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Making a living in Vanuatu: Livelihoods and development in peri-urban Port Vila183
Helen Smaill's Photograph Album: Traces of care in the mission archive70
Possibility of Telecommunication Universal Service in the Pacific Islands; Case studies of Vanuatu, PEACESAT and USPNet47
Third-Party Coordination in Conflict Resolution: Views from Third-Party Practitioners in the Maoist Armed Conflict of Nepal and the Moro Conflict of the Philippines26
The Experiences of the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme and Ni-Vanuatu Temporary Workers in Te Puke, New Zealand18
The Music of 'Are'are: Acoustemology, Environmental Influences and Sustainability18
An Evaluation of a World Vision Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Project in Tanna, Vanuatu17
Salt-water and bush : the struggle for Port Resolution, 1835-186816
Working the Vines: seasonal migration, money, and development in New Zealand and Ambrym, Vanuatu.14
Listening Needs of Distance Learners: A Case Study of EAP Learners at the University of the South Pacific13
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page13
Lessons from the indigenous east for western organisations? Mechanistic and organic approaches to organization and management11
Energy Transitions: Lighting in Vanuatu10
No Substantial Miscarriage of Justice : the History and Application of the Proviso to Section 385(1) of the Crimes Act 196110
The Festivalisation of Pacific Cultures in New Zealand: Diasporic Flow and Identity within 'a Sea of Islands'7
The impact of organisational restructuring on employee commitment at the Otago Polytechnic6
Gone Tomorrow? Choosing the past to create the future6
State Responsibility for Children in Care6
The land and titles court of Samoa, 1903 - 2008 : 'continuity amid change'6
Cultivating health: community gardening as a public health intervention5
Setting a Barricade against the East Wind: Western Polynesia and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic5
Improvement of Squatter Settlements: The link between tenure security, access to housing, and improved living and environmental conditions4
Cultural and National Identity in the Face of Climate Change: A Case Study of I-Kiribati Migrants in New Zealand4
Immigration and national identity in 1970s New Zealand4
Building Adaptive Capacity For Natural Resource Management In Akaroa Coastal Environment, New Zealand.4
Relevance and reliability: A trade-off?3
Tourism Recovery after the 2009 Tsunami in Samoa3
Nā Mo'okū'auhau Holowa'a: Native Hawaiian women's stories of the voyaging canoe Hōkūle'a3
Expectations and satisfaction in tourism : an exploratory study into measuring satisfaction3
Maisin: A grammatical description of an oceanic language in Papua New Guinea3
Permanent and Transitory Shocks among Pacific Island Economies - Prospects for a Pacific Islands Currency Union3
Protecting Children's Interests in Relationship Property Proceedings2
Christ, Salvation and Eschatology from Colossians: Developing a Response to Melanesian Concept of Gutpela Sindaun2
The Development of Planning Processes in Tonga and the Impact of the 2006 Riots2
Otago Biodiversity Data Management Project Part 1: Questionnaire Report2
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication2
Funnily Serious: Using Comedy to Communicate Science2
Culture in the classroom of ESL learners: A case study of how culture is represented in the lessons of ESL children at a New Zealand mainstream primary school2
Foreign seasonal workers in New Zealand horticulture: an ethnographic account of the nexus of labour and immigration policies and employment practices2
The Extent and Causes of Decline in Church attendance in Inglewood between 1960 and 20102
How does Truth-Telling Heal? An Exploration of Voice and Pathways toward Victim Healing in Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste2
Otago Submarine Canyons: Mapping and Macrobenthos2
Polynesian rugby player's perceptions and experiences of professional rugby2
Print Culture and the Collective Māori Consciousness2
The Origins of Cook Island Migration to New Zealand, 1920-19502
Larval drift and development of amphidromous fishes, particularly the bluegill bully (Gobiomorphus hubbsi)2
“I Am The Apple Of My Brother’s Eye” : An investigation into the evolving roles of Samoan women with particular reference to religion and gender relations2
Recent Advances in the Archaeology of the Fiji/West-Polynesia Region2
Pacific Archaeology: Documenting the Past 50,000 Years2
Niche partitioning in the Fiordland wrasse guild2
Archaeology and Shell Adzes in Prehistoric Oceania: A Revised Methodological Approach to the Descriptive Analysis of a Solomon Islands Collection2
Cytoskeletal and mitotic partners for synthetic lethal targeting of E-cadherin-deficient carcinoma2
Aspects of primary education in Samoa : exploring student, parent and teacher perspectives2
A quantitative and qualitative study of retail food waste in New Zealand2
The life and times of Cakobau : the Bauan state to 18552
Different perspectives on leadership in the New Zealand public sector: the curious case of Christine Rankin2
Through their eyes: A Samoan perspective on child wellbeing1
Individual, Institutional and Environmental Factors Influencing Online Distance Tertiary Teaching in New Zealand1
The Influence of Religion and Culture on Planning and Decision-making Processes in Samoa1
Estimating quarterly GDP Data for the South Pacific Island Nations1
Information Package for Users of the New Zealand Estimated Food Costs 20191
