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Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited803
Clinicians' Perspectives on Special Care Dentistry in New Zealand81
Otago Biodiversity Data Management Project Part 1: Questionnaire Report77
Autism and Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders: Assessment, Treatment, Services and Supports70
Radio frequency identification (RFID)67
Nurse burnout in a high stress health care environment: prognosis better than expected?46
Optimising Video Streaming Over Multi-hop Wireless Networks: A Queueing Model Analytical Approach42
Task Scheduling in Data Stream Processing Systems41
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis30
How sound are the foundations of the aggregate production function?30
Noise control in the wood processing industry29
The Origins of Cook Island Migration to New Zealand, 1920-195029
Does negative advertising work?27
Investigating resilience of agriculture and food systems: insights from two theories and two case studies24
Being open: timely access to NZCYES publications24
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis22
Embodying Music: The Visuality of Three Iconic Conductors in London, 1840-194022
Wear Behaviour of Human Enamel Opposing Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic and Type ІІІ Gold21
The impact of a three-day outdoor adventure education programme on the level of resilience of adolescents in Singapore21
Perceptions of political marketing in Sweden: a comparative perspective20
Lobbying and public affairs in the UK: The relationship to political marketing20
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page20
Using MCDA (Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis) to prioritise publicly-funded health care19
Marketing the mayor: political marketing and the Livingstone4London mayoral election campaign18
A framework for a destination reputation management process: A case study of three destinations18
Cause related marketing. How for-profit and not-for-profit brand managers can work together for the benefit of stakeholders.17
The Use of Humour in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education17
Quran and Reform: Rahman, Arkoun, Abu Zayd16
Agent based web service composition in the context of a supply-chain based workflow16
Evolutionary genetics of Southern stoneflies15
Review of a multidisciplinary team approach to patient positioning in head-and-neck cancer: a quantitative analysis15
Qohelet's Fall: The Use of Genesis 2-4 in the Book of Ecclesiastes15
Machiavelli, political marketing and reinventing government15
The algorithmic subject: the neo-liberal apparatus and the social media technology of power.15
The Effect of Soaking Almonds and Hazelnuts on Phytate and Mineral Concentrations15
Secondary Worlds in Pre-Tolkienian Fantasy Fiction14
Low Energy Availability in New Zealand Recreational Athletes14
Explaining Ukiyo-e14
The Determinants of Health for Pacific Children and Young People in New Zealand (2012)14
The Musical Imagery in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s paintings for his patron, Frederick Leyland14
Are football referees really biased and inconsistent? Evidence from the English Premier League14
Hitting the ground running: building New Zealand’s first publicly available institutional repository14
Investigating value propositions in social media: studies of brand and customer exchanges on Twitter13
The Experience of Primary Healthcare patients who take Warfarin in New Zealand13
Tonality, Functionality and Beethovenian Form in the Late Instrumental Works of César Franck13
The Verrines: Cicero’s Masterful Prosecution, Hortensius’ Hypothetical Defence, and the False Conclusions of Grain Production Models13
The RepRap Project—Open Source meets 3D printing12
Functional characterisation of orf virus chemokine binding protein12
“You can of course keep shaking the box”: Errant Versioning and Textual Motion in the Iterations of Anne Carson12
Naturalistic decision making in emergency ambulance command and control12
The composition of public expenditure and growth: different models of government expenditure distribution by functions.11
Voter apathy in British elections: causes and remedies11
Learning from claims and complaints: an epidemiological approach to medical regulation11
Fides Romana: Aspects of fides in Roman diplomatic relations during the conquest of Iberia10
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser10
Clgrep: A Parallel String Matching Tool10
“Critical literacy seems really interesting, but why talk about menstruation?” A critical literacy approach to teaching and learning about menstruation10
MatLab/database connectivity9
Bang, beep, buzz, blip: Introducing Pure Data9
Towards A Metamodern Literature9
Mediated Representations: Japanese New Religions and Social Media9
Design strategies for GUI items with touch screen based information systems: assessing the ability of a touch screen overlay as a selection device8
Eliciting information portrayal requirements: experiences with the critical decision method8
Knowledge transfer within Japanese multinationals: building a theory8
Biometric attack vectors and defences8
Catastrophic Forgetting in Reinforcement-Learning Environments8
Assessment of occupational noise-induced hearing loss for ACC A practical guide for otolaryngologists8
Re-Presenting Fear: The Slasher Remake as Cumulative Hypertext8
Food security in New Zealand: The relationship between food security, ethnicity and body weight status8
Receiver Driven Email Delivery8
Functional network analysis of aging and Alzheimer's Disease8
Wine tourism and the generation Y market: any possibilities?8
Cubes, shadows and comic strips - a.k.a. interfaces, metaphors and maps?8
Interaction of STDP and metaplasticity in modelling heterosynaptic plasticity.8
The "Kawachi" algorithm: a single-parameter network constructor?8
The choice of market entry mode: greenfield Investment, M&A and joint ventures7
A review of current firewall technologies7
Evaluating the impact of the School of Business digital repository7
An exploration of buyer-supplier relationships and early supplier involvement within a New Zealand manufacturer's supply chain.7
Heath, Jarrow and Morton interest rate modelling using principal component analysis7
The cost of funds and bank efficiency through time7
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication7
The Two-Faced Trope: Prosopopoeia in Denise Levertov, Margaret Atwood and Louise Glück7
FPGA Based Radio7
Facilitating Cooperation in Multi-agent Robotic Systems7
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: An Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cells?7
Amoeba Management: Why it Works at Kyocera and which other Firms Could Benefit from its Adoption - Part 17
Reconceptualizing Knowledge Management: Knowledge, Social Energy, and Emergent Leadership in Social Complex Adaptive Systems7
Internal Employees versus External Employees (Contractors): Are the ‘Outcomes’ the same?7
The Spectacle and the Witness: an Historical and Critical Study of Surveillance in Visual Culture from 1920 to 20087
Bayesean Analysis as a Predictor of outcome rate.7
Hostility in the House of God: An "Interested" Investigation of the Opponents in 1 and 2 Timothy7
Habitat requirements of the jewelled gecko (Naultinus gemmeus): effects of grazing, predation and habitat fragmentation7
Genetic and environmental factors associated with hypodontia7
Tourism and mobility7
Culture, values and Japanese tourism behaviour7
VoIP application development using SIP protocol7
Electronic security6
A graphical notation for physical database modelling6
Using multiple representations within a viewpoint6

