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A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis24
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis10
The Music of 'Are'are: Acoustemology, Environmental Influences and Sustainability7
An analysis of the Chamber concerto for 13 instruments by Gyorgy Ligeti7
Sheep mandibular animal models for dental implantology research7
Setting a Barricade against the East Wind: Western Polynesia and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic6
Mission, Meditation and Miracles: An Shigao in Chinese Tradition6
Tonality, Functionality and Beethovenian Form in the Late Instrumental Works of César Franck5
Abortions amongst Asian Women in New Zealand: What Do We Know?5
Modelling possible causality in the associations between unemployment, cannabis use, and alcohol misuse4
Leisure activities and well-being in residential care: Voices of older Adults in New Zealand.4
Modelling Invasive Species using Markov Jump Processes4
Crucifixion and Sexual Abuse3
Awe and Pro-environmental Behaviour3
Digital Diplomacy & Social Capital: Analysing Relational Components of Trust in US & Israeli Online Social Networks3
Eric Gill (1882-1940): An Inventory of his Work in Special Collections, University of Otago3
Mediated Representations: Japanese New Religions and Social Media3
The Effect of Soaking Almonds and Hazelnuts on Phytate and Mineral Concentrations3
He tanga ngutu, he Tuhoetanga te Mana Motuhake o te ta moko wahine: The identity politics of moko kauae3
Human Activity Recognition in Smart Homes2
Dispelling the myths of the brass wind embouchure: methods, mechanics and practices2
Crucifixión y abuso sexual2
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication2
Where is R2P grounded in International law?2
Behaviour, ecology and impact of tourism on Hector's Dolphins (Cephalorhynchus Hectori) in Porpoise Bay, New Zealand2
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page2
University of Otago Open Access Publishing Survey Results2
Culture, values and Japanese tourism behaviour2
The Colonial Family Album : Photography and Identity in Otago, 1848-18902
You and I: One Direction, Fans and the Co-Construction of Identity2
Asymptotics of solutions in evolutionary formulations of the Einstein constraint equations.2
Introduction: Orienting feminism: Media, activism, and cultural representation2
Crucifixion, State Terror, and Sexual Abuse: Text and Context2
Lex Machina: Techno-Regulatory Mechanisms and 'Rules by Design'1
The Twilight Zone of Nucleotide Homology1
UML and the Semantic Web1
Differences between clinician- and self-administered shoulder sustained mobilization on scapular and shoulder muscle activity during shoulder abduction: a repeated-measures study on asymptomatic individuals1
Paradoxical paradises: The poetic and lived utopias of James K. Baxter and Gu Cheng1
The role of school culture in teacher professional development for peace education: The case of three schools in post-conflict Aceh, Indonesia1
After Mastectomy – Inpatient Experience of Women in New Zealand: A Qualitative Study.1
A Study of London, British Library Harley MS 2320: its Social, Cultural and Economic Environment1
Risk factors for conduct disorder and oppositional/defiant disorder: Evidence from a New Zealand birth cohort1
Alcohol and depression1
Does abortion reduce the mental health risks of unwanted or unintended pregnancy? A re-appraisal of the evidence1
Psychosocial sequelae of cannabis use and implications for policy: findings from the Christchurch Health and Development Study1
Option spread and combination trading1
Improving VWAP strategies : A dynamical volume approach1
The Two-Faced Trope: Prosopopoeia in Denise Levertov, Margaret Atwood and Louise Glück1
The Experiences of the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme and Ni-Vanuatu Temporary Workers in Te Puke, New Zealand1
Reservations to Human Rights Treaties and the Diversity Paradigm: Examining Islamic Reservations1
Delphi and Beyond: An Examination into the Role of Oracular Centres Within Mainland Greece1
Interpretation Of Statutory Rules As Application: A Legal Hermeneutics1
The Davidic Shepherd King in the Lukan Narrative1
On the Vocational Pathway to Recovery: Vocational Decisions in Mental Illness1
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser1
Receiver Driven Email Delivery1
Decolonising Māori tourism : representation and identity1
Prosthodontic Outcomes of Zirconia Implants Supporting Overdentures1
Post-Catholic Ireland in literature and popular culture1
Factors Associated with Orthodontic Pain1
The Elderly Nutrient Density Study1
Vitamin D and mood: effects of vitamin D supplementation on Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS) score in semi-professional rugby union players1
Working the Vines: seasonal migration, money, and development in New Zealand and Ambrym, Vanuatu.1
