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Seallagain: Gaelic Grammar at a Glance20
The Old Testament as Christian scripture: three Catholic perspectives15
John Zizioulas' Ecclesiology of 'the one and the many'13
The Effect of Mepilex Lite Dressings on Acute Radiation-Induced Skin Reactions in Women Receiving Post-Mastectomy Chest wall Irradiation13
Androgens and the Female Brain: The Relationship between Testosterone Levels, Depression, Anxiety, Cognitive Function, and Emotion Processing in Females with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome11
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis11
Explaining Ukiyo-e9
A Theology for Resettlement8
An analysis of the Chamber concerto for 13 instruments by Gyorgy Ligeti7
Seasonality in New Zealand : perceptions of tourism operators in Queenstown6
Effects of climate change on two large, deep oligotrophic lakes in New Zealand6
Travel Texts and Moving Cultures: A German-focused Comparative Analysis in the Context of the Mobilities Turn6
Management of Osteoarthritis: A guide to non-surgical intervention6
Transcriptional effects of mood stabiliser drugs in a serotonergic cell line5
Crucifixion and Sexual Abuse5
The Music of 'Are'are: Acoustemology, Environmental Influences and Sustainability5
When Research is a Dirty Word: Sovereignty and Bicultural Politics in Canada, Australia and New Zealand Ethics Policies5
The Health of Children and Young People with Chronic Conditions and Disabilities in MidCentral and Whanganui 20165
Military Medicines: ANZAC Military Pharmacy, 1914-19184
Epameinondas the Great4
Contract, Consideration and Consistency4
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis4
Why Historicity Still Matters: Raymond Brown and the Infancy Narratives4
The Musical Imagery in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s paintings for his patron, Frederick Leyland4
New Zealand's Industrial Hemp Industry: Motivations, Constraints, and Moving Forward3
Routing and Wavelength Assignment for Multicast Communication in Optical Network-on-Chip3
Everything changes : the liminalities of community based palliative care3
Comparison of sugar intakes between vegetarian and non-vegetarian adolescent females3
Laboratory and Epidemiological Characteristics of Streptococcus pseudopneumoniae3
Eric Gill (1882-1940): An Inventory of his Work in Special Collections, University of Otago3
Parenting Adopted Children and Supporting Adoptive Parents: Messages from Research3
A FRET reporter of conformation in Hsc703
Third molar surgery outcomes: a comparison between intravenous sedation and general anaesthesia3
Unilateral liberalisation in a multilateral world3
Crystal Engineering of Transition Metal Complexes Containing Triple Hydrogen Bond Synthons: Towards the Co-crystallisation of Complexes2
Confronting the Stigma of Naming Jesus as a Victim of Sexual Violence2
Investigating value propositions in social media: studies of brand and customer exchanges on Twitter2
General-to-specific modelling using PcGets2
Financial performance: the motivation behind corporate social responsibility reporting2
Reframing perceptions of anthropomorphism in wildlife film and documentary2
Extensive reading and L2 reading motivation in Japanese as a foreign language: A case study of New Zealand high school students2
Obesity and Intellectual Disability in New Zealand2
Behaviour and Movement Patterns of Dusky Dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) off Kaikoura, New Zealand: Effects of Tourism2
'Our bounden duty' : an analysis of the arguments justifying the introduction of peacetime Compulsory Military Training in New Zealand, 19492
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser2
Rich and well, poor and sick? The relationship between income and self-rated health from the New Zealand household panel Survey of Family, Income and Employment (SoFIE)2
Mycorrhizas of coniferous-broadleaved forest2
