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  • Focus on Housing: The New Affordable Housing Legislation 

    Warnock, Ceri Ailsa
    This paper begins with a warning! The Government has recently signaled its intention to review the Affordable Housing: Enabling Territorial Authorities Act 2008. Given National’s opposition to the legislation when it was ...
  • Legal and Jurisprudential Aspects of Mandatory 'Environmental Literacy' Programmes in Tertiary Education 

    Warnock, Ceri Ailsa
    There is a significant and growing body of literature that considers how Universities might act as a catalyst in fostering sustainability from the perspectives of management and administration, promoting research into ...
  • Where to From Kyoto? 

    Warnock, Ceri Ailsa
    This brief paper considers climate change law from an inter- and intra-national perspective. Three issues are touched upon. Firstly, given that New Zealand is likely to fall-short of it’s Kyoto emissions reduction target, ...