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Maori and Mining71
Characterisation of the sediment budget of Otago Harbour : a geophysical and sedimentological study69
Approaches in Experimental Volcanology: Bench-Scale, Field-Scale and Mathematical Modelling of Maar-Diatreme Systems26
Evolution and dynamics of a monogenetic volcanic complex in the southern Hopi Buttes Volcanic Field (AZ, US): magma diversion and fragmentation processes at the Jagged Rocks Complex22
The Anita Peridotite: A Study of Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle Emplaced into the Lower Crust of Northern Fiordland, New Zealand16
Using CT and Ultrasound to Measure Sea Ice Core Structures15
Middle Cenozoic unconformities in the Waihao Valley, South Canterbury Basin12
Cyclostratigraphy of late oligocene - early miocene strata : an example from the Waiau Basin, western Southland, New Zealand.12
PuffinPlot: A versatile, user-friendly program for paleomagnetic analysis11
Seismic oceanographical imaging of the ocean S.E. of NZ10
The Pounamu ultramafics : a study of metasomatism.9
Carbonate alteration associated with lamprophyres and orogenic gold, Southern Alps, New Zealand9
Alpine Fault fluid composition and transport in proximity to the fault, using analyses of out-crop samples and gases entrained in drill fluids8
Late Neogene evolution of the Antarctic cryosphere as derived from paleo- and environmental- magnetic studies of New Harbour drill cores8
Tourism and Seismic Risk: perceptions, preparedness and resilience in the zone of the Alpine Fault, Southern Alps, New Zealand.8
The Alpine Fault Zone Along the Waitangi-taona River, West Coast, New Zealand7
Latest Cretaceous to earliest Paleogene molluscan faunas of New Zealand : changes in composition as a consequence of the break-up of Gondwana and extinction7
Andesitic glaciovolcanic interactions at Tongariro and Ruapehu volcanoes, New Zealand7
An investigation into the explosivity of shallow subaqueous basaltic eruptions5
Submarine Eruptive Processes in the Brook St Terrane at Colac Bay, Southland, New Zealand5
Magnetostratigraphy and Environmental Magnetism of the RS15-LC100, RS15-GC101, RS15-GC102, and RS15-GC107 cores from the Ross Sea4
Tectonic geomorphology of the Rock and Pillar Range and Taieri Ridge, Otago, New Zealand4
The Geology and Structural Evolution of the Bald Hill-Maori Saddle Region, South Westland, New Zealand4
Mineralogy and geochemistry of paralavas in Otago and Southland, New Zealand4
Geophysical survey of the Paringa River valley, South Westland4
Geology of the Takitimu group and associated intrusive rocks, central Takitimu Mountains, western Southland, New Zealand4
Inversion of shallow amplitude anomalies in multi-channel seismic reflection data from the Reinga Basin4
Geochemical investigations of the alkalic rocks of the Dunedin volcano, East Otago, New Zealand4
A Structurally Controlled Hydrothermal System in the Manuherikia Fault Zone, Alexandra, Central Otago4
Communicating the sciences of Disaster Risk Reduction: media stories surrounding the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010-20114
Paleoseismology of the Akatore Fault, East Otago4
Ash Generation in the 2012 Eruption of Havre Volcano, Kermadec Arc: The Largest Deep Subaqueous Eruption of the Last Century4
Characterisation of coastal fjords and buried glacial valleys at the sub-Antarctic Auckland Islands using high-frequency seismic data3
The clay mineral assemblages and geology of the Mahakirau hydrothermal alteration zone, Coromandel Peninsula (NZ)3
Viscoelastic finite-difference modelling of gas hydrates in the Pegasus Basin, New Zealand3
A Tectono-Geomorphic Study of the Alpine Fault, New Zealand3
A geochemical investigation of the origin of scheelite mineralization, Glenorchy, New Zealand3
The geology of the Greenhills ultramafic complex, Bluff peninsula, Southland, New Zealand3
New grain growth experiments in water ice3
A tectonic synthesis of the Dun Mountain Ophiolite Belt3
Characterising change in post-glacial climate using seismic imaging of Lake Ohau sediments3
