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File downloads
Seallagain: Gaelic Grammar at a Glance38
SSE 50 ETF options26
Dispelling the myths of the brass wind embouchure: methods, mechanics and practices20
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis15
The Inherent Jurisdiction of the Court and Its Limits12
Metaphor in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy11
Management of Osteoarthritis: A guide to non-surgical intervention11
Kids and Kilowatts: Socialisation, energy efficiency, and electricity consumption in New Zealand11
Gauging attitudes and behaviours: Meat consumption and potential reduction10
The social value of rescuing food, nourishing communities9
“You can of course keep shaking the box”: Errant Versioning and Textual Motion in the Iterations of Anne Carson9
Managing tourism in Antarctica : A framework for the future8
Voter apathy in British elections: causes and remedies8
Scientific responsibility for the dissemination and interpretation of genetic research: Lessons from the ‘Warrior Gene’ controversy8
Vitamin D and mood: effects of vitamin D supplementation on Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS) score in semi-professional rugby union players8
Working with the Impasse in Couple Relationship while working towards World Peace8
The concept of similarity in prehistoric studies : a test case using New Zealand stone flake assemblages8
From soothing palliatives and towards ecological literacy: a critique of the triple bottom line7
Reframing perceptions of anthropomorphism in wildlife film and documentary7
The Responses of Dental Plaque Microcosms to Experimental Environmental Changes7
Breaking The Silence: Effects of the dictatorship on Chilean society: An Analysis of Four Works of Chilean Literature: La Muerte y La Doncella by Ariel Dorfman, Estrella Distante, and Nocturno de Chile by Roberto Bolaño, and Por favor, Rebobinar by Alberto Fuguet7
Bayesean Analysis as a Predictor of outcome rate.7
The Porirua Protocol: Guidance to prevent clozapine-related constipation7
The algorithmic subject: the neo-liberal apparatus and the social media technology of power.7
Automated Digital Forensic Triage: Rapid Detection of Anti-Forensic Tools7
The extent and nature of children’s real-time exposure to alcohol marketing using wearable cameras and GPS devices7
Dynamic Demand Response in Residential Prosumer Collectives7
New Zealand GPS velocity field: 1995–20136
Local and systemic effects of adipocyte-secreted factors in breast cancer6
Inequalities in sustainable transport use in Aotearoa New Zealand: gender, intersectionality, and commuting using sustainable modes6
Indigenous Language Revitalisation in Aotearoa New Zealand and Alba Scotland6
Grace Redefined in 2 Corinthians 12:9a6
Crucifixion, State Terror, and Sexual Abuse6
Cardiovascular risk in high altitude people of Nepal6
Children's Competence to Consent to Medical, Surgical and Dental Treatment: Partner's in Healthcare?5
Gender mender, bender or defender: Understanding decision making in Aotearoa/New Zealand for people born with a variation in sex characteristics5
Re-visioning Christology through a Māori lens5
Childhood sexual abuse and adult developmental outcomes: Findings from a 30-year longitudinal study in New Zealand5
Dunedin Energy Study 2018-195
Futuring Craft: New Zealand Studio Furniture 1979-20085
Maori, European and Half-caste Children; The Destitute, the Neglected and the Orphaned : An Investigation into the Early New Zealand European Contact Period and the Care of Children 1840 - 18525
Te Ohonga Ake The Health Status of Māori Children and Young People in New Zealand5
Factors affecting the motivation of Vietnamese technical English majors in their English studies5
Unpacking Heterotopic Social Space: An Ethnography of Urban Exploration5
New Zealand's Statutory Compensation Scheme for Treatment Injuries: a Critical Analysis of its Ethical Premises5
Indigenous knowledge and practices for marine ecotourism development in Misool, Raja Ampat, Indonesia.5
Shared factors in autobiographical memory and theory of mind development4
Information Package for Users of the New Zealand Estimated Food Costs 20194
