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Learning for Survival, Resilience, Well-being and Continuance: An Epistemology and Pedagogy for Environmental Education/Education for Sustainability informed by Māori Culture13
The construction of a disaster destination : rebuilding Koh Phi Phi, Thailand5
Varying the Image Quality of Multiple Television Commercials and the Impact on Evaluation and Recall: An Exploratory Study5
Travel Texts and Moving Cultures: A German-focused Comparative Analysis in the Context of the Mobilities Turn4
Media Studies 1014
How Rebellious Non-State-Actors acquire weapons4
Ageing with Spinal Cord Injury in New Zealand4
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis4
The Malaysian visiting friends and relatives (VFR) market initiated by the Malaysian students in South Island, New Zealand3
Suffering, Solidarity and Spirituality: The Lived Experiences of Internally Displaced Women in Northern Nigeria3
Task Scheduling in Data Stream Processing Systems3
Using multiple representations within a viewpoint3
Android In-Vehicle Infotainment System (AIVI)3
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser3
Home truths and cool admissions: New Zealand housing attributes and excess winter hospitalisation3
The effect of vitamin D on gene expression in colorectal tumours and normal colon.3
Selection and Metabolic Disease in the Pacific3
Postural stability in older adults with mild to moderate cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease2
Developing Plasmodium cynomolgi culture as a model to investigate antimalarial effects on Plasmodium vivax2
Lobbying and public affairs in the UK: The relationship to political marketing2
Boys go bush: Lived solo experiences at Tihoi Venture School2
The Socioeconomic Impact of Living with Multiple Sclerosis in New Zealand2
A century of land tenure on the Benmore Sheep Station.2
Copyright and its digital challenge : a comparison of New Zealand and German copyright law2
Effects of low salinity on Evechinus chloroticus valenciennes2
Developing new knowledge in organisations: Engagement with virtual social networks in problem solving2
Momentum Trading Strategies in Financial Markets2
Electricity Saving Behaviours and Energy Literacy of New Zealand Children2
Tandem repeats as sources of variation2
The Contested Terrain of Alcohol Sponsorship of Sport and Social Policy in New Zealand2
Modelling the hydrological impacts of land use change and integrating cultural perspectives in the Waikouaiti Catchment, Otago New Zealand2
The Kiwi and the Garuda: New Zealand and Sukarno's Indonesia, 1945-19662
An orthodontic tooth brushing technique to enhance oral hygiene in patients with fixed appliances: interim results of a randomized controlled clinical trial2
Factors affecting glucose homeostasis in premature neonates2
When the numbers do not add up: Health research and health disparities in Aotearoa New Zealand2
Seallagain: Gaelic Grammar at a Glance2
Understanding health-seeking behaviours of people in Indonesia; and developing, piloting, and evaluating a culturally appropriate intervention for people with diabetes2
Drawing from the past to learn tomorrow1
Drivers of temperate reef fish community structure and food web architecture1
Through their eyes: A Samoan perspective on child wellbeing1
Investigations into the roles of two flavoproteins in mycobacterial physiology1
Wellbeing and relationships between people, space, place and time: Canterbury primary school principals’ perceptions of wellbeing in the context of their school environment1
Serotonin and the eating disorders : the effects of dieting, acute plasma tryptophan depletion and mCPP administration on brain 5-HT function1
Adherence to oral hypoglycaemic medications and the impact on diabetic biomarkers and clinical outcomes1
Behavioural and ecological factors affecting the trappability of two skink species in Nelson1
Our interests and Christ : the Christian existentialism of Helmut Rex1
Linking Improvisation to Cultural Context: Bringing a Jazz Drumming Aesthetic to the Music of Diverse Cultures1
Business influences on government decisions affecting public health: a case study from Australia and New Zealand1
Dynamic ideologies : insights from the Slow Food movement1
