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Radio frequency identification (RFID)1,447
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited627
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page547
The Old Testament as Christian scripture: three Catholic perspectives450
Explaining Ukiyo-e347
Seallagain: Gaelic Grammar at a Glance314
Heath, Jarrow and Morton interest rate modelling using principal component analysis293
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis292
The social phenomenon of climate change: contextual vulnerability, risk perception and adaptation in the ski industry of Queenstown, New Zealand278
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis238
How Rebellious Non-State-Actors acquire weapons237
How sound are the foundations of the aggregate production function?233
The Music of 'Are'are: Acoustemology, Environmental Influences and Sustainability217
Medicines, society and the health system: a case study of access to and use of medicines in the Annapurna region of Western Nepal214
Intrusion prevention systems: How do they prevent intrusion?209
Epidemiological validation of a Malay version of the Child Perceptions Questionnaire (CPQ11-14) in Brunei186
The Philosophical Traveller as Social Critic in Oliver Goldsmith's The Traveller, The Deserted Village and The Citizen of the World166
Statius, Thebaid 2: Edited with a Commentary166
MatLab/database connectivity148
Nurse burnout in a high stress health care environment: prognosis better than expected?144
The Verrines: Cicero’s Masterful Prosecution, Hortensius’ Hypothetical Defence, and the False Conclusions of Grain Production Models137
Japanese Motivations to Study ESL Abroad in New Zealand: Their Similarities and Differences to Motivations Found Within Pleasure Travel137
Tonality, Functionality and Beethovenian Form in the Late Instrumental Works of César Franck135
Brutal belonging in Melbourne's grindcore scene131
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser130
Tourism and mobility130
Establishment and validation of a telomere length assay129
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication126
Delphi and Beyond: An Examination into the Role of Oracular Centres Within Mainland Greece125
Reliable group communication and virtual synchrony in multiagent systems123
FPGA Based Radio120
Receiver Driven Email Delivery116
Tourism and History: Change and Adaptation of Locals in the Tourism Period, A Study of Koh Samui in Southern Thailand112
Grammar as Theology: A Linguistic Rereading of Philippians 2:6-7a112
Giovanni Antonio Terzi and the lute intabulations of late sixteenth-century Italy111
Low Level Laser Therapy for the Treatment of Tendinopathy With Emphasis on the Achilles Tendon110
The Spectacle and the Witness: an Historical and Critical Study of Surveillance in Visual Culture from 1920 to 2008109
Wine tourism and the generation Y market: any possibilities?108
The RepRap Project—Open Source meets 3D printing107
Android In-Vehicle Infotainment System (AIVI)107
Fides Romana: Aspects of fides in Roman diplomatic relations during the conquest of Iberia103
Biometric attack vectors and defences101
Innate Factors in Early Clearance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis97
Renewable Energy Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)95
Ship to shore: The cruise industry's perception of economic risk90
The Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Theory of Bose-Einstein Condensates89
Design strategies for GUI items with touch screen based information systems: assessing the ability of a touch screen overlay as a selection device86
Kant, Skepticism, and the Comparison Argument82
Electroencephalographic Measures of Depressivity: Alpha Asymmetry and Fractal Dimension81
Neoliberalism and Border Crossings in Recent German Cinema80
Developing an energy-related Time-Use Diary for gaining insights into New Zealand households’ electricity consumption79
The role of political positioning in party performance in the 2008 New Zealand General Election77
Short Range Electric Vehicle Motor Controller76
Genetic variation and mRNA splicing in familial breast cancer genes75
Digital Channels in Healthcare Service Provision: A study of midwives and women's understanding of and engagement with information and communication technologies (ICT)74
Bang, beep, buzz, blip: Introducing Pure Data73
Intellectual Capital and Firm Performance in Australia73
Travel Texts and Moving Cultures: A German-focused Comparative Analysis in the Context of the Mobilities Turn73
Lobbying and public affairs in the UK: The relationship to political marketing69
A case study of community action against alcohol harm: liquor licensing in Fantame Street, Porirua, 2011-201369
Should unmarried cohabitants in Malaysia be entitled to the same legal protection as married couples when it comes to the division of property? A Comparative and Theoretical Analysis.69
On the Devotion to the Buddha in Paramanuchit’s Mārabandha Episode of the Paṭhamasambodhi69
The Musical Imagery in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s paintings for his patron, Frederick Leyland69
Becoming-common: Affective Technologies and Grassroots Activism in Contemporary Italy67
A framework for a destination reputation management process: A case study of three destinations66
John Zizioulas' Ecclesiology of 'the one and the many'65
Using multiple representations within a viewpoint65
Selection criteria for country of origin of food imports by European food distributors65
Decolonising Māori tourism : representation and identity64
Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Copy Number Variation64
Pioneering advantage and product-country image: evidence from China62
High on Aspiration, Low on Implementation: The development and implementation of the New Zealand Disability Strategy62
The 2006 War in Lebanon: A Marxist Explanation62
Management of Osteoarthritis: A guide to non-surgical intervention62
General-to-specific modelling using PcGets61
