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A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis14
The threat to kill.6
Cannabis and depression: An integrative data analysis of four Australasian cohorts5
The Old Testament as Christian scripture: three Catholic perspectives5
“Instruments of Peace?” Franciscans as Peacemakers in Sri Lanka During and After the Civil War5
Going Green: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Environmental Documentary Film4
Reframing perceptions of anthropomorphism in wildlife film and documentary3
KMS states of graph algebras with a generalised gauge dynamics3
Characterisation of Arcuate Nucleus Projections to the Paraventricular Nucleus of Thalamus2
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited2
The effects of reduced seawater pH on the early-life history of three key echinoderm (Echinodermata) species.2
Visualizing Homoeroticism: The Photographs of Robert Gant, 1887-18922
Possibility of Telecommunication Universal Service in the Pacific Islands; Case studies of Vanuatu, PEACESAT and USPNet2
Mathematics as a secondary subject: the girls' view2
Fetausia'i - a servant leadership paradigm for the mission of the Methodist Church in Samoa2
Does anthropomorphism affect people's ability to distinguish fact from fiction?2
Unpacking Heterotopic Social Space: An Ethnography of Urban Exploration2
The Effects of Temperature and Herbicide on Development and Behaviour in Latrodectus katipo2
Eating a nuclear disaster: A vital institutional ethnography of everyday eating in the aftermath of Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster2
Introduction: Orienting feminism: Media, activism, and cultural representation2
Literary Sophias: The Esoteric Female in Romanticism1
John Zizioulas' Ecclesiology of 'the one and the many'1
Using targeted mutagenesis to investigate the role of the bicarbonate ligated to the non-heme iron of Photosystem II1
Population demographics of sevengill sharks (Notorynchus cepedianus) in Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island.1
The ecophysiology of coralline algae in southern New Zealand1
Child Poverty Monitor 2019: Technical Report1
Viscoelastic finite-difference modelling of gas hydrates in the Pegasus Basin, New Zealand1
Exploring senior secondary health education in Aotearoa New Zealand: A cabinet of curiosities1
doctor Ovid: teaching what to whom in Tristia 2?1
Investigation into the mechanism of action and chemical enhancement of transdermal iontophoreses of LHRH1
Modelling Invasive Species using Markov Jump Processes1
Radio frequency identification (RFID)1
Earnings versus cash flows as predictors of future cash flows: New Zealand evidence1
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication1
Leavitt Path Algebras1
The Two-Faced Trope: Prosopopoeia in Denise Levertov, Margaret Atwood and Louise Glück1
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis1
Teaching music, learning culture: the challenge of culturally responsive music education1
Cellular Mechanisms of Prolactin Regulation of Oxytocin Neurons in Reproduction1
Spirit Christology and Mission1
Ocean acidification and its potential effects on the early life-history of non-calcifying and calcifying echinoderm (Echinodermata) larvae1
Modelling of Image Semantic Context for Novelty Detection1
The system Y-TZP and its porcelain : the interface and firing influences of the porcelain on the "chipping".1
Tonality, Functionality and Beethovenian Form in the Late Instrumental Works of César Franck1
Anzac Day meanings and memories : New Zealand, Australian and Turkish perspectives on a day of commemoration in the twentieth century1
Ship to shore: The cruise industry's perception of economic risk1
Frequentist Model-Averaged Confidence Intervals1
Modelling Trade-Based Manipulation Strategies in Limit-Order Markets1
Travel Texts and Moving Cultures: A German-focused Comparative Analysis in the Context of the Mobilities Turn1
“You can of course keep shaking the box”: Errant Versioning and Textual Motion in the Iterations of Anne Carson1
Spectral Computed Tomography Development1
The Urban Environment, Children and Biophilia: Do children use and prefer biodiverse urban habitats?1
Indicators for congenital anomalies in New Zealand1
Economic Value of Freshwater Recreational Angling in Otago: A Travel Cost Method Approach1
Digital Diplomacy & Social Capital: Analysing Relational Components of Trust in US & Israeli Online Social Networks1
