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dc.contributor.authorWithey-Rila, Cassie
dc.contributor.authorMorgaine, Kate
dc.contributor.authorTreharne, Gareth
dc.identifier.citationWithey-Rila, C. (2019, May 4). Trans Wretchedness Theory and disrupting the focus on negative health outcomes. Presented at the Aotearoa New Zealand Trans Health Symposium.en
dc.description.abstractThe number of academic publications on transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse (TGD) health issues has been steadily increasing over the years. This would generally be an indicator that health science is gaining a better understanding of the general health needs, and trans-specific health needs of our communities. In spite of these increases in the quantity of publications, we have yet to see the preponderance of trans-specific research that is trans-affirming or empowering in areas of language and framing. I propose that addressing the health outcomes of TGD populations without acknowledging the mechanisms of power and causes of marginalisation contribute to a larger cultural narrative of what can be referred to as ‘trans wretchedness’. The dominant discourses of ‘trans wretchedness’ in academic and popular science writing erase or deny our self-determination, resilience, and resistance. These discourses of TGD health outcomes and experiences are actively contributing to the predominantly negative cultural conceptualisations of our communities. Over the course of a systematic literature review for my Master’s in Public Health, exploring the positive experiences of transgender and gender diverse adults in Aotearoa, I formed a theory to account for and challenge these negative conceptualisations. In my talk I will outline the Trans Wretchedness Theory, provide examples of its predominance in current literature, and we will work through how academic language, cisgender lens, and the perpetuation of Other have been (perhaps unintentionally) maintaining a framework of trans-negative associations for even the most well intended health science investigations.en_NZ
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.subjecttransgender healthen_NZ
dc.subjecttransgender healthcareen_NZ
dc.subjecttrans healthen_NZ
dc.subjecttrans healthcareen_NZ
dc.subjectpublic health modelen_NZ
dc.subjecttrans wretchedness theoryen_NZ
dc.subjectnegative health outcomesen_NZ
dc.subjectdominant discourseen_NZ
dc.titleTrans Wretchedness Theory and disrupting the focus on negative health outcomesen_NZ
dc.typeConference or Workshop Item (Poster)en_NZ
otago.schoolDepartment of Preventive and Social Medicineen_NZ
otago.schoolDunedin School of Medicineen_NZ
otago.event.placeHamilton, New Zealanden_NZ
otago.event.titleAotearoa New Zealand Trans Health Symposiumen_NZ
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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
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