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Crucifixion et abus sexuel39
Becoming-common: Affective Technologies and Grassroots Activism in Contemporary Italy27
Bayesean Analysis as a Predictor of outcome rate.20
The Office: The impact of the digital revolution on the office practices of early career academics19
Statius, Thebaid 2: Edited with a Commentary18
Investigating value propositions in social media: studies of brand and customer exchanges on Twitter16
Good faith bargaining in New Zealand: A study of its development and likely practical application13
Ngā reo o ngā niupepa: Māori language newspapers 1855-186313
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page10
Antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy in patients with acute coronary syndromes and atrial fibrillation9
Te Rapunga mo tētahi Ara Tika: Searching for a 'Right' Direction8
Neoliberalism and Border Crossings in Recent German Cinema8
Should unmarried cohabitants in Malaysia be entitled to the same legal protection as married couples when it comes to the division of property? A Comparative and Theoretical Analysis.8
The Christ-Story of Philippians 2:6-11: Narrative Shape and Paraenetic Purpose in Paul’s Letter to Philippi8
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis8
Automated Digital Forensic Triage: Rapid Detection of Anti-Forensic Tools8
The Effect of Soaking Almonds and Hazelnuts on Phytate and Mineral Concentrations8
Admirality Islands8
Travelling towards 2050: Climate change, storytelling and the future of travel8
Negotiating the sacred space: A comparative study of the impact of the dynamics of culture and Christian theology on women in the South Sea Evangelical Church, and in the Anglican Church of Melanesia, Small Malaita, Solomon Islands7
Local Government Accountability: An Investigation Into Local Government Processes Of Assurance In The Context Of The Dunedin Stadium7
Towards A Metamodern Literature7
Urban agriculture and economic change in the Zambia Copperbelt: The cases of Ndola, Kitwe and Luanshya7
When Research is a Dirty Word: Sovereignty and Bicultural Politics in Canada, Australia and New Zealand Ethics Policies7
Exergaming to improve balance and decrease the risk of falling in individuals with knee osteoarthritis6
Chinese Consumers’ Perceptions of Functional Foods Designed to Help the Immune System Recover from the Impact of Air Pollution6
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited6
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser6
How Rebellious Non-State-Actors acquire weapons6
Management of Osteoarthritis: A guide to non-surgical intervention6
To Put a New Face on the Matter: The Parables of Jesus in their Gospel Contexts5
Crucifixion and Sexual Abuse5
The clay mineral assemblages and geology of the Mahakirau hydrothermal alteration zone, Coromandel Peninsula (NZ)5
Normative foreign policy - the Kiwi way. To what extent has New Zealand been acting as norm entrepreneur in the areas of nuclear free policy and promoting free trade?5
The Music of 'Are'are: Acoustemology, Environmental Influences and Sustainability5
Resurrection and Reality: In Dialogue with T.F. Torrance5
Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching: Enhancing awareness and practice through cultural portfolio projects5
What are “functional social supports” and how do they impact the desire to self harm in individuals who have a history of intentional self harm?5
Accessibility of Land Data and Information Integration in Newly-Independent Countries, with Specific Reference to Timor-Leste5
The Landscapes of Today and Tomorrow - A phenomenological exploration of experience and anticipation in the context of climate change5
Source of Expertise Affects Perceived Credibility of an Interview Used in a Medical Documentary4
Beacon - A Rapidly Deployable Cellphone Network4
Futuring Craft: New Zealand Studio Furniture 1979-20084
Developing Critical Thinkers in Higher Education: A Vygotskian Perspective4
Regulation of excision and transfer of the Mesorhizobium loti R7A symbiosis island4
Explaining Ukiyo-e4
Communities of Restoration: Ecclesial Ethics and Restorative Justice4
Shared Spaces or Contested Places? Examining the role of Kāi Tahu Whānui in Port Chalmers and Bluff, 1848-2016.4
Early exposure to atrazine in zebrafish: intergenerational effects and animal personality4
A Defence of Biodiversity as the Goal of Conservation Biology3