Structural setting and paragenesis of the mineralised veins in the Waipori goldfield, southeast Otago, New Zealand3
The structure, petrology and mechanics of a plate-boundary-scale serpentinite shear zone: The Livingstone fault, New Zealand3
Mt. Morning, Antarctica : geochemistry, geochronology, petrology, volcanology, and oxygen fugacity of the rifted Antarctic lithosphere2
Greenland group deformation and the structural controls of mineralisation within the Reefton Goldfield2
Structural controls and geochemistry of hydrothermal fluid flow in an exhumed accretionary prism, Otago Schist, New Zealand2
The nature and origin of gold mineralization at Sams Creek, north-west Nelson2
Investigation of Fluid Migration Pathways in the Shallow Subsurface of the Great South Basin, through the use of High-Resolution Seismic Imaging of Fault and Fracture Systems2
Palaeomagnetism of Palaeogene strata from southern Zealandia: Implications for ice in the greenhouse2
The geology of the Homestead stream area, Lower Hakataramea Valley, South Canterbury2
Microstructural evolution under non-steady state deformation in mid-crustal ductile shear zones2
How to be a Prehistoric Weatherman: Using n-alkanes as a Proxy for Holocene Climate and Hydrology, Southwest South Island, New Zealand2
Volcanology of the Lake Wanaka diatreme in the Alpine Dike Swarm, New Zealand2
The creep behaviour, and elastic and anelastic properties of polycrystalline ice2
Characterisation of gold mineralisation and geophysical aided geological mapping in the Old Man Range, Central Otago, New Zealand2
Acoustic Investigations of Geologic Hazards and Seismic Processing Off the Coast of Otago, New Zealand2
Is The Hearing of Whales and Dolphins Fully Developed at Birth?: An investigation of the odontocete inner ear2
3D Gravitational Inversion Modelling of the South Dunedin Sub Basin, Otago, New Zealand2
Swinburn Volcanic Complex, Central Otago, New Zealand2
Tracing the geochemical signature of New Zealand river sediments : transport, elemental fluxes and oceanic deposition1
Eruptions and deposition of volcaniclastic rocks in the Dunedin volcanic complex, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand1
Sedimentology, stratigraphy and structural geology of the Burwood sub-basin, Mount Hamilton - Mararoa River area, western Southland, New Zealand1
Greensand at the Marshall Paraconformity1
The Geophysical Characterisation of the Foulden Maar1
Alpine fault pseudotachylytes1
Jurassic sediments at Chaslands mistake.1
Koettlitz group meta-sediments and intercalated orthogneisses from the mid Taylor Valley and Ferrar Glacier regions1
The geochemical environment during rehabilitation of the Wangaloa opencast coal mine, Southeast Otago, New Zealand1
Petrology and geochemistry of alkaline and granitoid intrusions, Pipecleaner Glacier region, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica1
Late Quaternary geology of Glenorchy district, Upper Lake Wakatipu1
Geology of the southern part of the Longwood complex, Southland coast and Centre Island, New Zealand1
Rheology of the Alpine Fault Mylonite Zone: deformation processes at and below the base of the seismogenic zone in a major plate boundary structure1
Uplifted marine terraces and some other aspects of late quarternary geology in northern Taranaki1
The Neoproterozoic-early Paleozoic evolution of the Ross Orogeny in the Reeves Bluffs area, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica1
Linking Shallow and Deep Features on the Shelf East and West of Stewart Island1
The evolution of Lake Rotorua1
Koettlitz Glacier Alkaline Province : Late Neoproterozoic extensional magmatism in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica1
Geology of the southern portion of the Greenhills ultramafic complex1
The Canterbury Basin, A Geophysical and Stratigraphic Investigation1
Global relative paleointensity and regional paleosecular variation: High resolution signals in New Zealand marine sediments1
Geology of the Upper Eglinton area : status of the median tectonic line.1
Deformation processes, kinematics and conditions of the Grebe Mylonite Zone, Jaquiery Stream, central Fiordland, New Zealand.1