Explaining Ukiyo-e1
What qualities of story have contributed to the success of highly acclaimed natural history films?1
Kia Māori te reo Māori? An investigation of adult learner attitudes towards the impact of English on te reo Māori.1
Adhesion Between Yttrium Stabilised Zirconia Ceramic And Indirect Composite Resin1
The Health of Children and Young People with Chronic Conditions and Disabilities in the South Island (2013)1
What Happened at the End of Lapita: Lapita to Post-Lapita Pottery Transition in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea1
24 – hour oxygen saturation recordings at discharge in preterm infants1
Monitoring burrowing petrel populations: A sampling scheme for the management of an island keystone species1
Agreement Between self-reported weight and height with measured values in Otago adolescents, and associated factors.1
Early life history of a landlocked amphidromous fish: migration, critical traits and ontogeny1
You and I: One Direction, Fans and the Co-Construction of Identity1
The IOC-State-Corporate Nexus: Corporate Diplomacy and the Olympic coup d’état, South African Journal for Research in Sport1
The Effect of Soaking Almonds and Hazelnuts on Phytate and Mineral Concentrations1
Explaining how students can learn the dispositional components of physical world actions by performing virtual world actions1
Authoritarian Politics and the Outcome of Nonviolent Uprisings1
Dart Athwart the Mountain Torrents: The Introduction of Brown Trout to New Zealand1
A Theoretical Study of Brownian Motors with Self-Induced Temperature Gradients1
Interfacing a cognitive agent platform with Second Life1
Software forensics: extending authorship analysis techniques to computer programs1
Galileo and the Conflict between Religion and Science1
Investigation into the transcriptional regulation of DUO1: determining the fate of the male germline in flowering plants1
The structural and metamorphic geology of the Brighton - Taieri Mouth area, east Otago, New Zealand1
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) physiotherapy management: a cohort, observational, prospective, longitudinal study across the South Island of New Zealand1
Health and wellbeing of under-five year olds in New Zealand 20171
Understanding health-seeking behaviours of people in Indonesia; and developing, piloting, and evaluating a culturally appropriate intervention for people with diabetes1

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File downloads
Smith, Lindsay I.14
Macdonald, John Marshall6
Masters, Christopher John5
Stachurski, Michael R5
Lamar, Ben4
Adams, Judith3
Adcroft, Jane3
David M Fergusson3
McNamara, Richard Stuart Charles3
Oben, Glenda3
Wicken, Andrew3
Ahmad Zamri, Aisya Sofia2
Balsom, Blair2
Bingham, Kevin Peter2
Brickell, Chris2
Burch, Karly Ann2
Coffey, Carolyn2
Dale, Catherine2
Duncanson, Mavis2
Fergusson, David M.2
Frost, Emily Joy2
Hagan, Fiona2
Harris, Phil2
Hayakawa, Rieko2
Hight, Sarah Rosemary2
Horwood, L. John2
Hutchinson, Delyse M2
Kolovos, Ioannis2
Latu, Latuivai Kioa2
Letcher, Primrose2
Overell, Rosemary2
Patton, George C2
Richardson, Georgia2
Silins, Edmund2
Smart, Diana2
Tait, Robert2
Alyousif, Yousif1
Augspurger, Jason1
Bell, David1
Buxton, Rachel T1
Craig, Elizabeth1
Cranefield, Stephen1
Dangerfield, Iain1
Davis, George Frederick1
Dawes, Gregory W.1
Dawson, Marcelle1
Dell, Rebecca1
Deos, Anthony1
Devine, Jack Neville1
Dixon, Rachael Anne1
Dobson, Judith Patricia1
Fleming, M Joan1
Ford, Jane Rosemary1
Forsman, Jack1
Fougere, Dannielle1
Gonzalez Bernat, Maria Jose1
Gormley, Andrew M1
Gray, Andrew1
Hand, Kathryn L.1
Haynes, Penelope Alice Edith1
Jack, Susan1
Jackson, Steve1
Jansen van Vuuren, Wendy-Ann1
Jiang, Liang1
Jones, Christopher J1
Kerr, Rachael Jade1
Kos, John1
Kumari, Shivani1
Lewis, Robert1
Loke, Swee-Kin1
London, Wendy1
Lovelock, Millicent Ellen1
Lyver, Philip O'B1
MacDonell, Stephen1
Matthews, John Charles1
McGee, Magnus A1
McPhail, Cameron Kenrick1
Morris, Simon1
Nguyen, Hang Thi Thuy1
Oben, Glenda Lynne McQueen1
Peppiatt, Lucy Monica1
Perkins, Anita1
Peters, Benjamin Arthur1
Pons, Tracey1
Purvis, Martin1
Ranathunga, Surangika1
Reddington, Anne1
Roberts, Chris M1
Robinson, Peter1
Rohan, Tracy Jane1
Sallis, Philip1
Seng, Dyna1
Simpson, Jean1
Smyth, Hugh David Charles1
Sutton, Jonathan1
Swindells, Rachel Mary1
Tawhara, Te Ao Mārama1
Tholey, Michael Jochen1
Turek, Daniel Bernard1
Walsh, Michael Francis1

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