author discusses and dispels myths and misconceptions about trusts and identifies ...
  • The Legal Status of Life Before Birth 

    Peart, Nicola
    This paper discusses the changing legal status of various life forms before birth. The author begins by distinguishing between a living organism within a woman’s body (from conception to birth stored embryos and gametes) ...
  • Trust Issues for Separating Elderly Spouses of Partners 

    Peart, Nicola
    This paper addresses how the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (PRA) may affect elderly people, particularly where the parties have assets from a prior relationship. The author considers what happens to their property if ...
  • Privacy and Access to Information 

    Mize, Selene; Dawson, John; Peart, Nicola
    This paper provides an overview of New Zealand law concerning privacy and access to information research. The authors discuss the issues researchers most commonly confront, particularly matters of privacy when personal ...
  • Protecting Children's Interests in Relationship Property Proceedings 

    Peart, Nicola
    The aim of this paper is to alert readers to the range of property interests that children may have in assets owned by the parties to a relationship and how they might be better protected. The author discusses the extent ...
  • Animal Welfare in New Zealand: Oversight, Compliance and Enforcement 

    Rodriguez Ferrere, Marcelo; King, Mike; Larsen, Levi Mros
  • Parental control and the child's right not to be hit 

    Hornibrook, Caroline
    This thesis is an examination of the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act 2007 with respect to children's rights, specifically the right not to be hit. New Zealand's journey towards the abolishment of physical ...
  • Compulsory Caesarian Section 

    Peart, Nicola
    This article discusses the English Court of Appeal case R v Collins, which set aside a High Court order that authorized a compulsory caesarian section on a pregnant woman against her express wishes. The author analyses the ...
  • Children as Research Participants 

    Peart, Nicola; Foley, Mary; Henaghan, Mark
    Children have unique physical, psychological, mental and emotional characteristics which make them especially vulnerable. This paper considers the capacity for children to consent to participate in research, and the ...
  • Clayton v Clayton: A Step Too Far? 

    Peart, Nicola; Palmer, Jessica
    This article considers the New Zealand Court of Appeal decision in Clayton v Clayton, which concerned a relationship property dispute involving assets held in trusts. The authors provide a brief discussion of the relationship ...
  • Withholding Treatment 

    Peart, Nicola
    This article considers the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom case Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v James, which was a judgment under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 in respect of a seriously ill man who ...
  • Occupation Orders Under the PRA 

    Peart, Nicola
    Section 27 of the New Zealand Property (Relationships) Act 1976 gives the Court power to make an occupation order in respect of the family home in favour of one spouse or partner to the exclusion of the other. Such orders ...

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