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Accounting education in Cambodia2,330
Accounting education in Cambodia2,187
Oral-Health-Related-Quality-of-Life in Cambodian Children179
Extensive reading and L2 reading motivation in Japanese as a foreign language: A case study of New Zealand high school students107
Pre-Angkor Cambodia: the transition from prehistory to history102
Authoritarian Politics and the Outcome of Nonviolent Uprisings93
Tourism and History: Change and Adaptation of Locals in the Tourism Period, A Study of Koh Samui in Southern Thailand64
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page52
How sound are the foundations of the aggregate production function?52
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited47
The fear factor: Examining the spatial variability of recorded crime on the fear of crime in New Zealand40
The impact of organisational restructuring on employee commitment at the Otago Polytechnic35
Undergraduate student perceptions of a career in the tourism and hospitality industry in New Zealand35
Thinking Outside the Fence: Exploring Culture/Land Relationships: A Case Study of Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia.33
Factors affecting the motivation of Vietnamese technical English majors in their English studies24
'Doing the work of hearing': Exploring Cambodian school girls' educational persistence24
Relevance and reliability: A trade-off?20
Lower Mekong Basin hydropower development and the trade-off between the traditional and modern sectors: ‘Out with the old, in with the new’18
Combating anaemia and micronutrient deficiencies among young children in rural Cambodia through in-home fortification and nutrition education.18
Reservations to Human Rights Treaties and the Diversity Paradigm: Examining Islamic Reservations17
Renewable Energy Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)17
Credit Union Otago: Prospering in a competitive environment17
Measuring spatial accessibility to primary health care16
Lobbying and public affairs in the UK: The relationship to political marketing15
Improvement of Squatter Settlements: The link between tenure security, access to housing, and improved living and environmental conditions15
Shadow Cultures, Shadow Histories: Foreign Military Personnel in Africa 1960-198014
The Social Performance of Backpacking: An ontogenesis. How are backpacking identities organised, constituted and performed?13
Relationships between Objective and Subjective Performance Ratings13
The Significance of Khruba Sriwichai's Role in Northern Thai Buddhism: His Sacred Biography, Meditation Practice and Influence12
The Influence of Facebook Friends on Consumers’ Purchase Decisions12
How Rebellious Non-State-Actors acquire weapons12
A Perceptual Basis for Noun Phrase Syntax11
Social media: a solution to declining youth engagement in politics?11
Cheap Talk in a New Keynesian Model11
Supranational governance of tourism : aid, trade and power relations between the European Union and the South Pacific island states11
Perceptions of political marketing in Sweden: a comparative perspective10
What can management accounting practitioners and academics do to improve risk measurement and forewarn of impending financial crises?10
Manufactured complementary foods for infant and young child feeding in Asia: micronutrient adequacy and improvement10
Brutal belonging in Melbourne's grindcore scene10
Resource-based FDI and Expropriation in Developing Economies9
The impact of globalisation on an emerging university in Tanzania, East Africa9
Intrusion prevention systems: How do they prevent intrusion?9
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis9
Strategic Planning in Agricultural Niche Markets9
Teaching Mathematics in a Second Language in Malaysian Primary Schools9
State Responsibility for Environmental Protection during International Armed Conflict9
Bayesean Analysis as a Predictor of outcome rate.9
Digital Channels in Healthcare Service Provision: A study of midwives and women's understanding of and engagement with information and communication technologies (ICT)9
Short Messaging Services (SMS) and banking9
Culture, values and Japanese tourism behaviour9
