Human Nutrition has been taught at Otago for almost a hundred years. In terms of academic staff and students the Department of Human Nutrition is the largest University Department involved in this discipline in Australasia and one of the best known in the Southern Hemisphere. During the past sixteen years it has been responsible for all Dietetic training in New Zealand. Our graduates are to be found in interesting positions in a number of countries throughout the world as well as in leading roles in Australia and New Zealand. Our research programmes extend beyond the shores of New Zealand with staff members involved in research as far afield as Thailand, Ethiopia, Zambia, Mongolia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

The Department has enjoyed international recognition of outstanding leadership and excellence in nutrition research for well over half a century. Our courses continue to receive an exceptionally high rating from past and present students and we aim to ensure that all students continue to receive the quality education for which Otago is famous.

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