Notocene stratigraphy of the Fletcher Creek and Inangahua Junction areas, North Westland1
The emplacement of overlapping submarine deposits of monogenetic Surtseyan-style volcanoes onto a submerged continental shelf that built-up over millions of years in the Waiareka-Deborah Volcanic Field, New Zealand1
Geology of the Gladstone peak area, Takitimu mountains, western Southland, New Zealand1
Soap flotation of calcite with particular reference to the upgrading of Caversham Sandstone1
Structure and fault rock sequences of the Moonlight Fault Zone, West Otago: constraints on fault reactivation during basin inversion1
Brittle faulting and fluid flow in basement rocks of coastal Otago (South Island, New Zealand)1
Shallow Seismic Survey of the Whataroa Glacial Valley in the vicinity of the Alpine Fault, Westland1
Vulnerability of the Ross Ice Shelf: Seismic Site Characterisation and Drilling Recommendation1
The damage zone of New Zealand's Alpine Fault1
The Waitaki Canyon - An investigation of the Late Quaternary development of a shelf-indenting submarine canyon using high-resolution boomer seismic data1
Validation of ground motion simulations using precarious rocks1
Granular Dynamics in Shallow Earthquake Slip Zones: Insights from Microstructural Analysis of Clast-Cortex Aggregate Grains1
Research by management during mine site rehabilitation: a case study from Otago1
Electrical properties of schist and mylonite from the South Island, New Zealand: Exploring the source of the Southern Alps Anomalous Conductor1
Characterisation and bioavailability of metals in historic mine wastes, Waiuta, Westland1
Gas hydrate system dynamics in the Uruti Basin, an upper slope basin on New Zealand's Hikurangi Margin1
Geophysical characterisation of the Alpine Fault at Haast, Turnbull and Whataroa, New Zealand1
Partitioning of plate boundary deformation in South Westland, New Zealand : controls from reactivated structures1

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Carter, Lyn71
Easterbrook, Luke71
Gorman, Andrew R71
Rae, Hauauru71
Ruckstuhl, Katharina71
Ruru, Jacinta71
Ruwhiu, Diane71
Stephenson, Janet71
Suszko, Abby71
Thompson-Fawcett, Michelle71
Turner, Rachel71
Shears, Amy Elizabeth69
Andrews, Robin George26
Re, Giuseppe22
Czertowicz, Thomas16
Parsons, Nathaniel James15
Lurcock, Pontus Conrad13
Dillon, Regan12
Piekarski, Jan-Kristian12
Wilson, Gary Steven11
Smillie, Matthew William10
Koons, Peter O.9
Wellnitz, Anne Katrin9
Mathewson, Loren8
Ohneiser, Christian8
Orchiston, Caroline Hamilton8
Cole, Rosemary Philippa7
Easterbrook-Clarke, Luke Hayhoe7
Stilwell, Jeffrey D.7
Mawson, Jasmine5
Murtagh, Rachel Maria5
Bruce, Callum David4
Bryner, Vivienne Frances4
Houghton, Bruce Frank4
Kilner, Jeremy William4
Mannering, Henry4
Murch, Arran4
Nicolls, Ross4
Price, Richard C.4
Rait, Rachel Jane4
Ryland, Campbell Bradley4
Taylor-Silva, Briar4
Yeo, Samantha Louise4
Barth, Nicolas Christoph3
Becroft, Leeza Simone3
Fougere, Dannielle3
Jugum, Dushan3
Krause, Michael Anthony3
Mossman, David J3
Paterson, Colin J3
Perkins, Edward James3
Robinson, Bryce3
Tarling, Matthew S.3
Van Alphen, Michael John (Mike)3
Burrington, Peter2
Cross, Andrew James2
Giacalone, Emanuele2
Holbek, Simon Christian2
Holt, Andrew Arnold2
Lutter, Timothy2
Maloney, Samuel Peter2
Martin, Adam Paul2
Maw, Lindsay2
Morton, Malcolm Russell2
Plencner, Tiffany2
Stephens, Samuel2
Vaughan, Matthew James Hatfield2
Viskovic, Graham Paul Dean2
Windle, Stephen John2
Abbey, Cameron James1
Alder, Simon Francis1
Allibone, Andrew Harold1
Baker, Dylan1
Baker, Michelle1
Baker, Michelle Amy1
Barber, Anton J W1
Bignall, Gregory1
Bowie, Elliot1
Campbell, Heather Gail1
Campbell, Johnathan Ryan1
Craw, Dave1
Crookbain, Kieran1
Dagg, Robert John1
Duff, Robert Oliver1
Frank, Madison1
Geary, Geoffrey Clive1
Grieve, Jason William1
Hall, Charlotte Elizabeth1
Hogg, William John1
Jones, Daniel Amir1
Kautz, Christopher Quist1
Kluge, Katherine1
Kober, Florian1
Lennon, Tim1
Lepine, Patrick Rafe Wadworth1
Lindqvist, Jon K.1
Lister, Aaron1
Lukacs, Adrienn1
MacKenzie, James M.W.1
Martin, Candace1

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