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Sacred Katuiran: Decolonial Sensibility in the Katipunan Papers: An ‘indigenist hermeneutic’ of nineteenth-century Tagalog revolutionary texts25
Health in the late pre-colonial and early colonial period in the Philippines22
Combination of ALK and MEK inhibitors for the treatment of ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer10
Understanding Whangara: Whale Rider as Simulacrum9
Radio frequency identification (RFID)7
Are we ready yet?: New graduate nurses' experience of workplace violence and agression and their sense of readiness7
Essays on Skewness7
Culture, values and Japanese tourism behaviour6
The Effect of Soaking Almonds and Hazelnuts on Phytate and Mineral Concentrations6
Adolescent depression, adult mental health and psychosocial outcomes at 30 and 35 years4
Tourism policy implementation in the Philippines, 1973-20094
Understanding academics’ adoption of learning technologies: A systematic review3
Using Computer Games to Learn Fractions3
Understanding effectiveness in peacekeeping operations: Exploring the perspectives of frontline peacekeepers3
Management of Osteoarthritis: A guide to non-surgical intervention3
Unearthly landscapes : the development of the cemetery in nineteenth century New Zealand3
New Zealand's Industrial Hemp Industry: Motivations, Constraints, and Moving Forward2
The relationship between online social support and psychological wellbeing: A random survey in Maldives and New Zealand2
Biometric attack vectors and defences2
Neo-liberal Discourse and the Food Crisis2
Where is R2P grounded in International law?2
Assessing the impact of human disturbance on penguins2
Murihiku Pa: An Investigation of Pa Sites in the Southern Areas of New Zealand2
Current Debates on Variability in Child Welfare Decision-Making: A Selected Literature Review2
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis2
The Supreme Σημεῖον of Jesus' Death-and-Resurrection in the Fourth Gospel2
Shifting Gender Roles: Male Dan in Chinese Theatre2
'Liking' working with suicidal patients: A mixed methods research investigation of clinicians' positive inclination to patients at risk for suicide and the effect of this on the therapeutic encounter1
Dispelling the myths of the brass wind embouchure: methods, mechanics and practices1
Reducing GHGs on farms1
The role of scripture in the theology of Jürgen Moltmann1
Observational Evidence for the Modulation of Antarctic Springtime Ozone Depletion by Energetic Particle Precipitation1
Local and systemic effects of adipocyte-secreted factors in breast cancer1
A Defence of the Relevance View in Ethics1
Markan typology: Miracle, scripture and Christology in Mark 4:35-6:451
Remote Working during COVID191
Factors associated with continuity and changes in disruptive behavior patterns between childhood and adolescence1
Alcohol and depression1
The quality of parent/child relationships in adolescence is associated with poor adult psychosocial adjustment1
Modelling possible causality in the associations between unemployment, cannabis use, and alcohol misuse1
The role of calcium-permeable AMPA receptors and arc in secreted amyloid precursor protein alpha-mediated plasticity1
Mental Health Service-users’ experiences of people-centred joined-up care in Aotearoa New Zealand: development of a new people-centred joined-up model and questionnaire1
Development of an ovine model to investigate orthodontic tooth movement in 3D1
Gauging attitudes and behaviours: Meat consumption and potential reduction1
The attributes of leftovers and higher-order personal values1
The role of personal values in Chinese consumers’ food consumption decisions. A case study of healthy drinks1
Identifying Transition Capacity for Agri-food Regimes: Application of the Multi-level Perspective for Strategic Mapping1
Demographic and reproductive variability within and among subpopulations of temperate reef fishes1
Unintended effects of ethnically targeted advertising1
Consumer benefits and acceptance of genetically modified food1
The Mass Balance of Selected Glaciers of the Southern Alps in New Zealand1
The Effect of African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) on Exports of Eligible Countries: Panel Data Evidence1
Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Spatially Structured Ecclesiology. Reconfiguring the Confession of Christ's Presence.1
Food security in New Zealand: The relationship between food security, ethnicity and body weight status1
Culture in the classroom of ESL learners: A case study of how culture is represented in the lessons of ESL children at a New Zealand mainstream primary school1
Cultural and National Identity in the Face of Climate Change: A Case Study of I-Kiribati Migrants in New Zealand1
Population biology and larval ecology of the sea urchin Centrostephanus rodgersii (Agassiz 1863) in New Zealand under the influence of Global Climate Change1