The Global Health Classroom: Collaborative Global Health Learning between New Zealand and Samoan Medical Students in a Virtual Classroom9
A review of current firewall technologies8
Using multiple representations within a viewpoint8
Oral and written communication apprehension in accounting students: curriculum impacts and impacts on academic performance8
The epidemiology of stomach cancer in Oman8
The Spectacle and the Witness: an Historical and Critical Study of Surveillance in Visual Culture from 1920 to 20088
The role of SLC2A9 Variants in Hyperuricemia and Gout8
Perceptions and benefits of, and barriers to, degree-based education for massage therapy8
Home truths and cool admissions: New Zealand housing attributes and excess winter hospitalisation8
A reconceptualisation of destination tourism management: focussing on sustainability and corporate social responsibility8
Managing a complex environment — Social cultural perspectives the case of Indonesia7
One size doesn’t fit all: gender differences in motivations for becoming an entrepreneur7
The impact of climate change on crop production in Sub-Saharan Africa7
Receiver Driven Email Delivery7
Three essays in health microeconomics in developing countries: Evidence from rural Senegal7
A framework for a destination reputation management process: A case study of three destinations7
Eating a nuclear disaster: A vital institutional ethnography of everyday eating in the aftermath of Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster7
United States of Shondaland: Investigating the para-social contact of white audiences with Black Lives Matter7
Economic theories of the voluntary sector: a survey of government failure and market failure approaches6
Design strategies for GUI items with touch screen based information systems: assessing the ability of a touch screen overlay as a selection device6
Managing tourism in Antarctica : A framework for the future6
Earnings versus cash flows as predictors of future cash flows: New Zealand evidence6
Performance management: observations from empirical work6
From sustainable management to sustainable development: a longitudinal analysis of external communication by a leading environmental reporter6
Assessing groundwater / surface water connectivity and the effect on groundwater quality in Alexandra, Central Otago6
Leavitt Path Algebras6
Patterns and trends in facial fractures in New Zealand6
Where is R2P grounded in International law?6
Culture in the classroom of ESL learners: A case study of how culture is represented in the lessons of ESL children at a New Zealand mainstream primary school6
The oral health of individuals with haemophilia: a mixed methods investigation6
Does Providing Undergraduate Students the Opportunity to Draw Facilitate Verbal Reports of Emotional Experiences?6
Travel Texts and Moving Cultures: A German-focused Comparative Analysis in the Context of the Mobilities Turn6
Acute diarrhoea in children in rural Gambia: Knowledge, attitude and practice, aetiology, risk factors and consequences among children less than five years of age6
Valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services to improve spatial management of near-shore marine areas in New Zealand6
Code Switching in the Malaysian ESL Classroom6
International tourism and economic growth in New Zealand6
Declining Intramuscular Newborn Vitamin K Prophylaxis: An Exploration of Parental Decision Making and Influencing Factors6
Ethnohistoriography of Koh Samui: Change and adaptation in a tourism period6
Geostatistical modelling, analysis and mapping of epidemiology of Dengue Fever in Johor State, Malaysia6
The New Zealand food and wine tourism industry : a stakeholder analysis6
Leadership and economic theories of non-profit organizations6
Literary Sophias: The Esoteric Female in Romanticism5
What Has New Zealand Gained From The FTA With China?: Two Counterfactual Analyses5
Otago Biodiversity Data Management Project Part 1: Questionnaire Report5
The determinants of total factor productivity: The high-performing Asian economies revisited5
EntryMode Strategies and Performance of Japanese MNCs in Australia and New Zealand: the Role of Japanese Employees5