A Kaupapa Māori study of the positive impacts of syncretism on the development of Christian faith among Māori from my faith-world perspective4
The development of methods for improving accuracy and validity of musculoskeletal modelling of the lower limb4
Child Poverty Monitor 2020: Technical Report4
Issues Involved in the Development of Internet-Based GIS Applications4
Aeronautical decision making : experience, training and behaviour4
Molecular Mechanisms in the Pathogenesis of Hepatoblastoma4
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser4
Statius, Thebaid 2: Edited with a Commentary4
Attitudes to Ageing: Relationships with Health and Health Behaviours in Midlife4
Resurrection and Reality: In Dialogue with T.F. Torrance4
Understanding Men’s Mental Health: Gender Relations and Mental Well-Being4
Democratisation Progress in Turkey Under the Justice and Development Party 2002 to 20144
Introduction: Orienting feminism: Media, activism, and cultural representation4
Assessment of occupational noise-induced hearing loss for ACC: A practical guide for otolaryngologists4
Health and wellbeing of under-15 year olds in the Northern region 20183
Improving Students’ Assessment and Evaluation Experience in Higher Education: A Formative Peer Review Perspective3
Customer-based brand equity in a digital age: An analysis of brand associations in user-generated social media content.3
Understanding the ‘Pink’ vote in Aotearoa3
Investigating value propositions in social media: studies of brand and customer exchanges on Twitter3
Electric vehicle uptake in Dunedin 20193
Improving pain assessment, management, and research in low-income countries: An example of Nepal3
Communicative acts and interaction protocols in a distributed information system3
Childhood sexual abuse and psychiatric disorder in young adulthood: I. Prevalence of sexual abuse and factors associated with sexual abuse3
Alcohol and depression3
Childhood sexual abuse and psychiatric disorder in young adulthood: II. Psychiatric outcomes of childhood sexual abuse3
Modelling possible causality in the associations between unemployment, cannabis use, and alcohol misuse3
Trophic structure through the history of exploitation in New Zealand fish communities3
Self Harm in New Zealand: Perspectives on Hospital Presentations and National Trends Across the Lifespan3
Sex workers challenging stereotypes: a case study in Dunedin, New Zealand3
Health and wellbeing of under-25 year olds in the Northern region 20193
Health and wellbeing of under-25 year olds in MidCentral and Whanganui 20193
Formulation and evaluation of a stable penethamate hydriodide intramuscular injection for treatment of bovine mastitis3
Distinct Patterns of Internalization of Different Calcitonin GeneRelated Peptide Receptors3
Effects of bathymetry, wave environment and sea level on rip current dynamics in a wave-resolving model3
The RepRap Project—Open Source meets 3D printing3
Blue cod (Parapercis colias) population structure & connectivity in the New Zealand fjords3
Are we on the same page? Understanding your research needs: 2010 ITHAKA/Otago Library Survey Report3
Cultivating health: community gardening as a public health intervention3
Anzac Day meanings and memories : New Zealand, Australian and Turkish perspectives on a day of commemoration in the twentieth century3
The Effect of Regular Paracetamol on Bronchial Responsiveness and Asthma Control in Mild to Moderate Asthma3
Beyond care versus control: decision-making discourses and their functions in child protection social work.3
Media Studies 1013
The Archives of Joseph William Mellor (1869-1938): Chemist, Ceramicist & Cartoonist3
Orphanage Tourism in Cambodia: The Complexities of ‘Doing Good’ in Popular Humanitarianism3
Explaining Ukiyo-e3
Programming Parents: Care of Supernanny3
The Record Producer's Evolving Role: A Study of Three Recording Projects3
The Determinants of Health for Children and Young People in the Wairarapa (2009)3
The effects of confidence and perception of test-taking skills on performance3
Using performance data to identify styles of play in netball: An alternative to performance indicators3
CYMRC 11th data report (2010-2014)3
