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Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited251
The seasonal biology of the brachiopod Liothyrella neozelanica (Thomson, 1918) from Doubtful Sound, New Zealand.173
Nurse burnout in a high stress health care environment: prognosis better than expected?44
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis43
Networking audio42
Radio frequency identification (RFID)34
How sound are the foundations of the aggregate production function?33
Lobbying and public affairs in the UK: The relationship to political marketing26
Wine tourism and the generation Y market: any possibilities?26
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis25
Marketing the mayor: political marketing and the Livingstone4London mayoral election campaign23
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page23
The Effect of Soaking Almonds and Hazelnuts on Phytate and Mineral Concentrations23
Tourism and mobility22
The Spectacle and the Witness: an Historical and Critical Study of Surveillance in Visual Culture from 1920 to 200821
Culture, values and Japanese tourism behaviour20
The RepRap Project—Open Source meets 3D printing18
Short Range Electric Vehicle Motor Controller18
Amoeba Management: Why it Works at Kyocera and which other Firms Could Benefit from its Adoption - Part 118
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser18
Towards A Metamodern Literature18
Explaining Ukiyo-e18
Sustainable Market Orientation: Its Applicability in Conservation and Tourism Management17
How Rebellious Non-State-Actors acquire weapons17
The Influence of Facebook Friends on Consumers’ Purchase Decisions16
Renewable Energy Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)16
Health and wellbeing of under-five year olds in Hutt Valley, Capital & Coast and Wairarapa 201716
Two Tales of Viking Diversity: A Comparative Study of the Immigrant Integration Policies of Denmark and Sweden, 1960-200615
Translating between SQL and Tutorial D14
One size doesn’t fit all: gender differences in motivations for becoming an entrepreneur14
Tourism and History: Change and Adaptation of Locals in the Tourism Period, A Study of Koh Samui in Southern Thailand14
Prosumer collectives: a review14
A Taste for Consumption: Food Waste Generation in New Zealand Cafés and Restaurants14
Mepilex Lite: The Effect of Mepilex Lite Dressings on Acute Radiation-Induced Skin Reactions in Women Receiving Post-Mastectomy Irradiation13
Kua riro ki wīwī, ki wāwā:The causes and effects of Māori migration to Southland13
Analysis of distortions in a mental map using GPS and GIS13
A graphical notation for physical database modelling12
Bayesean Analysis as a Predictor of outcome rate.12
The impact of organisational restructuring on employee commitment at the Otago Polytechnic11
Android In-Vehicle Infotainment System (AIVI)11
Feasibility of Using Pedometer-Driven Walking to Promote Physical Activity, and Improve Health-Related Quality of Life Among Meat Processing Workers.11
Furs to furriers in Dunedin, New Zealand, to 194011
Estimating added sugars intake in New Zealand11
Management of Osteoarthritis: A guide to non-surgical intervention11
What can management accounting practitioners and academics do to improve risk measurement and forewarn of impending financial crises?10
Pioneering advantage and product-country image: evidence from China10
Noise control in the wood processing industry10
Using MCDA (Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis) to prioritise publicly-funded health care10
Deci-belles: Gender and Power in Sound Engineering for Popular Music in New Zealand10
Ship to shore: The cruise industry's perception of economic risk10
Realism, Urban Conflict and Spatial Segregation in New Brazilian Cinema10
A framework for a destination reputation management process: A case study of three destinations10
Acupuncture for the management of low back pain10