Hilary of Poitiers and the Concept of Divine Personhood1
Measuring Sperm whales via Acoustics and Photogrammetry1
Transcriptional effects of mood stabiliser drugs in a serotonergic cell line1
FuNN/2—a fuzzy neural network architecture for adaptive learning and knowledge acquisition1
Accounting education in Cambodia1
Assessing groundwater / surface water connectivity and the effect on groundwater quality in Alexandra, Central Otago1
Reservations to Human Rights Treaties and the Diversity Paradigm: Examining Islamic Reservations1
Foraging ecology of recolonising female New Zealand sea lions around the Otago Peninsula, New Zealand.1
Managing Emotions: White-Water Rafting Guides And The Emotional Labor Theory1
Respectability, Religion and Psychiatry in New Zealand: A Case Study of Ashburn Hall, Dunedin, 1882-19101
Myths and Reality: Meaning In Moroccan Muslim Women's Dress1
Evolvable Virtual Machines1
Improving GIS use in City Retail Planning: A Look at the Dunedin City Council's Geographic Information System1
Investigation of the Wilms' tumour suppressor protein (WT1)1
Wind turbine noise and health-related quality of life of nearby residents: a cross sectional study in New Zealand1
Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Spatially Structured Ecclesiology. Reconfiguring the Confession of Christ's Presence.1
Wilderness Tabernacle and Eschatological Temple: A Study in Temple Symbolism in Hebrews in the Light of Attitudes to the Temple in the Literature of Middle Judaism1
Late Neogene evolution of the Antarctic cryosphere as derived from paleo- and environmental- magnetic studies of New Harbour drill cores1
The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission: Improving Coherence and Coordination?1
Planted forests on ancestral land: the experiences and resilience of Māori land owners1
Monitoring Snow Cover and Modelling Catchment Discharge With Remote Sensing in the Upper Waitaki Basin, New Zealand1
Contact guidance of endodontic pathogens on micro-grooved polymethylmethacrylate discs1
Raffaello Squarise (1856-1945): The Colonial Career of an Italian Maestro1
Gone Tomorrow? Choosing the past to create the future1
'Our bounden duty' : an analysis of the arguments justifying the introduction of peacetime Compulsory Military Training in New Zealand, 19491
Milton, the rural depression experience1
The Teviot soldiers settlement : an evaluation1
Food and feeding behaviour of the Black-fronted tern, Chlidonias hybrida albostriatus.1
Perceptions of myths and brand identity in advertising : exploring the role of archetypes and national symbolism in advertising1
Stuck in the middle or clued up on both? Language and identity among Korean, Dutch and Samoan immigrants in Dunedin1
Word-pairs & continuity in translation in the ancient Near East1
Indigenous Language Revitalisation in Aotearoa New Zealand and Alba Scotland1
Culture, Risk and HIV: The Case of Black African Migrants and Refugees in Christchurch, New Zealand1
Pharmacological preconditioning with GYKI-52466: a prophylactic approach to neuroprotection against ischaemic stroke in the rat1
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page1
In vitro meat: protein for twelve billion?1
Uranium isotopic analysis of terrestrial and extraterrestrial samples1
Post-Catholic Ireland in literature and popular culture1
People, Rivers and Recreation: Fluid Relationships of Place and Experience on the Clutha River, Otago, New Zealand1
Embodying Music: The Visuality of Three Iconic Conductors in London, 1840-19401
A web-based dietary assessment method for exploring zinc bioavailability: Developing a food list and pre-testing1
Spectral Computed Tomography Development1
Self localisation in indoor environments using machine vision1
Digital Channels in Healthcare Service Provision: A study of midwives and women's understanding of and engagement with information and communication technologies (ICT)1
Factors that influence the uptake and continuing practice of Interpersonal Psychotherapy by frontline mental health clinicians following formal training1
Aged Care Institutions Management: A study of management’s engagement strategies to support migrant careworkers’ delivery of quality elderly care.1