Dispelling the myths of the brass wind embouchure: methods, mechanics and practices3
Child Poverty Monitor 2019: Technical Report3
Jazz compositions and the electric bassist in the late 20th century: A recording, a collection of performances and an exegesis3
Splinting for thumb carpometacarpal osteoarthritis: protocol for a feasibility randomized controlled trial3
Heath, Jarrow and Morton interest rate modelling using principal component analysis3
Phylogeography and molecular systematics of the rafting aeolid nudibranch Fiona pinnata (Eschscholtz, 1831)3
Learning for Survival, Resilience, Well-being and Continuance: An Epistemology and Pedagogy for Environmental Education/Education for Sustainability informed by Māori Culture3
Mission, Meditation and Miracles: An Shigao in Chinese Tradition3
The Reception of the Music of Cécile Chaminade in Colonial New Zealand (1894 - 1934): Contexts and Institutions.3
Qohelet's Fall: The Use of Genesis 2-4 in the Book of Ecclesiastes3
Influence of International Trade Agreements on Entry Strategy3
The Epidemiology of Breast Cancer in Oman3
Everyone Counts: Defining and measuring severe housing deprivation (homelessness)3
The ecology and conservation of hotspots for Hector’s dolphin3
Seasonality in New Zealand : perceptions of tourism operators in Queenstown2
Perception of Three Agricultural Applications of Genetic Engineering2
Paradoxical paradises: The poetic and lived utopias of James K. Baxter and Gu Cheng2
Acceptability to Parents of a Baby-Led Approach to Complementary Feeding2
The dietary habits of female adolescents in New Zealand2
Zinc intakes and main food sources of zinc in New Zealand adolescent females2
Folate intakes of vegetarian and non vegetarian adolescent females2
Iodine intakes of vegetarian and non-vegetarian adolescent females2
The Marvel, the Moment, and the Fullness of Time: Kierkegaard’s Mystical Explorations with John Climacus and John the Silent2
Post-Disaster Recovery Efforts in Japan and New Zealand: What Worked Well? What Hasn't?2
A collaborative Web-based issue based information system (IBIS) framework2
Alpine Fault fluid composition and transport in proximity to the fault, using analyses of out-crop samples and gases entrained in drill fluids2
Tobacco smoking and cannabis use in a longitudinal birth cohort: Evidence of reciprocal causal relationships2
Examination of a possible J-shaped relationship between alcohol consumption and internalizing disorders in a longitudinal birth cohort2
"Dream not of Other Worlds": C.S. Lewis, Philip Pullman and the Ghost of Milton2
The impact of US fresh milk production standards on dairy trade2
Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Spatially Structured Ecclesiology. Reconfiguring the Confession of Christ's Presence.2
The Festivalisation of Pacific Cultures in New Zealand: Diasporic Flow and Identity within 'a Sea of Islands'2
Travel time use on public transport: what passengers do and how it affects their wellbeing2
Grammar as Theology: A Linguistic Rereading of Philippians 2:6-7a2
Travel Texts and Moving Cultures: A German-focused Comparative Analysis in the Context of the Mobilities Turn2
The Spectacle and the Witness: an Historical and Critical Study of Surveillance in Visual Culture from 1920 to 20082
Fathoming the depths: a critical examination of the characters and their world in Henri Bosco's L'Ane Culotte2
The Social Performance of Backpacking: An ontogenesis. How are backpacking identities organised, constituted and performed?2
Recovery, physicochemical characterization and thermal properties of lipids from R. opacus PD6302
A demonstration of how the Healthy Heart visual food guide can be affordably used by low-income families in New Zealand2
Energy Transitions: Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)2
The 'Tragic' Father of Gods and Men: A Study and Comparison of Euripides' Zeus and Seneca's Jupiter2
An Analysis of Media Representations of the Luxury in and of Second Home Ownership in New Zealand 1936-20122
Photovoltaic (PV) Uptake in NZ: The story so far2
Computational Modelling of Synaptic Plasticity in the Dentate Gyrus Granule Cell2
A case study of community action against alcohol harm: liquor licensing in Fantame Street, Porirua, 2011-20132
The ethics of predictive risk modelling in the Aotearoa/New Zealand child welfare context: child abuse prevention or neo-liberal tool?2