Option spread and combination trading60
Supported self-management: a novel cancer survivorship care pathway59
Obesity and Intellectual Disability in New Zealand58
Where is R2P grounded in International law?58
God in the Machine: Depicting Religion in Video Games58
Reservations to Human Rights Treaties and the Diversity Paradigm: Examining Islamic Reservations57
Family Relationships in Jhumpa Lahiri’s the Namesake and Kiran Desai’s the Inheritance of Loss57
The Origin and Purpose of Matthew 27:51b-5357
High-Performance and Wavelength-Reused Optical Network on Chip (ONoC) Architectures and Communication Schemes for Manycore Processor57
Suffering, Solidarity and Spirituality: The Lived Experiences of Internally Displaced Women in Northern Nigeria56
The Health of Children and Young People with Chronic Conditions and Disabilities in the Hutt Valley, Capital & Coast and Wairarapa DHBs 201656
The Key Influences in Spin-off Development56
Country of origin and confidence in quality of imported foods in China55
Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching: Enhancing awareness and practice through cultural portfolio projects55
A software framework for application development using ZigBee protocol55
Dynamic Demand Response in Residential Prosumer Collectives55
Tracing the Discursive Origins of the War on Terror: President Clinton and the Construction of New Terrorism in the Post-Cold War Era54
The Reception of the Music of Cécile Chaminade in Colonial New Zealand (1894 - 1934): Contexts and Institutions.54
Modelling Cranial Gunshot Wounds and Backspatter53
Bayesean Analysis as a Predictor of outcome rate.53
Contextualised Skill Acquisition: Investigating the Skill and Expertise of Brazilian Footballers53
The Use of the Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) in General Practice: A Mixed Methods Study53
Consumer Culture in China: Consumption Face53
Performance management: observations from empirical work51

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File downloads
Roberts, Chris M1,548
Harris, Phil801
Kolovos, Ioannis704
Blanch, Keely Francyne547
Stachurski, Michael R450
Bell, David347
Cranefield, Stephen330
Parsons, Catrìona NicÌomhair314
Wicken, Andrew301
Adams, Judith298
Oben, Glenda298
Stanger, Nigel295
Tamagushiku, Cedreece293
Smith, Lindsay I.292
Hopkins, Deborah Mary278
McPhail, Cameron Kenrick273
Hall, C Michael266
Simpson, Jean252
McCombie, John S L240
Gallagher, Sarah239
Felipe, J238
Zohar, Eran237
Knight, John G236
Duncanson, Mavis223
Linton, Sean217
Purvis, Martin216
K C, Bhuvan214
Savarimuthu, Bastin Tony Roy212
Baskerville, Phil209
Milne, Markus J203
Moore, Antoni195
Whigham, Peter A193
Haji Mohamed, Haji Amirul Rizan186
Moyle, Sam A176
Purvis, Maryam A.174
Gervais, Kyle166
Kitching, Megan166
Hall, Elizabeth154
Overell, Rosemary150
Dowling, Anthony145
Deng, Da143
Macshane, Scott137
Gray, Andrew136
Morris, Simon136
Swindells, Rachel Mary135
Owen, P. Dorian134
Jodczyk, Sarah129
Sibley, Matthew John129
Mitchell, Richard128
Whiting, Rosalind H128
Arnott, Reece127
Chong, Albert K126
Ford, Jane Rosemary126
Stephenson, Janet126
Potter, Jamie125
Fumarola, Francesco123
Holdsworth, David K123
Scott, Ian Russell120
Mather, Damien W118
Benwell, George L117
Chatkaewnapanon, Yuthasak117
Gao, Hongzhi117
Kerr, Donald116
Chrobok, Natascha114
Ellis, Gerard Majella112
Court, Suzanne E111
MacMurdo-Reading, Margaret Ann109
Ederington, Louis H108
Treloar, Peter108
Al-Ani, Tarik107
Stähler, Frank106
Tumilty, Steven James106
Perley, Sara Margaret103
Seng, Dyna98
Verrall, Ayesha Jennifer97
Subbarao, Srikanth95
Ryan, Michael92
Urbano, Massimiliana91
London, Wendy90
Reddington, Anne90
Craig, Elizabeth89
Fielding, David89
Wild, Bryan89
Chaput, J Scott87
Ferguson, Elaine86
Gleeson, Matthew86
Smith, Romilly84
Kasabov, Nikola82
Vanzo, Alberto82
Dick, Grant81
Kawe, Tame Ngahiwi James81
Fletcher, Kevin Alan80
Ghandour, Ahmad79
Giraldo Ocampo, Diana79
Holt, Alec78
Knowles, Stephen78
Edwards, Chris77
McAnulty, Kieran Michael77
Teat, Jesse76
Lattimore, Vanessa75

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Information Science5,075
Marketing collection1,743
Accountancy and Finance1,592
Security Research Group1,588
Theology and Religion*1,480
College of Education846
Computer Science696
Spatial Information Research Centre686
Human Nutrition664
Biblical Studies631
Software Engineering & Collaborative Modelling Laboratory525
Psychology collection518
Biochemistry collection516
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies480
Media, Film and Communication collection425
Te Tumu School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies collection*406
Zoology collection390
Pathology - Christchurch384
Languages and Cultures collection361
Public Health - Wellington360
Law Collection356
Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies344
School of Pharmacy328
Oral Sciences328
Summer School314
School of Physical Education308
Marine Science307
New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service collection305
School of Physiotherapy298
Preventive and Social Medicine294
Anthropology and Archaeology277
Centre for Science Communication271
Sociology, Gender and Social Work256
Mathematics and Statistics251
Linguistics Programme241
Māori Studies241
Bioethics Centre215
Oral Rehabilitation205
Office of Dean185
Pharmacology and Toxicology180
Microbiology and Immunology163
Knowledge, Intelligence & Web Informatics Laboratory147
Medicine - Dunedin127
Database Research Centre126
Religious Studies117
Medicine - Christchurch106
Medicine - Wellington101
Psychological Medicine - Christchurch100
German Programme100
Software Metrics Research Laboratory97
Rehabilitation Teaching and Research Unit92
Population Health91
Knowledge Engineering Laboratory87
Environment and People86
General Practice and Rural Health83
Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC)77
Surgery - Dunedin75
Design Studies / Design for Technology75
Food Sciences73
Psychological Medicine - Dunedin72
Indigenous Studies72
Centre for Theology and Public Issues69