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Evolving fuzzy neural networks for on-line knowledge discovery47
Analysis of the macroeconomic development of European and Asia-Pacific countries with the use of connectionist models7
From hybrid adjustable neuro-fuzzy systems to adaptive connectionist-based systems for phoneme and word recognition7
A membership function selection method for fuzzy neural networks6
FuNN/2—a fuzzy neural network architecture for adaptive learning and knowledge acquisition6
A fuzzy neural network model for the estimation of the feeding rate to an anaerobic waste water treatment process5
Evolving self-organizing maps for on-line learning, data analysis and modelling3
The concepts of hidden Markov model in speech recognition2
Neuro-fuzzy methods for environmental modelling2
Evolving connectionist systems for on-line, knowledge-based learning: Principles and applications2
Improved learning strategies for multimodular fuzzy neural network systems: a case study on image classification2
Dynamic evolving fuzzy neural networks with `m-out-of-n' activation nodes for on-line adaptive systems2
Evolving localised learning for on-line colour image quantisation2
Adaptive, evolving, hybrid connectionist systems for image pattern recognition2
Neuro-fuzzy engineering for spatial information processing1
Looking for a new AI paradigm: Evolving connectionist and fuzzy connectionist systems—Theory and applications for adaptive, on-line intelligent systems1
Modelling the emergence of speech sound categories in evolving connectionist systems1
Hybrid neuro-fuzzy inference systems and their application for on-line adaptive learning of nonlinear dynamical systems1
Spatial-temporal adaptation in evolving fuzzy neural networks for on-line adaptive phoneme recognition1
Connectionist methods for classification of fruit populations based on visible-near infrared spectrophotometry data1
Connectionist-based information systems: a proposed research theme1

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