Taxonomies of Taiwanese Aboriginal Musical Instruments2
Keen on EVs: Kiwi perspectives on electric vehicles, and opportunities to stimulate uptake2
“I Am The Apple Of My Brother’s Eye” : An investigation into the evolving roles of Samoan women with particular reference to religion and gender relations2

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File downloads
Tombs, David44
Urbano, Massimiliana27
Gallagher, Sarah22
Gray, Andrew21
Gale, Christopher20
Glue, Paul20
Butson, Russell19
Gervais, Kyle18
Alwash, Mostafa16
Horne, Stuart13
Paterson, Lachlan13
Adams, Judith12
Duncanson, Mavis12
Oben, Glenda12
Wicken, Andrew12
David M Fergusson11
Blanch, Keely Francyne10
Richardson, Georgia10
Fake, Aimee Louise9
L John Horwood9
Stephenson, Janet9
Boyes, Suzanne Unaiki8
Fletcher, Jean Marguerite8
Fletcher, Kevin Alan8
Karuppiah, Buvanis8
Kumari, Shivani8
Laurenson, Thomas8
Morris, Simon8
Nevermann, H8
Smith, Lindsay I.8
Weymouth, Richard John8
Dumitrescu, Alexandra Elena7
Grant, Darryl7
Porter, Daniel7
Smart, Jessie7
Wate, Ben7
Abbott, J. Haxby6
Cong, Lei6
Dowling, Anthony6
Ford, Rebecca6
Harris, Phil6
Kolovos, Ioannis6
Manlapaz, Donald6
McGee, Magnus A6
Zohar, Eran6
Correia, Zenoveva Xavier5
Crane, Paul5
Fernando, Samuel Andrew Fletcher5
Linton, Sean5
Marciniak, Gilles5
Oranje, Joanne Maree5
Porter, Phillip5
Rowe, Joanne5
Smith, Catherine Ann5
Szollosi-Cira, Laszlo5
Van Alphen, Michael John (Mike)5
Bell, David4
Lamb, Simon4
Nicola R Swain-Campbell4
Noakes-Duncan, Thomas4
Payne-Harker, Nyssa S.4
Ramsay, Joshua P4
Scott, Michelle4
Smyrke, Samantha4
Wass, Robert Timothy4
Williams, John4
Wood, D4
Wooliscroft, Ben4
AL Farsi, Shamsa3
Adams, Jo3
Amore, Kate3
Atwill, Andrew Richard3
Baxter, G. David3
Brough, Tom Evan3
Buhler, Miranda3
Chapple, Cathy3
Crawshaw, Sandra Noeline3
Gibson, Charles Reuben3
Gwynne-Jones, David3
McKay, David John3
Miles, Steven John3
Moxham, Raymond John3
Perera, Muthukuttige Pramuk Arjuna3
Ponampon, Phra Kiattisak3
Stebbings, Simon3
Tamagushiku, Cedreece3
Trickey, Jennifer3
Whigham, Peter A3
A McKinlay2
Abu Bakar, Farhana2
Bacchus, Sabina2
Baker, Warinthon2
Brown, Nicholas2
Cheng, Lancini Jen-hao2
Collins, Kate2
Daniels, Lisa2
Davis, Jean2
Ebadi, Toktam2
Ellis, Gerard Majella2
Fergus, Donald Murdoch2

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File downloads
Centre for Theology and Public Issues46
Information Science46
Human Nutrition43
Media, Film and Communication collection34
Te Tumu School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies collection*34
Psychological Medicine - Dunedin28
Computer Science25
Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC)25
Preventive and Social Medicine24
Māori Studies24
Law Collection23
Zoology collection23
Centre for Science Communication22
Languages and Cultures collection21
Anthropology and Archaeology19
General Practice and Rural Health17
College of Education14
Marine Science13
New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service collection12
Christchurch Health and Development Study12
Sociology, Gender and Social Work12
Design Studies / Design for Technology12
School of Physiotherapy11
Public Health - Wellington11
School of Physical Education11
German Programme10
Indigenous Studies10
Marketing collection9
Surgery and Anaesthesia9
Spatial Information Research Centre9
Linguistics Programme8
Pathology collection - Dunedin8
Food Sciences8
Psychology collection8
Surgery - Dunedin7
Microbiology and Immunology5
Accountancy and Finance5
Clothing and Textiles Sciences5
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies5
Environment and People4
School of Pharmacy3
Biblical Studies2
Christian Thought and History2
French Programme2
Biochemistry collection2
Security Research Group2
Software Engineering & Collaborative Modelling Laboratory2
Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology & Evolution2
Film and Media Studies1
Oral Sciences1
Pathology - Christchurch1
Psychological Medicine - Christchurch1
Population Health1
Psychological Medicine - Wellington1
Radiation Therapy1
Injury Prevention Research Unit1
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Dunedin1
Rehabilitation Teaching and Research Unit1
Medicine - Wellington1
Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies1
Knowledge, Intelligence & Web Informatics Laboratory1
Multimedia Systems Research Laboratory1
Software Metrics Research Laboratory1
Cognitive Ergonomics and Human Decision Making Laboratory1