Thucydides' Corinthians: an examination of Corinth in Thucydides' account of the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War5
Abortions amongst Asian Women in New Zealand: What Do We Know?5
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser5

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File downloads
Seng, Dyna4,522
Turton, Bathsheba179
de Burgh-Hirabe, Ryoko107
Beckwith, Jacinta Anne102
Sutton, Jonathan94
Chatkaewnapanon, Yuthasak70
Harris, Phil69
Kolovos, Ioannis53
Blanch, Keely Francyne52
Felipe, J52
McCombie, John S L52
Breetzke, Gregory40
Pearson, Amber40
Bamford, Kirsten35
Theissen, Christine35
Ironside, Jeremy33
Benwell, George L25
Phan, Thi Thanh Hang24
Rogers, Tracy Leigh24
Stanger, Nigel24
Adams, Judith22
Oben, Glenda22
Wicken, Andrew22
Cocker, Antoinette L20
Milne, Markus J20
Dollery, Brian19
Sibbald, Alexander19
Wallis, Joe19
Gallagher, Sarah18
Jack, Susan Janice18
Kumarasinghe, Sriya18
Pearse-Smith, Scott W. D.18
Simpson, Jean18
Theivananthampillai, Paul18
Sawad, Ahmed Ali17
Subbarao, Srikanth17
Bagheri, Nasser16
Holt, Alec16
Duncanson, Mavis15
Harris, Charles Phillip15
Nyametso, Johnie Kodjo15
Stringer, Carolyn15
Anderson, William Jeffrey Cairns14
Stringer, Carolyn P14
Merchant, Kenneth A.13
Overell, Rosemary13
Stephenson, Janet13
Walsh, Neil Michael13
Alghamdi , Mohammed12
Treesahakiat, Isara12
Zohar, Eran12
Craig, Elizabeth11
Diesing, Juana11
Hajzler, Chris11
Lock, Andrew11
Reddington, Anne11
Schilcher, Daniela Regina11
Walles, Hayden11
Wesselbaum, Dennis11
Ghandour, Ahmad10
Gibbs, Michelle10
Knight, John G10
Knowles, Stephen10
Nievelt, Terese10
Whiting, Rosalind H10
Willett, Roger10
Afriansyah, Arie9
Arnott, Reece9
Baskerville, Phil9
Bothara, Roshit9
Cuthbert, Ronald Hugh9
Deans, Kenneth R9
Fielding, David9
Gale, Christopher9
Glue, Paul9
Gray, Andrew9
Jaforullah, Mohammad9
Knight, Dallas Neille9
McLean, Lyall9
McPhail, Cameron Kenrick9
Moore, Antoni9
Othman, Ahmad Sabry9
Tan, Rachel Sing-Ee9
Tanakinjal, Geoffrey Harvey9
Watkins, Leah9
Al-Mahrouqi, Haitham8
Chisnall, Aimee Jane8
Gardner, Clare T8
Hall, C Michael8
Holdsworth, David K8
MacMurdo-Reading, Margaret Ann8
Mitchell, Robert8
Smith, Donna8
Telfar Barnard, Lucy Frances8
Banks, Chloe Anne7
Blanc, Elodie7
Burch, Karly Ann7
Chong, Albert K7
Chrobok, Natascha7
Ermen, David7

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Accountancy and Finance4,646
Oral Sciences200
Information Science192
Marketing collection184
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies143
Anthropology and Archaeology122
College of Education109
Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC)48
Preventive and Social Medicine47
Human Nutrition46
Media, Film and Communication collection40
Law Collection40
Spatial Information Research Centre37
Languages and Cultures collection31
Te Tumu School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies collection*27
Linguistics Programme24
Computer Science24
Sociology, Gender and Social Work24
Public Health - Wellington23
New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service collection22
Medicine - Dunedin18
Environment and People16
Psychology collection16
Pathology - Christchurch15
Biochemistry collection15
Māori Studies15
School of Physical Education15
School of Business collection14
Centre for Science Communication13
Office of Dean12
Zoology collection12
Oral Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences9
Psychological Medicine - Dunedin9
Mathematics and Statistics9
Marine Science8
Biblical Studies7
Medicine - Wellington7
Bioethics Centre7
Paediatrics and Child Health - Dunedin6
German Programme6
Design Studies / Design for Technology6
Centre for Postgraduate Nursing5
Medicine - Christchurch5
Database Research Centre5
Indigenous Studies5
Centre for Theology and Public Issues4
School of Pharmacy4
School of Physiotherapy4
Psychological Medicine - Christchurch4
Rehabilitation Teaching and Research Unit4
Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies4
Spanish Programme4
Executive Education4
International Business3
Pathology and Molecular Medicine3
Primary Health Care and General Practice3
French Programme3
Surgery - Dunedin3
Global Network Interconnectivity Project3
Software Engineering & Collaborative Modelling Laboratory3
Christian Thought and History2