Negotiating the sacred space: A comparative study of the impact of the dynamics of culture and Christian theology on women in the South Sea Evangelical Church, and in the Anglican Church of Melanesia, Small Malaita, Solomon Islands1
A Contextual Bible Study on the Crucifixion of Jesus: Engaging the issue of male violence against men1
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited1
Nurse burnout in a high stress health care environment: prognosis better than expected?1
Strategic Planning in Agricultural Niche Markets1
Obesity and Intellectual Disability in New Zealand1
Experiences of critical thinking, critical action and critical being in health science tutorials1
Specialised Production of Early‐Lapita Pottery: A Skill Analysis of Pottery from the Island of Emirau1
A Statistical Model of Error Correction for Computer Assisted Language Learning Systems1
Mepilex Lite: The Effect of Mepilex Lite Dressings on Acute Radiation-Induced Skin Reactions in Women Receiving Post-Mastectomy Irradiation1
Deci-belles: Gender and Power in Sound Engineering for Popular Music in New Zealand1
Aspects of uncertainty in private and public law1
Reconceptualizing Knowledge Management: Knowledge, Social Energy, and Emergent Leadership in Social Complex Adaptive Systems1
The scientific and cultural aspects of renewable energy development success in Samoa: Mai le Tunoa I le Masini – From Umu to Machine1
Parental feeding practices in New Zealand1
Indigenous Language Revitalisation in Aotearoa New Zealand and Alba Scotland1
Neoliberalism and Border Crossings in Recent German Cinema1
Grammar as Theology: A Linguistic Rereading of Philippians 2:6-7a1
Energy Aid in Caribbean and Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS)1
Unintended Impacts: Resource Extraction Wealth, Polygyny and Violence Against Women in the Hela Province of Papua New Guinea1
Travel Texts and Moving Cultures: A German-focused Comparative Analysis in the Context of the Mobilities Turn1
Developing new knowledge in organisations: Engagement with virtual social networks in problem solving1
Music by Numbers: The Impacts of Music Technologies on Pop1
The Spectacle and the Witness: an Historical and Critical Study of Surveillance in Visual Culture from 1920 to 20081
Whales and Whale Bone Technology in New Zealand Prehistory1
The Dunedin Hospital Art Collection: Architecture, Space and Wellbeing1
Planning for Intensive Dairying in the Mackenzie Basin: An inquiry into social and collaborative planning1
Support Needs of Families Living with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in New Zealand1
Photovoltaic (PV) Uptake in NZ: The story so far1
Rates of fructose malabsorption in gout cases and non-gout controls in Christchurch, New Zealand1
Pacific Island women, body image and sport1
Māori Perspectives on the Foreshore and Seabed Debate: A Dunedin Case Study1
The Māori All Blacks and the Decentering of the White Subject: Hyperrace, Sport and the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism1
Tō ‘Tātou’ Reo Rangatira: National Treasure or Taonga Māori – An investigation into the motivations of Pākehā in learning the Māori language1
The Agriculture Research Group on Sustainability Programme: The Design of A Longitudinal and Transdisciplinary Study of Agricultural Sustainability in New Zealand1
Littering and its impact on Tonga's destination image1
Impacts of Different Land Registration Systems on Communal Tenure in Kenya1
Sailing for Survival1

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Leslie, Emily183
Lubcke, Antje70
Hayakawa, Rieko47
Bhattarai, Prakash26
Linton, Sean18
Williams, Andrew18
Morrison, Alexandra17
Bell, Mark Sinclair16
Bailey, Rochelle-lee14
Blanch, Keely Francyne13
Elkin, Graham11
Ford, Rebecca11
Štrach, Pavel11
Chand, Rajni Kaushal10
Doering, Adam10
Downs, Mathew David10
Gabriel, Cle-Anne10
Walton, Sara10
Mackley-Crump, Jared7
Aiono-Le Tagaloa, Fanaafi Makerita6
Coburn, Beverley Dawn6
Cooke, Allan John6
Theissen, Christine6
Earle, Margaret Dora5
McLane, John Ryan5
Fedor, Ilka4
Lahari, Willie4
Mitchell, James4
Nyametso, Johnie Kodjo4
Palliser, Anna4
Cocker, Antoinette L3
Frampton, Joanna3
Gnoth, Juergen3
Peebles, Bryce3
Tagomoa-Isara, Tupe3
Wilson, Kathryn Louise Nālani3
Anderson, Rosemary Ellen2
Davis, Jean2
Elliot, Gillian2
Ford, Jane Rosemary2
Frick, James A.2
Goodman-Smith, Francesca2
Guthrey, Holly2
Heasley, Murray2
Jarvis, Matthew Graham2
Lameta, Malia Ellen Mamele2
Mombi, George2
Muzondiwa, Amos2
Oranje, Joanne Maree2
Paterson, Lachy2
Peart, Nicola2
Pereira, Janet Aileen2
Prochazkova, Jana2
Radclyffe, Charles2
Schaaf, Matani2
Scott, Andrew Neil2
Takau, Yvonne2
Wallis, Joe2
Basiron, Halizah1
Batt, Caitlin1
Benge, Jayson1
Berg, D.1
Blackwell, Grant1
Blakey, Althea Jane1
Brian, Coutts1
Campbell, Hugh1
Carey, Peter1
Cath-Garling, Stephanie1
Chung, Saemyi1
Cunliffe, Emily A.1
Cuthbert, Ronald Hugh1
Dawson, Belinda1
Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago1
Dunlop-Bennett, Emma1
Ellis, Gerard Majella1
Emanuelsson, Martin1
Espiner, Stephen1
Fairweather, John1
Faucher, Jean-Baptiste1
Felipe, J1
Fielding, David1
Fifita, Lomipeau Teisa1
Fletcher, Kevin Alan1
Garces-Ozanne, Arlene1
Gorrie, Seth Joseph1
Grant, Malcolm J.1
Green, Roger C.1
Greer, Glen1
Gunn, Alexandra C.1
Haigh, M.1
Hall, Elizabeth1
Harris, Phil1
Harrison, David Owen1
Haszard, Jillian Joy1
Haug, Alfred A.1
Higham, James1
Hill, Mary, F.1
Hogg, Nicholas William Stanton1
Hokowhitu, Brendan1
Hosoda, Mara Kawehiwehi1

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