Te Koronga is a Māori research excellence kaupapa based at the University of Otago. Te Koronga is comprised of: Te Koronga: Indigenous Science Research Theme and Te Koronga: Graduate Research Excellence Programme. The vision is mauri ora (flourishing wellness) and the mission is Māori research excellence based on the aspirations of Māori communities underpinned by a Kaupapa Māori ethos.

Collections in Te Koronga

Recent Deposits

  • A Journey to Belonging: Explorations of Māori Perspectives of Water Safety 

    Phillips, Chanel
    Māori are intimately connected to wai (water). There are many Māori sayings and phrases that include wai, such as: wairua (spirit), waimāori (freshwater), waiora (wellness), ko wai koe (what waters are you, who are you?) ...
  • Te Ao Māori Learning Journeys of Teacher Educators 

    McDowell, Gaye
    This study was an opportunity for teacher educator participants to work together with Te Ao Māori (the world of Māori) whilst learning how to be more proficient at enacting Tātaiako cultural competencies in a mainstream ...
  • Hauteruruku ki Puketeraki - Connecting to Te Ao Takaroa 

    Mita, Ngahuia
    Māori have an enduring connection to the ocean and to water based on the genealogy that links Māori to the deity of the ocean, Tangaroa (Wohlers, 1854; Whitcombe, 1898; Graham, G., 1933). As a taonga tuku iho (treasure ...
  • A Kaupapa Māori Approach to the Fitness Gym 

    Karaka, Darcy
    A Māori perspective of health and fitness is conceptualised from a holistic viewpoint. This thesis utilises the Te Whare Tapa Whā health model comprised of four tenets: taha whānau (family component), taha hinengaro (mental ...
  • Mahinga kai- He tāngata. Mahinga kaitiaki- He mauri. 

    Phillips, Chanel
    Mahinga kai (food gathering sites and practices) emerged at the beginning of the creation narratives when the Māori world was first formed and atua (deity, Gods) roamed upon the face of the land. Mahinga kai sites are ...
  • Iron Maori: A Kaupapa Māori Driven Hauora Initiative 

    Pohatu, Lisa
    This research aims to gain an understanding around why Iron Maori had led to Māori and non-Māori choosing to make significant lifestyle changes through Iron Maori. Iron Maori is a half Iron Man triathlon event comprised ...
  • Maori Leadership within Recreation Management. A case study of Aoraki Bound. 

    Stevenson, Kendall
    This research aims to find out how Māori leadership is expressed in a recreation organisation, Aoraki Bound, and to gain an understanding of the experiences of particular Māori leaders. Aoraki Bound is a Māori cultural and ...
  • Ki Uta Ki Tai: He Taoka Tuku Iho 

    Jackson, Anne-Marie
    Taiāpure (local fishery) is a fisheries area management tool that emerged in 1989 as part of an interim settlement for Māori Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi fisheries grievances. The legislative provisions for taiāpure ...
  • The paepae: spatial information technologies and the geography of narratives 

    Hakopa, Hauiti
    Indigenous peoples around the world face similar challenges pertaining to their ancestral territories in planning, protection, policy, and advocacy. For Maori, of Aotearoa New Zealand, issues related to mana whenua, mana ...

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