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Relevance and reliability: A trade-off?12
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis9
The cannon and the sparrow : patterns of conflict in the poetry of Hans Magnus Enzensberger, 1955-1975.8
Spiritual Journeying with ‘A New Zealand Prayer Book: He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa’: Perspectives from Three Tikanga.7
What makes a video game fun: An investigation into the expectations of playing First Person Shooter video games.6
Closing Price Manipulation and Market Quality5
Water Quality of Stormwater Runoff into Lake Wānaka, New Zealand5
Using ArcGIS Story Map to Communicate an Emotive Topic: Responsible Cat Ownership in New Zealand4
Grounded in Heritage: An Exploration of Traditional Cultural Clusters in China – The Case of the Jingdezhen Porcelain Cluster4
The Christ-Story of Philippians 2:6-11: Narrative Shape and Paraenetic Purpose in Paul’s Letter to Philippi4
Democratisation Progress in Turkey Under the Justice and Development Party 2002 to 20144
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis3
Talent Identification and Development: An Investigation into the Policies and Practices of One New Zealand Rugby Provincial Union3
Treatment Adherence Among People with Schizophrenia: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour3
The Effect of Soaking Almonds and Hazelnuts on Phytate and Mineral Concentrations3
The Conceptualization and Sustainability of Rotenese Gong Music3
John Zizioulas' Ecclesiology of 'the one and the many'2
Young people (re)conceptualising digital citizenship: Constructing ways of being and doing citizen(ship) 'online'2
Marketing the mayor: political marketing and the Livingstone4London mayoral election campaign2
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser2
Setting a Barricade against the East Wind: Western Polynesia and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic2
Quality of Diabetic Foot Care in Oman2
The Stabilising Influences of Tauihu and Taurapa on Māori Waka - Te ara o tukutuku pūngāwerewere.2
Power of my Maori name: Stories of indigenous struggles in white New Zealand2
Science and Religion: A Conflict of Methods2
Kids and Kilowatts: Socialisation, energy efficiency, and electricity consumption in New Zealand2
Cameras for Conservation: How Photographing Wildlife Affects Engagement with Biodiversity2
Quantifying compliance costs of small businesses in New Zealand1
Oughts, Thoughts, and Companions in Guilt: A Defense of Moral Realism1
Business influences on government decisions affecting public health: a case study from Australia and New Zealand1
Translating descriptions of a viewpoint among different representations1
Cold and Crowded - The Early Childhood Education Environments Study1
To Put a New Face on the Matter: The Parables of Jesus in their Gospel Contexts1
Arterial Hypertension. Consume Carbon Monoxide?1
Crucifixion and Sexual Abuse1
Evaluating deep subsidence in a rapidly-accreting mangrove forest using GPS monitoring of surface-elevation benchmarks and sedimentary records1
Application of second and third generation sequencing in pharmacogenetics1
Conspiracy theory beliefs: measurement and the role of perceived lack of control1
A collaborative Web-based issue based information system (IBIS) framework1
Childhood sexual abuse and psychiatric disorder in young adulthood: I. Prevalence of sexual abuse and factors associated with sexual abuse1
Factors associated with continuity and changes in disruptive behavior patterns between childhood and adolescence1
Show me the child at seven II: Childhood intelligence and later outcomes in adolescence and young adulthood1
Risk factors for conduct disorder and oppositional/defiant disorder: Evidence from a New Zealand birth cohort1
Childhood physical punishment or maltreatment and partnership outcomes at age 301
Childhood sexual abuse and psychiatric disorder in young adulthood: II. Psychiatric outcomes of childhood sexual abuse1
Modelling possible causality in the associations between unemployment, cannabis use, and alcohol misuse1
Neural network models for learning representations of 3D objects via tactile exploration1
Mining reality to explore the 21st century student experience1
Alleviating Death Anxiety in Epicureanism1
Envisioning relational reproductive justice in surrogacy: Recognising the invisible experiences of intended parents1
Radio frequency identification (RFID)1
Socialising the stranger: Hospitality as a relational reality1
A review of current firewall technologies1
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited1
Ship investment under uncertainty: A real option approach1
Thucydides' Corinthians: an examination of Corinth in Thucydides' account of the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War1
The Evolutionary Origins of Tensed Language and Belief1
eCommerce Website Evaluation framework: An Owner's Perspective1
