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The impact of organisational restructuring on employee commitment at the Otago Polytechnic16
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited11
Raising the comprehension skills of Thai tertiary readers of English through strategies-based instruction8
How sound are the foundations of the aggregate production function?7
Skill classification and the effects of trade on wage inequality6
Nurse burnout in a high stress health care environment: prognosis better than expected?6
Automated Digital Forensic Triage: Rapid Detection of Anti-Forensic Tools6
Relevance and reliability: A trade-off?4
Contract, Consideration and Consistency4
Ship to shore: The cruise industry's perception of economic risk4
Social media: a solution to declining youth engagement in politics?4
The Relationship Between Christian Group Identification and Intergroup Discrimination in Contexts Where Social Identity is Made Salient.3
Decision Making and Intuition of Outdoor Leaders3
Explaining efficiency differences of New Zealand secondary schools3
Examination of economies of scale in credit unions: a New Zealand study2
2010 New Zealand computer crime and security survey2
Earnings versus cash flows as predictors of future cash flows: New Zealand evidence2
Performance management: observations from empirical work2
Lean Thinking in New Zealand Emergency Departments2
Relationships between Objective and Subjective Performance Ratings2
The impact of leadership on eCommerce system success in small and medium enterprises context2
The impact of leptospirosis in northern Tanzania2
Ubiquitous interactive art displays: are they wanted, are they intuitive?1
An examination of key factors of influence in the development process of credit union industries1
Biometric attack vectors and defences1
Heath, Jarrow and Morton interest rate modelling using principal component analysis1
The roof maintenance problem — a fuzzy expert system1
Does negative advertising work?1
Marketing education: a guide to better targeting of Malaysian students - Report 11
One size doesn’t fit all: gender differences in motivations for becoming an entrepreneur1
Value versus glamour1
The cost of funds and bank efficiency through time1
What can management accounting practitioners and academics do to improve risk measurement and forewarn of impending financial crises?1
An empirical examination of the editorial review processes of accounting journals1
Reservations to Human Rights Treaties and the Diversity Paradigm: Examining Islamic Reservations1
Tourism Recovery after the 2009 Tsunami in Samoa1
The Effects of Comvita Manuka Honey on Oral Mucositis in Patients treated with Radiation Therapy to the Head and Neck1
Using Computer Games to Learn Fractions1
Food security in New Zealand: The relationship between food security, ethnicity and body weight status1
Development through Sport: The ‘Indianisation’ of Cricket and its Potential for Development1
Intervention and (Re)Invention for Women in Menopause: Cultural Norms, Hormone Therapy and Female Subjectivity1
A dirty determinant of health: What is the role of public health units in reducing the inequitable effects of inadequate income on health and wellbeing?1
The impact of NCEA through the eyes of secondary level ESL teachers in Dunedin1
The Evaluation and Impact of Parent Education in Early Numeracy1
The benefits of peer support for online learners1
The Effects of β-Sitosterol-β-D-Glucoside (BSSG) and Paraquat on Sucrose Sensitivity, Olfactory Conditioning and Motor Development in Honey Bees, Apis Mellifera1
'May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons': Gender Inequality in Child Mortality in India and its Proximate Determinants1
Land Tenure and Human Security During Post-Conflict Development1
Where do women travel to give birth within New Zealand?1
Are all languages equal?1
Exploring undergraduate nursing students’ experiences of their first clinical placement in an acute adult mental health inpatient service1
The Extent and Causes of Decline in Church attendance in Inglewood between 1960 and 20101
`E pakihi hakinga a kai: An examination of pre-contact resource management practice in Southern Te Wai Pounamu1
Mediator’s Culture and the Ability to be Effective in the Process of International Mediation1
A case study of community action against alcohol harm: liquor licensing in Fantame Street, Porirua, 2011-20131
Teaching Novices Programming: A Programming Process Using Goals & Plans with a Visual Programming Environment1
Qohelet's Fall: The Use of Genesis 2-4 in the Book of Ecclesiastes1
Credit Union Otago: Prospering in a competitive environment1
Machiavelli, political marketing and reinventing government1
Influence of International Trade Agreements on Entry Strategy1
The Use of Objective and Subjective Measures: Implications for Incentive System Design1
The contribution of goal setting to the success of eCommerce systems among small and medium enterprises1
Analysis of distortions in a mental map using GPS and GIS1
An Alternative Cadastral Survey Dataset for New Zealand.1
Gone with the Wind: International Migration1
Reflecting on Culture in Medicine: Second-year medical students' online discussions1
The bioeconomics of marine reserves: a selected review with policy implications1
Galileo and the Conflict between Religion and Science1

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Theissen, Christine16
Harris, Phil13
Kolovos, Ioannis12
Akkakoson, Songyut8
Felipe, J7
McCombie, John S L7
Greenaway, David6
Hall, Elizabeth6
Laurenson, Thomas6
Reed, Geoffrey V6
Winchester, Niven6
Cocker, Antoinette L4
Diesing, Juana4
London, Wendy4
Sibbald, Alexander4
Sim, David4
Alexander, W Robert J3
Benwell, George L3
Cripps, Heidi3
Deans, Kenneth R3
Ghandour, Ahmad3
Jaforullah, Mohammad3
Razak, Mohammad Shah3
Stringer, Carolyn3
Theivananthampillai, Paul3
Maze, Michael James2
McAlevey, Lynn2
Merchant, Kenneth A.2
Quinn, K J Spike2
Rees, Gareth Huw2
Seng, Dyna2
Stringer, Carolyn P2
Aburn, Amelia1
Adler, Ralph1
Bateman, Jerram1
Begley, Aubrey1
Booth, Sharon1
Burrell, Beverley Ann1
Burrows, Gary1
Callander, Jeremy1
Conrad, Jennifer1
Cooper, Michael1
Dawes, Gregory W.1
Dawson, Pauline1
Fam, Kim-Shyan1
Ferguson, Charles1
Furnari, Mary1
Galvin, Raylene June1
Goodwin, David1
Grafton, R Quentin1
Hu, Minjie1
Joseph, Christopher Daniel1
Kaul, Gautam1
Kirkwood, Jodyanne Jane1
Kompas, Tom1
Kumarasinghe, Sriya1
Lee, Ya Ling1
Lemmon, Joanne Margaret1
Lienert-Brown, Melanie Faye1
Liyanarachchi, Gregory A.1
McKillop, Donal1
McKinnon, Don1
Mnyanyi, Angelina Mukono1
Moore, Antoni1
Moxham, Raymond John1
Moyle, Sam A1
Muzondiwa, Amos1
Paterson, Sarah Jean1
Peake, Simon A J1
Perera, Muthukuttige Pramuk Arjuna1
Prentice, Jennifer Joan1
Regan, Toby1
Roberts, Chris M1
Robitaille, Marie-Claire1
Sawad, Ahmed Ali1
Schneider, Viktoria1
Stevenson, Hayley1
Tagomoa-Isara, Tupe1
Tamagushiku, Cedreece1
Thomas, Chris1
Tripe, David1
Watts, Mike1
Wesselbaum, Dennis1
Weston-Taylor, Lucy1
Willett, Roger1
Williams, Jim1

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