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Development of a measure of sense of self following traumatic brain injury6
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis5
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis5
Health and wellbeing of under-five year olds in Canterbury and West Coast 20175
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited4
How Rebellious Non-State-Actors acquire weapons4
Explaining Ukiyo-e4
The Effect of Soaking Almonds and Hazelnuts on Phytate and Mineral Concentrations4
Using multiple representations within a viewpoint3
Undergraduate student perceptions of a career in the tourism and hospitality industry in New Zealand3
Management of Osteoarthritis: A guide to non-surgical intervention3
The Intake and Composition of Intermittent Fasting, the 5:2 Method3
A feasibility study to investigate the impact of a dietitian-led low FODMAP diet group education programme for adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).2
Being Polite in Conversation: Power, Distance, and Self-Esteem in Persian Requests2
Transcriptional effects of mood stabiliser drugs in a serotonergic cell line2
The composition of public expenditure and growth: different models of government expenditure distribution by functions.2
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication2
Perceptions of myths and brand identity in advertising : exploring the role of archetypes and national symbolism in advertising2
The transformation of Alexander's court : the kingship, royal insignia and eastern court personnel of Alexander the Great2
Taxonomies of Taiwanese Aboriginal Musical Instruments2
Fight like a Physicist: Teaching Basic Physics Through the Medium of Karate2
The Kiwi and the Garuda: New Zealand and Sukarno's Indonesia, 1945-19662
The black monk and the blue mystic : the writings and monochromatic paintings of Ad Reinhardt and Yves Klein2
Democratic Theory an Democratic Education: A New Zealand Case Study2
Acupuncture for the management of low back pain2
Intangible Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Protected Areas2
In Pursuit of Beauty Within the Ageing Body: Voices from Older Korean Women in New Zealand2
Drawing from the past to learn tomorrow1
New Zealand's Industrial Hemp Industry: Motivations, Constraints, and Moving Forward1
Androgens and the Female Brain: The Relationship between Testosterone Levels, Depression, Anxiety, Cognitive Function, and Emotion Processing in Females with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome1
The Role of Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Accounting Education1
Perception of Three Agricultural Applications of Genetic Engineering1
Does Age-Related Stereotype Threat Affect Older Adults' Recognition of Emotion?1
Professional development for using technology in mathematics teaching in Ghana1
Does Pollution Affect Crime? Evidence from U.S. Cities1
Pricing differentials for organic, ordinary and genetically modified food1
Lobbying and public affairs in the UK: The relationship to political marketing1
The determinants of total factor productivity: The high-performing Asian economies revisited1
Effect of gender, family structure and firm affiliation, on career promotion in auditing1
Leavitt Path Algebras1
Delphi and Beyond: An Examination into the Role of Oracular Centres Within Mainland Greece1
Values in Space and Time: A Framework for Understanding and Linking Multiple Cultural Values in Landscapes1
Short Range Electric Vehicle Motor Controller1
Malcolm Ross : a forgotten casualty of the Great War1
Environmentalism and on-tour experiences of tourists on wildlife watch tours in New Zealand : a study of visitors watching and/or swimming with wild dolphins1
The 2006 War in Lebanon: A Marxist Explanation1
Relative validity and reproducibility of a food frequency questionnaire for identifying the dietary patterns of New Zealand toddlers1
The Framing of Climate Change in New Zealand Newspapers1
Embodying Music: The Visuality of Three Iconic Conductors in London, 1840-19401
Reflections on the Enigmatic Goddess: The Origins of Hekate and the Development of her Character to the End of the Fifth Century B.C.1
