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The mycorrhizas of some New Zealand plants13
The ecology and ethnobotany of karaka (Corynocarpus Laevigatus)8
The effects of ocean acidification on photosynthesis, growth, and carbon and nitrogen metabolism of Macrocystis pyrifera4
The comparative seed ecology of Desmoschoenus spiralis (A.Rich.) Hook.f. and Ammophila arenaria (L.) Link3
The Dispersal and Establishment of Ammophila arenaria from Rhizomes3
Investigating the life cycle of Tropaeolum speciosum to improve future management3
The role of colour and odour in fruit selection by diurnal, endemic skinks (Oligosoma) in Aotearoa / New Zealand3
Marine microbial community dynamics and responses to ocean acidification2
Dynamics of grand skink (Oligosoma grande, Gray 1945) metapopulations in indigenous tussock grasslands and exotic pasture grasslands in southern New Zealand2
Mycorrhizal status of rushes and sedges in New Zealand2
Interactions between bee species in relation to floral resources2
The conservation status of New Zealand’s indigenous grasslands2
The Trees’ Influence on Soil Development. Nutrient Cycling Strategies of Trees. Fundamental Knowledge for synecological Forest Ecosystem Management.1
Oxidative damage and antioxidant metabolism of Ulva pertusa and the associated grazer Micrelenchus tenebrosus in response to fluoranthene exposure1
Taxonomic Delimitation Within New Zealand Lobelioideae1
The effects of ultraviolet-B deficient conditions on antioxidant metabolism and polyamine accumulation in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)1
Characterisation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities associated with Hieracium lepidulum in Central Otago, New Zealand1
The ecology of Nothofagus menziesii in the Catlins ecological region, South-east Otago, New Zealand1
A study of a silver beech stand in the Silver Peaks State Forest1
Effect of Altitude and Co-occurring Species on Sequential Reproductive Stages in a Grassland Harebell.1
Effects of WClMV and Root-flooding on white clover1
Fine-scale ecology of alpine patterned ground, Old Man Range, Central Otago, New Zealand1
Mycorrhizas of coniferous-broadleaved forest1
The role of oxidative stress in the reproductive fitness of marine invertebrates exposed to environmental stressors1
The ecology of the invasive kelp Undaria pinnatifida: functioning at an ecosystem level.1
Environmental controls on the physiology of the marine coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi strain NIWA 11081
The reproductive ecology of Icmadophila splachnirima, including aspects of the reproduction in additional members of Icmadophilaceae1
Understanding The Significance Of Pre-Treatment In The Post-Cryopreservation Survival Of Kiwifruit Shoot Tips Through Biochemical And Ultrastructural Studies1
Effects of Ocean Acidification, Temperature and Copper on the development of early life stages of the Native Kelp Macrocystis Pyrifera and the Invasive Kelp Undaria Pinnatifida from Southern New Zealand1
Multiple-stressor effects of agricultural stressors on stream benthic communities: Using genetic tools and biological traits to complement ecological research1
Insights into the soil microbial communities in New Zealand indigenous tussock grasslands1
Wine Grape Bioactive Production & Release Following Leaf Plucking & Pulsed Electric Field Treatment, & Wine Industry Applications1
Spatial analysis of home range, core area and habitat selection of red deer (Cervus elaphus) on an extensively managed high-country station1
Using computational fluid dynamics for wind flow over a complex topography1
Development of a non-destructive method to assess vegetation structure and structural diversity of tussock grasslands at a landscape scale1
Examining the relationship between biodiversity and land management in mid-altitude tall tussock grasslands1
Density-dependent breeding site selection in translocated populations South Island Robin and South Island Saddlebacks1
Investigation of the high pH regulated genes slr1501 and sll1392 in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 68031
Genome mutation and physiology of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 wild types and pH-sensitive Photosystem II mutants1

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