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Quantum Computing Hardware based on Rare-Earth-Ion Doped Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators12
Renewable Energy Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)11
Observational Evidence for the Modulation of Antarctic Springtime Ozone Depletion by Energetic Particle Precipitation10
Coherent Frequency Conversion from Microwave to Optical Fields in an Erbium Doped Y2SiO5 Crystal: Towards the Single Photon Regime10
Short Range Electric Vehicle Motor Controller8
Renewable Energy in Malaysia: The Viability of Large Scale Introduction of Solar PV for both Grid-Connected and Stand-Alone Hybrid Systems8
Measuring The Gravitational Field with an Atomic Ruler8
Near-deterministic preparation of single atoms and Raman sideband cooling7
Feynman, vortices and resistance in atomtronic circuits6
Collective Effects in Ultra-Cold Dipolar Atom Systems6
World residential sector energy consumption: can implementing energy efficient designs save energy?6
The onset of Rayleigh and Marangoni interfacial instability and their effects on penetration mass transfer across a moving interface6
Cold Collisions of Ultracold Atoms6
Energy Aid in Caribbean and Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS)5
Theoretical Study of the Trapped Dipolar Bose Gas in the Ultra-Cold Regime5
Estimating the Technical Potential of Residential Demand Response in New Zealand: A Summary of Results5
FPGA Based Radio4
Implementation and Applications of the Stochastic Projected Gross-Pitaevskii Equation4
Cavity Length Control System for the Investigation of Correlation Between two He-Ne Raman Lasers4
Three-Dimensional Manipulation of Ultracold Atoms using Optical Tweezers4
Anomalous Dissipation in Bose Gases: Analytic Theory of Energy Damping3
Photosynthetic Excitation Energy Transfer3
Analysis of modulation in a wireless telephone transmitter.3
The Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Theory of Bose-Einstein Condensates3
Dynamic Effects of a Feshbach Resonance on Bragg Scattering from a Bose-Einstein Condensate3
Heat Losses and Gains in Residential Housing in Southern New Zealand3
Dipoles and Disorder: Applications of Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Theory3
Hyperfine Structure and Coherent Properties of Erbium-167-doped Yttrium Orthosilicate3
Numerical study of heat pump contact drying2
Optical Rephasing Techniques with Rare Earth Ion Dopants for Applications in Quantum Information Science2
The Power of Many? Linked Wave Energy Point Absorbers2
A Versatile Collider for Ultracold Atoms2
Optical Motion Detection2
Dispersive Probing of Quantum State Preparation in Ultracold 87Rb2
Simulation of the Effect of Ice Shelf Melt around Antarctica in an Earth System Model2
Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensate with a Vortex1
Direct Measurements of Collisional Dynamics in Ultracold Atom Triads1
Reconstructing Free-Energy Landscapes For Cyclic Motor Proteins1
Optical Sensitivities of Three Flow-through Porous Plasmonic Sensors1
Frequency Tuning of Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators with Planar Dielectric Substrates1
Exploring the Applications of Subwavelength Nanostructures Fabricated by Solid Immersion Lloyd's Mirror Interference Lithography1
Instrumentation and Calibration of the Transient Array Radio Telescope1
Snell’s Law and Necklace States for Vortex Dipoles in a Quantum Gas1
Modelling and Inference for Electromagnetic Flow Tomography1
Modelling and inference for electromagnetic flow tomography1
Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method for Cold Atom Dynamics: Boltzmann Equation in the Quantum Collision Regime1
Iterative Maps with a Given Ergodic Distribution1
C-field description of the quasi-equilibrium Bose gas: Persistent currents and kelvon-induced vortex decay1
The Otago photoscreener : an investigation into pupil images1
Theory of cold dipolar and toroidal gases1
Propagation of an Ice Shelf Water Plume beneath Sea Ice in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica1