`E pakihi hakinga a kai: An examination of pre-contact resource management practice in Southern Te Wai Pounamu1
Reseeding of Haliotis iris in a customary fisheries context1
The reproductive ecology of Icmadophila splachnirima, including aspects of the reproduction in additional members of Icmadophilaceae1
Funding conservation from the private sector in New Zealand.1
Cavity Length Control System for the Investigation of Correlation Between two He-Ne Raman Lasers1

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File downloads
McKay, David John13
Elder, Daniel5
Leopold, Teresa5
Urbano, Massimiliana5
Ceuterick, Maud4
Chin, Khin-Wee4
Fisher, Thelma4
Gallagher, Sarah4
Kabir, Shah Nister J.4
Madill, Bernard4
Mettner, Hannah4
Nicholls, Brett4
Pearson, Erika4
Perkins, Anita4
Phillips, Hazel4
Ross, Jane4
Smaill, Richard Peter4
Smith, Lindsay I.4
Snowden, Collette4
Taffel, Sy4
Wengenmeir, Martina4
Zohar, Eran4
Adams, Judith3
Aham-Chiabuotu, Chidimma Beloved3
Al-Ani, Tarik3
Cadzow, Murray3
Craig, Elizabeth3
Dowling, Anthony3
Eskandari, Leila3
Isa, Siti Suriawati3
Munro, Francesca Maree3
Oben, Glenda3
Reddington, Anne3
Simpson, Jean3
Stanger, Nigel3
Telfar Barnard, Lucy Frances3
Wicken, Andrew3
Aguirre-Bielschowsky, Ikerne2
Antonie, Carolyn Renee2
Chua, Adeline Chiew Yen2
Clarke, Glynnis Ann2
Cody, Kieran Craig2
Dell, Rebecca2
Gutman, Daniel2
Harris, Charles Phillip2
Kang, Austin2
Lim, Andrew2
Mains, N. J.2
Martin-Niemi, Fa2
Maxted, John Robert2
Mesbah, Normala2
Parsons, Catrìona NicÌomhair2
Reeves, Emma2
Salis, Emma2
Sawaya, Sterling2
Tajaddini, Reza2
Tumilty, Emma2
Widayanti, Anna Wahyuni2
Ahokovi Tukia, Richard Katavake Taka-I-Utukakai1
Al-Mahoozi, Hussam1
Ang, Abel Damien1
Augé, Amélie A.1
Barr, Michelle Lauren1
Beaton, Sophia1
Birukila, Gerida Joseph1
Blanch, Keely Francyne1
Boulanouar, Aisha Wood1
Bradstock, Helen1
Braithwaite-Westoby, Tama Te Puea1
Breese, Hayden Patrick1
Buchan, Rosemary Ann1
Butson, Russell1
Canty, Justin Blade1
Carnicelli-Filho, Sandro1
Chai, Shijie1
Chambers, Timothy James1
Chang, Jessie Jie-Youen1
Chung, Saemyi1
Church, Philip Arthur Frederick1
Clark, David Scott1
Coburn, Beverley Dawn1
Cole, Michelle Christina1
Cronin, Ann1
Cull-Luketina, Sarah1
Daneshgar, Majid1
Dept. of Human Nutrition1
Devananda, Manjula1
Dirks, Kim1
Douma, Emma1
Duncan, Petrina1
Dunlop-Bennett, Emma1
Eaton, Margaret Rose1
Farhangian, Mehdi1
Farminer, Andrea Susan1
Fergus, Donald Murdoch1
Gavaghan, Colin1
Gibson, Frank1
Gilchrist, Jamie Richard1
Gillies, Tasman Turoa1
Gisselman, Angela Spontelli1

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Media, Film and Communication collection18
Te Tumu School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies collection*17
Centre for Science Communication16
College of Education16
Information Science15
Environment and People14
Marketing collection12
Population Health9
Theology and Religion*8
Biochemistry collection8
Computer Science8
History and Art History7
Public Health - Wellington6
School of Pharmacy5
Languages and Cultures collection5
Marine Science5
School of Physical Education5
Zoology collection5
Microbiology and Immunology4
Law Collection4
School of Physiotherapy3
Pathology - Christchurch3
Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies3
Accountancy and Finance3
New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service collection3
Anthropology and Archaeology3
Human Nutrition3
Psychology collection3
Religious Studies2
Oral Sciences2
Medicine - Christchurch2
Bioethics Centre2
Indigenous Studies2
Māori Studies2
Summer School2
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies2
Sociology, Gender and Social Work2
Biblical Studies1
Christian Thought and History1
Centre for Theology and Public Issues1
Oral Rehabilitation1
Pharmacology and Toxicology1
Psychological Medicine - Christchurch1
Radiology and the Centre for Bioengineering1
Paediatrics and Child Health - Wellington1
Psychological Medicine - Dunedin1
Medicine - Wellington1
Social Psychiatry and Population Mental Health Research Unit1
Preventive and Social Medicine1
Knowledge Engineering Laboratory1
Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC)1
Pacific Islands Studies1
Design Studies / Design for Technology1
Food Sciences1