Working with musically gifted children: Creating talent. A report on the learning in the music heartland project 2003-20051
Body Language Availability in Videoconferencing1
Serious suicide attempts in young people : a case control study1
From Philosophising Ass to Asinine Philosopher: Satire in Book 11 of Apuleius' Metamorphoses1
Sustainable Market Orientation: Its Applicability in Conservation and Tourism Management1
Beyond care versus control: decision-making discourses and their functions in child protection social work.1
Informant Discrepancies in the Assessment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder1
Playing Games with Kenneth Koch: Poetry, Collaboration, Pedagogy1
Maori and Mining1
Social media: a solution to declining youth engagement in politics?1
The effects of reduced seawater pH on the early-life history of three key echinoderm (Echinodermata) species.1
Poia mai taku poi: Unearthing the knowledge of the past1
Collaborative research stories : whakawhanaungatanga1
Digital Diplomacy & Social Capital: Analysing Relational Components of Trust in US & Israeli Online Social Networks1
Honor, Shame and Conquest: Male Identity, Sexual Violence, and the Body Politic1
The effects of ocean acidification on photosynthesis, growth, and carbon and nitrogen metabolism of Macrocystis pyrifera1
The Significance of the Cross for the Doctrine of the Trinity in the Theology of Jürgen Moltmann1
Influence of International Trade Agreements on Entry Strategy1
The Story of Shaky City1
Through the grapevine: In search of a rhetoric of industry-oriented science communication1
Ecology of meiofauna from the New Zealand continental margin1
Treatment Adherence Among People with Schizophrenia: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour1
Fiction reading and sexism: Exploring the effects of fiction reading and transportation on sexist attitudes1
Demographic variability among subpopulations of two coastal fishes around the South Island of New Zealand1
Death and failure: A cautionary tale of death anxiety and alternate causality1
Automated Digital Forensic Triage: Rapid Detection of Anti-Forensic Tools1
Exploring what university teachers think about education for sustainability1
Acoustic Investigations of Geologic Hazards and Seismic Processing Off the Coast of Otago, New Zealand1
Middle Eastern and Islamic Materials in Special Collections, University of Otago1
The role of pelvis-thorax coupling in controlling within-golf club swing speed1
The effect of emotion on false memories in the Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) paradigm1
Ice activities in New Zealand Chionochloa species1
Software forensics: extending authorship analysis techniques to computer programs1
The threat to kill.1
Queer will: Hikkomorias willful subjects1
An application of Bayesian network for predicting object-oriented software maintainability1

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File downloads
Kahn, Pia Cristóbal25
Labidon, Sigrid Lorraine22
Shrestha, Nensi10
Hokowhitu, Brendan9
Roberts, Chris M9
Ball, Christine7
Zhen, Fang7
Fergusson, David M.6
Horwood, L. John6
Kumari, Shivani6
Watkins, Leah6
McLeod, GF4
de la Santa, Edieser4
Abbott, J. Haxby3
Deed, Stephen3
Furnari, Ellen3
Keddell, Emily3
Lee, Ya Ling3
Liu, Qian3
Mirosa, Miranda3
Ali, Afiya2
Brownlee, Polly Jane2
Coombe, Cameron Daniel2
Ellenberg, Ursula2
Gray, Andrew2
Guo, Chao2
Judson, Anne-Marie2
Jutel, Olivier Christian2
Kolodzey, Stina2
Potts, Kirsty Nicole2
Ruwhiu, Diane2
Smith, Lindsay I.2
Stephenson, Janet2
Vistar, Deolito2
Abbott, M.1
Andrews, Lynda1
Beautrais, Annette L.1
Bishop, Alan Russell1
Boden, Joseph M.1
Carter, Adam1
Carter, Lyn1
Connelly, Sean1
Crake, Rebekah Lee Isla1
Daneshgar, Majid1
De Run, Ernest Cyril1
Deos, Anthony1
Diesing, Juana1
Easterbrook, Luke1
Farrar, Rachel Florence1
Fedor, Ilka1
Fergus, Donald Murdoch1
Fergusson, David M1
Fernandez Subiabre, Pamela Andrea1
Frost, Emily Joy1
Furnari, Mary1
Goodwin, David1
Gordon, Emily1
Gorman, Andrew R1
Grest, Carolina Villamil1
Hamill, Britta1
Holdsworth, David K1
Holt, Andrew Arnold1
Jackson, Christopher1
Jowett, Tim1
Kennerley, Stephanie1
Kerr, Donald1
Kerr, Gayle1
King, Hannah1
Knight, John G1
Lamb, Peter1
Laurenson, Thomas1
Lee, Jungeun Olivia1
Lee, Pui1
Lentz, Garrett1
Livingstone, Rhys Warren1
Lusk, Karen1
Lynskey, Michael T.1
MacDonell, Stephen1
Macdonald, John Marshall1
Mather, Damien W1
Mathews, Cy Elza1
McLeod, Geraldine F.H.1
Miles, Steven John1
Mirosa, M.1
Mitchell, Robert Wyndham1
Moore, Errol James1
Morrissey, J. E1
O'Kane, Paula1
Oey, Indrawati1
Ombuki, Charles Nyariki1
Oranje, Joanne Maree1
Overell, Rosemary1
Paringatai, Karyn1
Pataky, Todd1
Pearson, David1
Pecorino, Danilo1
Perera, Muthukuttige Pramuk Arjuna1
Rae, Hauauru1
Raudino, Alessandra1
Redman, Kahla1

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