The choice of market entry mode: greenfield Investment, M&A and joint ventures9
Food miles: Starving the poor?9
Tokens, Dates and Tenseless Truth Conditions9
The Nutritional Knowledge and Dietary Practices of Athletes with Spinal Cord Injuries9
Taxonomies of Taiwanese Aboriginal Musical Instruments9
Teaching Novices Programming: A Programming Process Using Goals & Plans with a Visual Programming Environment9
Design strategies for GUI items with touch screen based information systems: assessing the ability of a touch screen overlay as a selection device8
Heath, Jarrow and Morton interest rate modelling using principal component analysis8
Voter apathy in British elections: causes and remedies8
Earnings versus cash flows as predictors of future cash flows: New Zealand evidence8
Intellectual Capital and Firm Performance in Australia8
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication8
The Music of 'Are'are: Acoustemology, Environmental Influences and Sustainability8
Reflections on the Enigmatic Goddess: The Origins of Hekate and the Development of her Character to the End of the Fifth Century B.C.8
Introduction: Orienting feminism: Media, activism, and cultural representation8
Hitting the ground running: building New Zealand’s first publicly available institutional repository8
Option spread and combination trading7
The triple bottom line: how New Zealand companies measure up7
Obesity and Intellectual Disability in New Zealand7
eCommerce Website Evaluation framework: An Owner's Perspective7
Effects of Folic Acid Supplementation on Human Leukocyte DNA Methylation and Gene Expression7
Improving freight efficiency within the ‘last mile’: A Case study of Wellington’s Central Business District7
On the edge : a history of adventure sports and adventure tourism in Queenstown7
Receiver Driven Email Delivery7
Cause related marketing. How for-profit and not-for-profit brand managers can work together for the benefit of stakeholders.7
The role of film in destination decision-making7
Digital Channels in Healthcare Service Provision: A study of midwives and women's understanding of and engagement with information and communication technologies (ICT)7
“Beauty is the Street.” The Evolution of Graffiti Practices in Melbourne, Australia7
Parenting Adopted Children and Supporting Adoptive Parents: Messages from Research7
Colour and transparency on the multi-Layer display (MLD™)6
Relevance and reliability: A trade-off?6
Biometric attack vectors and defences6
Does negative advertising work?6
"Dream not of Other Worlds": C.S. Lewis, Philip Pullman and the Ghost of Milton6
Teaching music, learning culture: the challenge of culturally responsive music education6
Neutrophil Activation in Inflammatory Bowel Disease6
Where is R2P grounded in International law?6
The Verrines: Cicero’s Masterful Prosecution, Hortensius’ Hypothetical Defence, and the False Conclusions of Grain Production Models6
Giovanni Antonio Terzi and the lute intabulations of late sixteenth-century Italy6
Learning for Survival, Resilience, Well-being and Continuance: An Epistemology and Pedagogy for Environmental Education/Education for Sustainability informed by Māori Culture6
Architecture for instrument-centred land administration applications6
The Church Militant: Dunedin Churches and Society During World War One6
Should unmarried cohabitants in Malaysia be entitled to the same legal protection as married couples when it comes to the division of property? A Comparative and Theoretical Analysis.6
Information Package for Users of the New Zealand Estimated Food Costs 20166
Relationships between Objective and Subjective Performance Ratings6
Object-oriented classification and Ikonos multispectral imagery for mapping vegetation communities in urban areas6
Social Justice Narrative and the Mainstreaming of Fair Trade Globalisation within the market or alternative globalisation: assessing the radical hiding in plain view6