Contextualised Skill Acquisition: Investigating the Skill and Expertise of Brazilian Footballers2
The ecology of the invasive kelp Undaria pinnatifida: functioning at an ecosystem level.2
Robert Graves: Poeta 1895-1985. Works by Robert Graves in Special Collections, University of Otago Library2
Saccades, eye-hand movement and cognition in Huntington's disease: a 12 month study2
The Significance of the Cross for the Doctrine of the Trinity in the Theology of Jürgen Moltmann2
Through the grapevine: In search of a rhetoric of industry-oriented science communication2
Longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging of cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease2
The Post-Politics of the 2014 New Zealand General Election: A Symptomatic Discourse Analysis2
Contract Law, Contracting and Instrumentalism2
Swinburn Volcanic Complex, Central Otago, New Zealand2
Surtseyan volcanism: case studies from Pahvant Butte and Black Point, Western USA2
The ecology and conservation of hotspots for Hector’s dolphin2
The foundation and content of a moral right to health care1
Literary Sophias: The Esoteric Female in Romanticism1
Implications of Rural Change and the Use of Rural Tourism to Drive Economic Development: A Case Study Investigation into Westland District, New Zealand1
Government Use of Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand1
Linking Improvisation to Cultural Context: Bringing a Jazz Drumming Aesthetic to the Music of Diverse Cultures1
A belief in karma and its influences on marketing decisions: Perceptions of marketing managers in a Western context1
Rational Reflection and An Integrative Account of Moral Cognition1
Church Responses to Gender-Based Violence Against Women in Samoa1
Metaphor in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy1
DNA methylation memory: Understanding epigenetic reprogramming in vertebrates1
Advanced Meta-analysis in Surgical Research1
Understanding the “who” in conservation: why gender matters1
Fibre intakes between vegetarian and non-vegetarian adolescent females in New Zealand1
A crisis of criticality? Reimagining academia in international peacebuilding1
Rising wage inequality and capital-skill complementarity1
Aeronautical decision making : experience, training and behaviour1
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited1
Financial conditions indexes1
An empirical examination of the editorial review processes of accounting journals1
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication1
The Philosophical Traveller as Social Critic in Oliver Goldsmith's The Traveller, The Deserted Village and The Citizen of the World1
Strategic Planning in Agricultural Niche Markets1
The impact of climate change on crop production in Sub-Saharan Africa1
Mechanisms for norm emergence and norm identification in multi-agent societies1
Believing Like Never Before: Identity and Christian Conversion in a Fragmented World1
Flourishing as Productive Paradox in Mary Oliver's Poetry1
The Training and Transfer of Dynamic Decision Making Performance1
The Geology and Structural Evolution of the Bald Hill-Maori Saddle Region, South Westland, New Zealand1
Anzac Day meanings and memories : New Zealand, Australian and Turkish perspectives on a day of commemoration in the twentieth century1
"An indolent and chilly folk" : the development of the idea of the "Moriori myth"1
Health in the late pre-colonial and early colonial period in the Philippines1
Teachers and dance in the classroom : So, do I need my tutu?1
'The danger of vertigo' : an evaluation and critique of Theōsis in the theology of Thomas Forsyth Torrance1
Cognition and eye movements in Parkinson's disease1
A Changing Topography: Culture and Nature in New Zealand Landscape Photography1
Dysfunctional HDL-cholesterol: a potential link between high levels of HDL-cholesterol and cardiovascular disease?1