Eating a nuclear disaster: A vital institutional ethnography of everyday eating in the aftermath of Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster3

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File downloads
Wicken, Andrew79
Adams, Judith76
Oben, Glenda76
Duncanson, Mavis42
Mirosa, Miranda40
Craig, Elizabeth39
Reddington, Anne39
Simpson, Jean39
Parsons, Catrìona NicÌomhair38
Horwood, L. John35
Richardson, Georgia34
Fergusson, David M.30
Stephenson, Janet30
Yue, Tian26
Boden, Joseph M.22
Lawson, Rob22
Dell, Rebecca21
Miles, Steven John20
Atkinson, June19
Crampton, Peter19
Jack, Susan19
Salmond, Clare19
Pierson, Melanie17
Gallagher, Sarah15
Smith, Lindsay I.15
Jowett, Tim13
Rodriguez Ferrere, Marcelo13
Todd, Sarah13
McDonald, Gabrielle12
Morris, Simon12
Abbott, J. Haxby11
Aguirre-Bielschowsky, Ikerne11
Mathieson, Fiona11
McGee, Magnus A11
Connelly, Sean10
Fielding, David10
Lentz, Garrett10
Overell, Rosemary10
Fleming, M Joan9
Gray, Andrew9
Harris, Phil9
Horne, Hayley9
Kolovos, Ioannis9
Mainvil, Louise9
Mangan-Walker, Ella9
Batson, Arthur James8
Carey, Lucy Frances8
Cook, Felix8
King, M.R.8
Leach, B. Foss8
Maher, Harry8
McLeod, Geraldine F.H.8
Milne, Markus J8
Pomeroy, Ann8
Purvis, Martin8
Wensley, D.8
Adcroft, Jane7
Bakr, Salma7
Chambers, Timothy James7
Every-Palmer, Susanna7
Gale, Christopher7
Glue, Paul7
Hacon, Christopher Laurence7
Jack, Michael7
Knowles, Stephen7
Laurenson, Thomas7
Marsh, Gabrielle Georgina7
Smith, Romilly7
Wall-Manning, Glenn Michael7
Aryal, Nirmal6
Beavan, John6
Crake, Rebekah Lee Isla6
Cranefield, Stephen6
Dack, Timothy William6
Day, Hilary6
Denham, Mike6
Denys, Paul6
Ellis, Susan6
Fournier, Nico6
Hreinsdottir, Sigrun6
Palmer, Neville6
Pearson, Christopher6
Smith, Lee6
Timms, Catriona Elizabeth6
Tombs, David6
Wallace, Laura M6
Bingham, Kevin Peter5
David M Fergusson5
Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago5
Fergusson, David M5
Furnari, Mary5
Horwood, L John5
Lynskey, Michael T.5
Miller, Fiona5
Newman, Erica5
Phan, Thi Thanh Hang5
Prasetyo, Nurdina5
Skaler, Tanya5
Steers, Denise Marion5
Te Kaawa, Wayne Manaaki Rihari5

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New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service collection91
Information Science60
Christchurch Health and Development Study55
Accountancy and Finance53
Food Sciences44
Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies42
Summer School38
Public Health - Wellington37
Law Collection37
Bioethics Centre32
Pharmacology and Toxicology31
Population Health31
Human Nutrition31
Te Tumu School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies collection*30
Biochemistry collection27
Media, Film and Communication collection27
Psychology collection25
Marketing collection24
School of Physiotherapy24
Māori Studies24
Anthropology and Archaeology24
Sociology, Gender and Social Work24
Marine Science24
Centre for Postgraduate Nursing23
Surgery - Dunedin23
Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC)22
College of Education21
Health Inequalities Research Programme20
Computer Science20
Indigenous Studies20
Ministry and Pastoral Theology19
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies19
Oral Sciences18
Radiology and the Centre for Bioengineering18
Design Studies / Design for Technology18
Medicine - Wellington17
Preventive and Social Medicine16
School of Physical Education16
Biblical Studies15
Centre for Science Communication14
Food Waste Innovation14
Ecology and Health Research Group13
Primary Health Care and General Practice12
Psychological Medicine - Dunedin12
Paediatrics - Christchurch10
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Dunedin10
Zoology collection10
School of Pharmacy9
Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Medicine9
Pathology - Christchurch9
Psychological Medicine - Wellington9
General Practice and Rural Health9
Environment and People9
Pathology and Molecular Medicine7
Spanish Programme7
Software Engineering & Collaborative Modelling Laboratory7
Applied Science7
Mortality Review Data Group (MRDG)7
Te Koronga7
Psychological Medicine - Christchurch6
Paediatrics and Child Health - Dunedin6
Health Informatics Programme6
Medicine - Dunedin5
Orthopaedic Surgery - Dunedin5
Brain Health and Repair Research Centre5