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Spatio-temporal and object visualization in rugby union4
Spatial analysis of home range, core area and habitat selection of red deer (Cervus elaphus) on an extensively managed high-country station3
Population density and spatially constrained selection in evolutionary computation2
Time-line hidden Markov experts and its application in time series prediction2
Fixation of neutral alleles in spatially structured populations via genetic Drift: Describing the spatial structure of faster-than-panmictic configurations2
The use of boundary conditions for inductive models2
A vector-agent paradigm for dynamic urban modelling2
A preliminary investigation of the stability of Geographically-Weighted Regression2
Point allocation inside polygons and GWR: an experimental analysis with survey data2
The storage and reconstruction of polygon boundaries using circles2
Sport and time geography: a good match?2
Keep your eye on the ball: Local versus global statistics in sport visualisation2
Generic vector-agents2
Genetic tradeoff as a model for parapatric speciation2
How does space alter the formulation of evolutionary models?2
Fitness landscapes and gene location2
A Voronoi-based distributed genetic algorithm2
Development of a non-destructive method to assess vegetation structure and structural diversity of tussock grasslands at a landscape scale2
Examining the relationship between biodiversity and land management in mid-altitude tall tussock grasslands2
Density-dependent breeding site selection in translocated populations South Island Robin and South Island Saddlebacks2
Geospatial aspects of alcohol-related harm in New Zealand2
Spatial location of genes within cells in gene interaction networks2
Location, location, location: quantifying high density patterns of Hector’s dolphin in relation to oceanographic features2
An empirical investigation of the Maslov limit order market model2
Predictive modelling of plankton dynamics in freshwater lakes using genetic programming1
Discovering population structures with extreme fixation rates via evolutionary search1
Irregular vector-agent based simulation for land-use modelling1
A spatially-explicit model of genetic tradeoff1
Spatial variation in the association between neighbourhood deprivation and access to alcohol outlets1
Quality of data for geo-spatial studies of alcohol-related harm1
Biodiversity and genes on landscapes1
GIS as a mine rehabilitation tool: examples from Wangaloa Coal Mine1
A shape metric for evolving time series models1

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