Grammar as Theology: A Linguistic Rereading of Philippians 2:6-7a1
State Responsibility for Environmental Protection during International Armed Conflict1
Post-Catholic Ireland in literature and popular culture1
Embodying Music: The Visuality of Three Iconic Conductors in London, 1840-19401
Vitamin D and mood: effects of vitamin D supplementation on Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS) score in semi-professional rugby union players1

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File downloads
Parsons, Catrìona NicÌomhair20
Stachurski, Michael R15
Poonam, Prashika13
Wong, Jeffrey, Yee Kheong13
Smith, Lindsay I.11
Sukhapure, Mayouri11
Bell, David9
Larking, Phillip Andrew8
Tombs, David8
Dawson, Jane7
Abbott, J. Haxby6
Adams, Judith6
Bayer, Tina Karola6
Duncanson, Mavis6
Gallagher, Sarah6
MacEwen, Lisa6
Morris, Simon6
Oben, Glenda6
Perkins, Anita6
Simpson, Jean6
Wicken, Andrew6
Grant, Darryl5
Linton, Sean5
Sinha, Priyanka5
Braithwaite-Westoby, Kara4
Dawes, Gregory W.4
Doughty, Lee Ellen4
Esplin, Penelope4
McPhail, Cameron Kenrick4
Sim, David4
Smith, Romilly4
Brownlee, Polly Jane3
Clara, Fergus3
Gibbs, Anita3
Keith, Elaine Rachelle3
McKechnie, Roslyne C.3
Ong, Soo-Wee3
Richardson, Martin3
Rutledge, Malcolm Thomas3
Yang, Wen3
Adcroft, Jane2
Almuqbel, Mustafa Majed2
Alwash, Mostafa2
Bendt, Joerg Daniel2
Brough, Tom Evan2
Connell, Simon2
Coombe, Cameron Daniel2
Dowling, Anthony2
Giacalone, Emanuele2
Imlach Gunasekara, Fiona Helen2
Johnson, Peter N2
Kerr, Donald2
Lundquist, David Jeffrey2
Lyon, David2
McKay, Aidan Patrick2
Muir, John Robert2
Owen, P. Dorian2
Stedman, Kurstyn Vance2
Suárez Jiménez, Rocío2
Szymanski, Erika Amethyst2
Toh, Eng Ann2
Uehara, Luiz Antonio2
Verolino, Andrea2
de Burgh-Hirabe, Ryoko2
Abel, Sean1
Adler, Ralph W1
Afriansyah, Arie1
Ah Siu-Maliko, Mercy1
Amer, Mohammad Ashraf Rashad1
Anderson, Douglas William1
Bartlett, Roger1
Batt, Richard1
Beckett, Trees M1
Benge, Jayson1
Beres, Melanie1
Blanc, Elodie1
Blyth, Caroline1
Boodoosingh, Ramona1
Bourn, Diane1
Brown, Jeff N. (Jeffrey Norman)1
Buck, Ralph1
Butt, Leah1
Campbell, Hugh1
Carey, Lucy Frances1
Carr, Anna M1
Chambers, Timothy James1
Chee, K-S1
Clayworth, Peter1
Connor, Rachel Elizabeth1
Cuthbert, Ronald Hugh1
Czerwonka, Alex1
Davis, George Frederick1
Dearden, Petra1
Deos, Anthony1
Dinku, Yonatan Minuye1
Dobson, Judith Patricia1
Ellis, Gerard Majella1
Ford, Jane Rosemary1
Ford, Rebecca1
Francis, Charlotte Cecilia Macara1

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Theology and Religion*44
Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies21
Summer School20
Biblical Studies16
Centre for Theology and Public Issues15
Computer Science14
Radiation Therapy13
Psychological Medicine - Christchurch11
Accountancy and Finance10
Sociology, Gender and Social Work10
Pathology - Christchurch9
Surgery - Dunedin7
Human Nutrition7
Zoology collection7
Languages and Cultures collection6
New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service collection6
Law Collection6
Information Science5
Psychology collection5
School of Pharmacy4
Medicine - Christchurch4
Centre for Science Communication4
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies4
Marine Science4
School of Physical Education4
Marketing collection3
Oral Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences3
General Practice and Rural Health3
Public Health - Wellington3
Biochemistry collection3
Bioethics Centre3
Medicine - Dunedin2
College of Education2
School of Physiotherapy1
Oral Sciences1
Pharmacology and Toxicology1
Centre for Postgraduate Nursing1
Primary Health Care and General Practice1
Rehabilitation Teaching and Research Unit1
Medicine - Wellington1
Linguistics Programme1
Media, Film and Communication collection1
Ministry and Pastoral Theology1
Te Tumu School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies collection*1
National Centre for Lifecourse Research1
Applied Science1
Food Sciences1