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File downloads
Harris, Phil895
Kolovos, Ioannis840
Chia, Leonard Yit Fen81
Elliot, Gillian79
Roberts, Chris M75
Matthews, Martyn Duncan70
Savarimuthu, Bastin Tony Roy50
Simpson, Jean50
Cranefield, Stephen49
Hall, Elizabeth48
Purvis, Martin44
Xu, Yuwei42
Duncanson, Mavis41
Eskandari, Leila41
Stanger, Nigel41
Gallagher, Sarah39
McBride, David37
Purvis, Maryam A.37
Adams, Judith34
Oben, Glenda34
Wicken, Andrew34
Felipe, J30
McCombie, John S L30
Smith, Lindsay I.30
Anderson, Rosemary Ellen29
Wong, B L William29
Moore, Antoni28
Dwiartama, Angga24
Mathieson, Holly22
McPhail, Cameron Kenrick22
Kuang, Yoke Wee21
Lee, Ahreum21
Lock, Andrew21
Blanch, Keely Francyne20
Harris, Charles Phillip20
Nievelt, Terese20
Arnott, Reece19
Sullivan, Trudy19
Whigham, Peter A19
Craig, Elizabeth18
Dobson, Stephen18
Ermen, David18
Reddington, Anne18
Ward, Matthew18
Abu Bakar, Farhana17
Benwell, George L17
Bishop, David17
Dell, Rebecca17
Goddard, John16
Moyle, Sam A16
Owen, P. Dorian16
Voelker, Katharina16
Hacon, Christopher Laurence15
Hall, C Michael15
Knight, John G15
Kumari, Shivani15
McCulloch, Graham Alexander15
Moore, Sarah15
Moxham, Raymond John15
Bell, David14
Dawson, Peter14
Dollery, Brian14
Esplin, Penelope14
McGregor, Graham14
Ryan, Michael14
Slater, Joanne14
Wallis, Joe14
Wilson, John14
Young, Joseph Rex14
Alwash, Mostafa13
Currie, Gillian13
Fielding, David13
Milne, Markus J13
Sibley, Matthew John13
Stähler, Frank13
Swindells, Rachel Mary13
Aldridge, Colin H12
Fleming, M Joan12
Holt, Alec12
Lateef, Zabeen12
Štrach, Pavel12
Bismark, Marie Magdaleen11
Blandford, Ann11
Deans, Kenneth R11
Ebadi, Toktam11
Ghandour, Ahmad11
Sanz, Ismael11
Theivananthampillai, Paul11
Velázquez, Francisco J11
Agnew, Shire10
Dowling, Anthony10
Gray, Andrew10
Peng, Wu10
Perley, Sara Margaret10
Villanueva, Rochelle10
Whiting, Rosalind H10
Adler, Ralph W9
Deng, Da9
Dumitrescu, Alexandra Elena9
Edwards, Chris9

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Top collections (170 collections total)

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File downloads
Marketing collection1,012
Information Science536
Computer Science135
Accountancy and Finance120
Human Nutrition93
Oral Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences88
Security Research Group83
Psychological Medicine - Dunedin80
Spatial Information Research Centre75
Software Engineering & Collaborative Modelling Laboratory73
New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service collection58
Zoology collection56
Preventive and Social Medicine52
College of Education49
School of Physical Education48
Oral Rehabilitation43
Office of Dean37
Media, Film and Communication collection36
Te Tumu School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies collection*33
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies33
Psychology collection33
Medicine - Dunedin29
Biochemistry collection29
Languages and Cultures collection25
Microbiology and Immunology24
Centre for Postgraduate Nursing24
Māori Studies24
Multimedia Systems Research Laboratory23
Pathology - Christchurch21
Sociology, Gender and Social Work21
Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC)20
Public Health - Wellington19
Database Research Centre19
Oral Sciences18
Centre for Science Communication17
Law Collection17
Radiation Therapy16
Knowledge, Intelligence & Web Informatics Laboratory16
Medicine - Christchurch15
Food Sciences13
Linguistics Programme11
Bioethics Centre11
Environment and People10
Anthropology and Archaeology10
Film and Media Studies9
Rehabilitation Teaching and Research Unit9
Mathematics and Statistics9
Pharmacology and Toxicology8
Cognitive Ergonomics and Human Decision Making Laboratory8
School of Pharmacy7
Radiology and the Centre for Bioengineering7
Surgery - Dunedin7
Global Network Interconnectivity Project7
Indigenous Studies7
Christchurch Health and Development Study7
School of Physiotherapy6
Design Studies / Design for Technology6
Marine Science6
Biblical Studies5
General Practice and Rural Health5