Strategies for 'Greening' the New Zealand Honey Industry: An Evaluation of the Development of Organic and Other Standards1
Evolutionary ecology of the New Zealand Fur Seal (Arctocephalus forsteri) and Hooker's Sea Lion (Phocarctos hookeri)1
To Treat or Not to Treat: legal and ethical issues in the compulsory treatment of anorexia1
Low Energy Availability in New Zealand Recreational Athletes1
The Reception of the Music of Cécile Chaminade in Colonial New Zealand (1894 - 1934): Contexts and Institutions.1
A Baby-Led approach to complementary feeding: Adherence and infant food and nutrient intakes at seven months of age1
The Roles of Geographical Concepts in the Construction of Ancient Greek Ethno-cultural Identities, from Homer to Herodotus: An Analysis of the Continents and the Mediterranean Sea1
Networks of Affect, Male Homoeroticism and the Second World War: A Soldiers Archive1
Fixation of neutral alleles in spatially structured populations via genetic Drift: Describing the spatial structure of faster-than-panmictic configurations1
"I'm Just a Young Mother" Teenage Mothers' Perspectives on Early Parenthood.1
Evaluating the impact of energy interventions: home audits vs. community events1
Relationships between Objective and Subjective Performance Ratings1
Spatio-temporal changes in density and distribution of burrow-nesting seabird colonies after rat eradication1
Escuchando a sobrevivientes masculinos de abuso sexual en la Iglesia1
Key biocultural values to guide restoration action and planning in New Zealand1
Consumer Culture in China: Consumption Face1
Evolutions or Revolutions? Interaction and Transformation at the 'Transition' in Island Melanesia1
Access to Financing and Firm Growth: Evidence from Ethiopia1
War, Identity, and Inherited Responsibility in Sino-Japanese Relations1
'Evidence for Roman and Medieval Occupation inside the Alcazaba de Mérida' , University of Otago Excavations in Mérida, Spain, 20161
Number of bidders and the winner’s curse1
The use of photographs as an adjunct to estimated food records in dietary assessment1
Parental Alienation: The New Zealand Approach1
Eating a nuclear disaster: A vital institutional ethnography of everyday eating in the aftermath of Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster1
Martial Epigrammata, Book X : a commentary1
The role of social structure and kin associations in the mating system of the polygynous New Zealand sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri)1
The extent and nature of children’s real-time exposure to alcohol marketing using wearable cameras and GPS devices1
A longitudinal study of tooth formation and root resorption from birth to preadolescence1
Targeted Enrichment and Nanopore Sequencing of RNA Transcripts from Breast Cancer Risk Genes1
Christianity and Islam: The Mutual Understanding and the Development of their Early Relations till the End of the Umayyad Islamic Rule in the Middle East, with Special Focus on the Identity Formation of Both Communities1

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File downloads
Smith, Lindsay I.24
McPhail, Cameron Kenrick11
Dawson, Jane7
Duncan, Warwick John7
Linton, Sean7
McLane, John Ryan6
Ponampon, Phra Kiattisak6
Tombs, David6
Richie Poulton5
Swindells, Rachel Mary5
Trinh, Lien Thi Thuy5
Barry Milne4
David Fergusson4
John Horwood4
Nicola Swain-Campbell4
Panthi, Myunik4
Wilks, Ben Nathan4
Deos, Anthony3
Feehly, Conor3
Giambra, Danilo3
Higgins, Rawinia R3
Kumari, Shivani3
L John Horwood3
Smith, Romilly3
Bejder, Lars2
Blanch, Keely Francyne2
Brian A Darlow2
Dale, Catherine2
Ford, Jane Rosemary2
Haley, Jill Marie2
Judson, Anne-Marie2
Lovelock, Millicent Ellen2
Lyver, Philip O'B2
Miles, Steven John2
Moller, Henrik2
N Mogridge2
Overell, Rosemary2
Remy, Melanie2
Ritchie, Joshua2
Shahi Soozaei, Ahmad2
Tombs, David John2
Watkins, Leah2
White, Richard2
Akins, Ashli1
Al-Kopti, George1
Amoamo, Maria1
Bailey, Rochelle-lee1
Barry J Milne1
Beck, Victoria1
Beentjes, Michael P1
Białkowski, Jedrzej1
Boden, Joseph M.1
Bourn, Diane1
Brickell, Chris1
Burch, Karly Ann1
Buxton, Rachel1
Campbell, Hugh1
Carey, Lucy Frances1
Cath-Garling, Stephanie1
Chambers, Timothy James1
Chang, Jessie Jie-Youen1
Chaput, J Scott1
Chrobok, Natascha1
Cranefield, Stephen1
Crawshaw, Sandra Noeline1
Cree, Alison1
D Robin Taylor1
Darolles, Serge1
David M Fergusson1
Dick, Grant1
Dolberg, Tobias1
Dowling, Anthony1
Ederington, Louis H1
Erickson, Liz Williams1
Fanning, Elizabeth Ann1
Fergusson, David M.1
Fielding, David1
Figueroa Alvear, Rocío1
Foote, Imogen Nan McLennan1
Ford, Rebecca1
Francis, Charlotte Cecilia Macara1
Frost, Celine Elizabeth1
Gavaghan, Colin1
Gorrie, Seth1
Harris, Sarah Jane Gray1
Haynes, Penelope Alice Edith1
Horwood, L. John1
James, Lee Anne1
Jones, Christopher1
Kahui, Viktoria1
Le Fol, Gaëlle1
M R Sears1
McCarthy, Alaric1
McGimpsey, Stephanie1
McGonigle, Lisa1
McKinney, Cushla1
Merchant, Kenneth A.1
Newton, Bronwyn1
Osland, Daniel1
Osman, Reham Bassuni Mohamed1

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