Cognitive process mapping: Adapting cognitive task analysis to research and educational assessment of young children’s thinking skills in the classroom1
"Let Us Go to Him": The Story of Faith and the Faithfulness of Jesus in Hebrews1
Improving freight efficiency within the ‘last mile’: A Case study of Wellington’s Central Business District1
Interpretation Of Statutory Rules As Application: A Legal Hermeneutics1
Development through Sport: The ‘Indianisation’ of Cricket and its Potential for Development1
A Raman Spectroscopic Study of Paint and Dairy Samples1
Genetic patterning at Austronesian contact zones1
Cause related marketing. How for-profit and not-for-profit brand managers can work together for the benefit of stakeholders.1
Between Gifts and Commodities: "Op Shops" in Dunedin, New Zealand.1
Bayesean Analysis as a Predictor of outcome rate.1
Media Studies 1011
Electricity Saving Behaviours and Energy Literacy of New Zealand Children1
Light through a Prism: New Avenues of Inquiry for the Pauline Huiothesia Metaphors1
He Take Hei Pupuri Tonu i te Whenua: A Perspective on Hapū Formation in Māori Society1
Tourism, female entrepreneurs and gender: Crafting economic realities in rural Greece1
The ecology of the invasive kelp Undaria pinnatifida: functioning at an ecosystem level.1
Troubling plagiarism: University students' understandings of plagiarism1
Explaining Ukiyo-e1
The Grimms’ Kinder- und Hausmärchen as a Product of Modernity1
Nursing Contribution to the Rehabilitation of Older Patients: Patient and Family Perspectives.1
Machiavelli, political marketing and reinventing government1
Refugees, Immigration, Multiculturalism, and their Implications for Biculturalism1
Poetry in Motion: A study of poetry in the kindergarten settings of Aotearoa, New Zealand1
Nutrition therapy for active Crohn's disease1
Intangible Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Protected Areas1
Management of Osteoarthritis: A guide to non-surgical intervention1
Automated Digital Forensic Triage: Rapid Detection of Anti-Forensic Tools1
Do longus capitis and colli really stabilise the cervical spine? A study of their fascicular anatomy and peak force capabilities1
Cold Collisions of Ultracold Atoms1
The individual child : study of the development of social services in education in relation to the first Labour government's educational policy1
Martial Epigrammata, Book X : a commentary1
Formulation Strategies to Enhance Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Drugs1
Introduction: Orienting feminism: Media, activism, and cultural representation1
Galileo and the Conflict between Religion and Science1
Interaction protocols for a network of environmental problem solvers1
How Do US Options Traders "Smirk" on China? Evidence from FXI Options1
MQS2016: Matariki Workshop on QuantumScience - Book of Abstracts1

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File downloads
Cocker, Antoinette L12
Smith, Lindsay I.9
Sewell, William (Bill)8
Gerritsen, Max Anthony7
Polson, Tabi6
Grant, Victoria Annelise5
Mohammadi Peyhani, Hamed5
Baycar Aydogan, Nilay4
Harris, Phil4
Horwood, L. John4
Letham, Virginia Ann Frances4
Weymouth, Richard John4
Zhuang, Yuting4
Aguirre-Bielschowsky, Ikerne3
Fergusson, David M3
Fergusson, David M.3
Hewetson, Andrew3
Kumari, Shivani3
Listya, Agastya R,3
McPhail, Cameron Kenrick3
Willers, Robert James3
Al-Busaidi, Ibrahim Saleh2
Blanch, Keely Francyne2
Boden, Joseph M.2
Dowling, Anthony2
Gallagher, Sarah2
Hanisch, Emma Katherine Neff2
Horwood, L John2
Lawson, Rob2
Lynskey, Michael T.2
McLane, John Ryan2
Purvis, Martin2
Purvis, Maryam A.2
Roake, Quentin2
Smith, Timothy Alexander2
Stephenson, Janet2
Stevens , Alexander Windsor2
Todd, Sarah2
Ward, Matthew2
Wong, Jeffrey, Yee Kheong2
Abbott, J. Haxby1
Adam, Lee Ann1
Albert, Michael1
Alexander, W Robert J1
Allen, Brigitte1
Arnott, Reece1
Bakas, Fiona Eva1
Bateman, Jerram1
Bedford, Mike1
Bell, David1
Bell, John D1
Bendall, Helen B1
Bishop, David1
Braithwaite-Westoby, Tama Te Puea1
Ceuterick, Maud1
Chin, Khin-Wee1
Cox, Murray Paul1
Cranefield, Stephen1
Dale, Catherine1
Dawes, Gregory W.1
Denys, Paul1
Dyke, Heather1
Easter, Matthew Charles1
Ebadi, Toktam1
Eketone, Anaru1
Fisher, Thelma1
Francis, Charlotte Cecilia Macara1
Gale, Christopher1
Ghandour, Ahmad1
Glue, Paul1
Goodyear, Rosemary Katherine1
Gray, Andrew1
Grest, Carolina Villamil1
Hassani Esfehani, Minoo1
Heim, Erin1
Hwang, Peter1
John, Senorita1
Kabir, Shah Nister J.1
Kennedy, Ewan1
Knowles, Stephen1
Kolovos, Ioannis1
Laurenson, Thomas1
Lee, Jungeun Olivia1
Lee, Scott Weng Fai1
Li, Jianhui1
Liau, Yusmiati1
Lovelock, Catherine1
Lynskey, Michael T1
Madill, Bernard1
McKenzie, Nicholas1
McLeod, Geraldine F. H.1
McLeod, Geraldine F.H.1
Mettner, Hannah1
Moate, Jacqueline1
Nicholls, Brett1
Nicholson, Helen1
Overell, Rosemary1
Paranihi, Jacinta Huatahi1
Pearson, Erika1
Phillips, Hazel1

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