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File downloads
Harris, Phil299
Kolovos, Ioannis264
Baird, Matthew John173
Hall, C Michael54
Stanger, Nigel52
Hall, Elizabeth45
McPhail, Cameron Kenrick44
Edwards, Chris42
Roberts, Chris M40
Cranefield, Stephen39
Purvis, Martin36
Felipe, J33
McCombie, John S L33
Mitchell, Richard31
Moore, Antoni29
Knight, John G28
Harris, Charles Phillip26
Treloar, Peter26
Arnott, Reece25
Smith, Lindsay I.25
Blanch, Keely Francyne23
Gray, Andrew23
Kumari, Shivani23
Ward, Matthew23
Adams, Judith22
Ghandour, Ahmad22
Oben, Glenda22
Wicken, Andrew22
Benwell, George L21
Duncanson, Mavis21
MacMurdo-Reading, Margaret Ann21
Purvis, Maryam A.20
Watkins, Leah20
Gallagher, Sarah19
Stephenson, Janet19
Adler, Ralph W18
Bell, David18
Dowling, Anthony18
Dumitrescu, Alexandra Elena18
Hiromoto, Toshiro18
Stähler, Frank18
Teat, Jesse18
Milne, Markus J17
Mitchell, Robert Wyndham17
Morris, Simon17
Richardson, Georgia17
Seng, Dyna17
Zohar, Eran17
Alghamdi , Mohammed16
Ford, Rebecca16
Holdsworth, David K16
McGee, Magnus A16
Ryan, Michael16
Subbarao, Srikanth16
Chatkaewnapanon, Yuthasak15
Deans, Kenneth R15
Mather, Damien W15
Savarimuthu, Bastin Tony Roy15
Tawat, Mahama15
Almulla, Ahmed Yusuf14
Chisnall, Sarah Jane14
Kirkwood, Jodyanne Jane14
Kumarasinghe, Sriya14
Whitaker, Juliet14
Whiting, Rosalind H14
Gao, Hongzhi13
Nowostawski, Mariusz13
Paringatai, Karyn Ailsa13
Paterson, Dean13
Peake, Simon A J13
Gale, Christopher12
Glue, Paul12
Pillay, Antonia12
Raff, Horst12
Abbott, J. Haxby11
Al-Ani, Tarik11
Almansi, Suliman11
Dawes, Gregory W.11
Dyke, Heather11
MacDonell, Stephen11
McBride, David11
Nettleton, Alice11
Theissen, Christine11
Tosh, Evan J.11
Winchester, Niven11
Ermen, David10
Frey, Aline10
Liu, Lizhou10
McGregor, Graham10
Smith, Dianne Marie10
Sullivan, Trudy10
Theivananthampillai, Paul10
Whigham, Peter A10
Willett, Roger10
Ballingall, John9
Cheng, Lancini Jen-hao9
Chong, Albert K9
Hu, Minjie9
Kasabov, Nikola9
London, Wendy9

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Information Science469
Marketing collection448
Marine Science188
Accountancy and Finance176
Human Nutrition115
Spatial Information Research Centre72
College of Education69
Computer Science59
Te Tumu School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies collection*51
Languages and Cultures collection48
Security Research Group44
Software Engineering & Collaborative Modelling Laboratory40
Psychology collection40
Māori Studies39
School of Physiotherapy38
Office of Dean36
Oral Sciences35
Database Research Centre34
Media, Film and Communication collection33
Public Health - Wellington29
Centre for Science Communication27
Sociology, Gender and Social Work25
School of Physical Education25
New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service collection22
Zoology collection22
Law Collection21
Biochemistry collection20
Indigenous Studies20
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies19
Radiation Therapy18
Software Metrics Research Laboratory18
Centre for Postgraduate Nursing17
Pathology - Christchurch17
Preventive and Social Medicine17
School of Pharmacy15
Linguistics Programme14
Psychological Medicine - Dunedin13
Mathematics and Statistics13
Surgery - Dunedin12
Bioethics Centre12
Applied Science12
Medicine - Wellington11
Clothing and Textiles Sciences11
Psychological Medicine - Christchurch10
Knowledge, Intelligence & Web Informatics Laboratory10
Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC)10
Medicine - Dunedin9
Knowledge Engineering Laboratory9
Film and Media Studies8
Microbiology and Immunology8
Environment and People8
Biblical Studies6
Pathology collection - Dunedin6
Global Network Interconnectivity Project6
Anthropology and Archaeology6
Oral Rehabilitation5
Pharmacology and Toxicology5
Health Informatics Programme5
Design Studies / Design for Technology5
Population Health4
General Practice and Rural Health4
French Programme4