Nonviolent Revolutions and Democratisation: the Effect of State Seizure and Campaign Size on Post-Revolution Democracy1
A case study of community action against alcohol harm: liquor licensing in Fantame Street, Porirua, 2011-20131
The Impact of Food Allergies on Quality of Life1
Should unmarried cohabitants in Malaysia be entitled to the same legal protection as married couples when it comes to the division of property? A Comparative and Theoretical Analysis.1
A Baby-Led approach to complementary feeding: Adherence and infant food and nutrient intakes at seven months of age1
The Health Status of Children and Young People in New Zealand (2011)1
The Roles of Geographical Concepts in the Construction of Ancient Greek Ethno-cultural Identities, from Homer to Herodotus: An Analysis of the Continents and the Mediterranean Sea1
Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching: Enhancing awareness and practice through cultural portfolio projects1
Who You Know and How You Are Known: Children's Perceptions of Neighbourhood1
Wine tourism and the generation Y market: any possibilities?1
Resilience and sustainability: a complementary relationship? Towards a practical conceptual model for the sustainability–resilience nexus in tourism1
The role of hydrogen sulfide, substance P and Kupffer cells on inflammation and liver sinusoidal endothelial cells in sepsis1
Efficacy of a Mandibular Advancement Appliance on Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children1
The Role of Mathematics in Francis Bacon's Natural Philosophy1
Locating “I think, therefore I am” in the Meditations1
The effect of emotion on false memories in the Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) paradigm1
A quantitative and qualitative study of retail food waste in New Zealand1
Baudrillard in a ‘Post-Truth’World: Groundwork for a Critique of the Rise of Trump1
Antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy in patients with acute coronary syndromes and atrial fibrillation1
The Use of Humour in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education1
Perception and Memory: Beyond Representationalism and Relationalism1
The Conceptualization and Sustainability of Rotenese Gong Music1
Don DeLillo's White Noise and the Postmodern Economics of Displacement1
Focus on the task at hand: Contextual bias in the forensic examination of handwriting.1

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File downloads
Adams, Judith6
Davidson, Emily Jane6
McPhail, Cameron Kenrick6
Oben, Glenda6
Wicken, Andrew6
Duncanson, Mavis5
McGee, Magnus A5
Morris, Simon5
Richardson, Georgia5
Smith, Lindsay I.5
Bell, David4
Harris, Phil4
Kolovos, Ioannis4
Kumari, Shivani4
Zohar, Eran4
Abbott, J. Haxby3
Bamford, Kirsten3
Scholtens, Erin3
Stanger, Nigel3
Breese, Hayden Patrick2
Chan, Dorcas2
Cheng, Lancini Jen-hao2
Chung, Saemyi2
Collins, Andrew William2
Ford, Jane Rosemary2
Hall, Emily2
Hassani Esfehani, Minoo2
Leiby, Bora Kim2
Lim, Andrew2
Liu, Lizhou2
Mirzaei, Azar2
Parker, Amee2
Sanz, Ismael2
Sinha, Priyanka2
Velázquez, Francisco J2
Abu Bakar, Farhana1
Atkinson, Lianne Emma1
Baryshnikova, Nadezhda V.1
Beatson, Nicola1
Benning, Isaac1
Brownlee, Polly Jane1
Chetty, Kavithan1
Craig, Elizabeth1
Cronin, Ann1
Dangerfield, Iain1
Davidson, Shannon F.1
Erickson, Liz Williams1
Espiner, Stephen1
Fake, Aimee Louise1
Gaddam, Ravinder Reddy1
Goodman-Smith, Francesca1
Hall, C Michael1
Harris, Charles Phillip1
Harvey, William James1
Higham, James1
Holdsworth, David K1
Idris, Ghassan1
Karuppiah, Buvanis1
Knight, John G1
Kouwenhoven, Marijn1
Listya, Agastya R,1
Llewellyn, Joseph1
Lück, Michael1
Macdonald, Samuel1
Mather, Damien W1
Mathieson, Holly1
Mills, Virginia Catherine1
Mitchell, Richard1
Neville, Rose-Maree1
Nicholls, Brett1
Oranje, Joanne Maree1
Orchiston, Caroline1
Ozanne, Arlene L G1
Palenski, Ron1
Paterson, Sarah Jean1
Peniamina, Rana Lori1
Pensler, Samuel1
Potter, Jamie1
Reddington, Anne1
Rosolem Sant'Anna, André1
Simpson, Jean1
Smith, Amy1
Stephenson, Janet1
Sukhapure, Mayouri1
Teat, Jesse1
Trainor, Oliver1
Treloar, Peter1
Van Vugt, Olivia1
Wesselbaum, Dennis1
Whiting, Rosalind H1
Zhang, Weiwei1
Çimen, Ünsal1

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