VLF Remote Sensing - A new computational model1
A Study of the Luminescence of Organic-Sensitised Europium Ions in Lanthanum Trifluoride Nanocrystals Towards Optical Amplification1
Inverse Energy Cascade in Two-Dimensional Quantum Turbulence1
The unified Monte Carlo model of photon migration in scattering tissue-like media for the needs of Biomedical Optics1
An Optical Mask for Atomic Interferometry Experiments1
Long-term Determination of Energetic Electron Precipitation into the Atmosphere Using Subionospheric VLF Perturbations1
A Digital Frequency Source for Movement of Ultracold Atoms by Acousto-Optic Deflection1
Investigation of Monolithic Erbium-Doped Resonators for Application in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics1
A Radio Interferometer Operating in the GPS L1 Band1
From Disordered Bosons to Dipolar Fermions - Theoretical Studies in Ultracold Atoms1
C-Field Theory of Dynamics in One Dimensional Bose Gases: The Kibble-Zurek Mechanism and Bright Soliton Arrest1
Sequential Inference for Dynamical Systems1
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Based Analysis of Bearing Vibrations1
An Investigation on the Co-production of Biodiesel and Methane from Microalgae1
Internal gravity waves in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica1
Controlling Photon Echoes with the Light Shift1
Transport of Circularly Polarized Light1
Energy dependent scattering of ultracold atoms about a Feshbach resonance1
Higher-Order GPS Noise Models, with Applications to Position Inference and Vehicle Navigation1
Development of a Hyperspectral sensor system for model-based remote water constituent inference1
An Investigation of Interference Lithography Applications using Evanescent Fields1
Quantum Analogues of Two-Dimensional Classical Turbulence1
Phase ordering dynamics in a ferromagnetic spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensate1
Experimental evidence and properties of EMIC wave driven electron precipitation1
Asymmetric sub-wavelength Fabry-Perot resonators for gas sensing applications.1
A Theoretical Study of Brownian Motors with Self-Induced Temperature Gradients1
Connecting the Microscopic and Macroscopic in Unconventional Superconductors1
Relativistic Electron Microbursts: Properties and Possible Plasma Wave Drivers1
Exact nonlinear dynamics of Spinor BECs applied to nematic quenches1

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McAuslan, David Lee12
Subbarao, Srikanth11
Fernandez Gonzalvo, Xavier10
Gordon, Emily10
Chai, Shijie8
Mohd Ghazali, Siti Nor Azlina8
Teat, Jesse8
Fung, Yin Hsien7
Abu Hassan, Mohd Zaini6
Fahmy, Muthasim6
Fersterer, Petra6
Mitchell, Nikolas Mark6
Thomas, Ryan James6
Anderson, Ben5
Bisset, Russell Nathan5
Dortans, Carsten5
Jack, Michael5
Niles, Keron5
Rooney, Samuel James5
Stephenson, Janet5
Chisholm, Craig Sterling4
Muir, Paul4
Scott, Ian Russell4
Barnett, Miles Aylmer Fulton (M.A.F.)3
Bishop, Timothy Wyman3
Cormack, Samuel Christopher3
McDonald, Rob Glenn3
Morrison, Malcolm Erik King3
Oh, Sue Ann3
Rakonjac, Jelena Velibor3
Sahlberg, Catarina Elisabet3
Wild, Bryan3
Catton, William2
Ledingham, Patrick Matangaro2
Pauling, Andrew2
Rakonjac, Ana2
Sawyer, Bianca Jade2
Tay, Jian Wei2
Young, Paul Allen2
Albrecht, Nicole1
Baillie, Daniel1
Bourke, Levi Earl1
Cawte, Michael MacCormick1
Chong, Kwang May1
Coop, Simon Alan1
Devane, Patrick1
Devine, Jack Neville1
Doronin, Alexander1
Douma, Emma1
Ehimen, Ehiaze Augustine1
Hendry, Aaron Thomas1
Hensley, Robert Noah1
Hogg, Mark Richard1
Hong, Fan1
Horvath, Milena Simone Julia1
Hsiao, Li-Jen1
Hughes, Kenneth1
King, Gavin Gordon George1
Kumari, Madhuri1
Lawrence, Hilary Jane1
Lee, Au-Chen1
Lopez Alamilla, Nazul Jared1
Macdonald, Callum Murray1
McCormick, Robert John1
McDonald, Hamish Callum1
McDonald, Rob1
McKellar, Thomas1
Neal, Jason James1
Reeves, Matthew1
Reeves, Matthew Thomas1
Reynolds, Luke1
Robins, Allyn1
Scheel, Max1
Shaw, Charles Farquhar1
Soundy, Andrew Walden Ross1
Symes, Luke1
Towers, Joseph1
Wade, Andrew Christopher James1
West, Matthew Thomas1
Williamson, Lewis Alexander1

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