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Access to physical activity for men following stroke34
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis19
Two Tales of Viking Diversity: A Comparative Study of the Immigrant Integration Policies of Denmark and Sweden, 1960-200613
Putting support where the learners are: A multiple case study of the practice of embedding librarians in New Zealand online tertiary classes11
Natural Boundaries, Legal Definitions. Making Room for Rivers11
Food Waste in an Airline Caterer's Production Kitchen7
The ecology and conservation of hotspots for Hector’s dolphin7
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited6
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser4
Wireless Channel Modeling and Reconstruction in Massive MIMO Systems3
Where is R2P grounded in International law?3
Access to Financing and Firm Growth: Evidence from Ethiopia3
Don DeLillo's White Noise and the Postmodern Economics of Displacement3
A High-Resolution Chronology of Human Arrival and Environmental Impact in Northland, New Zealand2
Wellbeing and relationships between people, space, place and time: Canterbury primary school principals’ perceptions of wellbeing in the context of their school environment2
Being Polite in Conversation: Power, Distance, and Self-Esteem in Persian Requests2
An integrative approach to understanding antimicrobial resistance in New Zealand2
Reframing perceptions of anthropomorphism in wildlife film and documentary2
Making a living in Vanuatu: Livelihoods and development in peri-urban Port Vila2
Mild cognitive impairment associated with higher serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in a middle aged population living at a moderately high latitude in New Zealand2
The practice of everyday life performed away from home: A reflexive ethnography of a group tour2
Theoretical Underpinnings of Kaupapa Maori Directed Practice2
Maori concepts for social and community work2
The Health of Children and Young People with Chronic Conditions and Disabilities in the Hutt Valley, Capital & Coast and Wairarapa DHBs 20162
Adequate protection: an examination of transborder data protection standards in the European Union2
An investigation into food waste produced in New Zealand restaurants and cafes.2
Kids and Kilowatts: Socialisation, energy efficiency, and electricity consumption in New Zealand2
Government Use of Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand1
Tracing Nutrients and Contaminants in Nearshore Food Web1
Does institutional quality foster economic complexity?1
Biometric attack vectors and defences1
Socialising the stranger: Hospitality as a relational reality1
Environmental values of consumptive and nonconsumptive marine tourists in the South Island of New Zealand1
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis1
Landscape, literature and identity : New Zealand late colonial literature as environmental text, 1890-19211
Decriminalisation : a harm minimisation and human rights approach to regulating sex work1
On Real Interest Rate Persistence: The Role of Breaks1
A functional analysis of coral tools from late prehistoric Moloka'i Island, Hawaii.1
Internal Employees versus External Employees (Contractors): Are the ‘Outcomes’ the same?1
Low Level Laser Therapy for the Treatment of Tendinopathy With Emphasis on the Achilles Tendon1
Meat, total and haem iron intakes of New Zealand toddlers aged 12-24 months1
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page1
Norm creation, spreading and emergence: A survey of simulation models of norms in multi-agent systems1
Representing 3D data in a cadastral database – Queensland Case1
Recent changes in the flow of the Ross Ice Shelf, West Antarctica1
Negotiating Barriers: An Investigation of Early Access to Rheumatology Services for Patients with Inflammatory Arthritis in the Wellington Region1
Multi-scale atmospheric and climate phenomena in the context of the wind resource assessment: a case study in complex, coastal terrain1
Third-Party Coordination in Conflict Resolution: Views from Third-Party Practitioners in the Maoist Armed Conflict of Nepal and the Moro Conflict of the Philippines1
Recent Developments in Organic Food Production in New Zealand: Part 1: Organic Food Exporting in Canterbury1
The possibilities of reducing food choice to improve the economical (profits), nutritional/psychological (people) and environmental (planet) performance of university residential college foodservices1
Working with the Impasse in Couple Relationship while working towards World Peace1
Agent-Based Institutional Modelling: Novel Techniques for Deriving Structure from Behaviour1
The Impact of Bilingualism on Conflict Control1
Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching: Enhancing awareness and practice through cultural portfolio projects1
Eric Gill (1882-1940): An Inventory of his Work in Special Collections, University of Otago1
Sexuality, Power and the Sociology of the Internet1
Queens Gardens, 1949: The Anxious Spaces of Postwar New Zealand Masculinity1
Multiple-stressor effects of agricultural stressors on stream benthic communities: Using genetic tools and biological traits to complement ecological research1
John Evelyn (1620-1706) An Inventory of Works, Special Collections, University of Otago1
The impact of customer focus to the success of eCommerce systems among small and medium enterprises—a conceptual framework1
Consumer Culture in China: Consumption Face1
EAT5: Eating frequency in 5-year old New Zealand children1
Image segmentation using superpixel ensembles1
Improving Student Achievement Through Feedback1
The Effect of Soaking Almonds and Hazelnuts on Phytate and Mineral Concentrations1
Glycaemic Response and Satiety1
Sacred Katuiran: Decolonial Sensibility in the Katipunan Papers: An ‘indigenist hermeneutic’ of nineteenth-century Tagalog revolutionary texts1
Estimating the Technical Potential for Residential Demand Response in New Zealand1
Indigenous social work practice development: The contribution of manaakitanga to Mana-enhancing social work practice theory1
Child Poverty Monitor 2018: Technical Report1
All Is Changed, Changed Utterly? The Causes and Consequences of New Zealand's Adoption of MMP1
Household factors and electrical peak demand : a review for further assessment.1
Challenges To 'A Most Dangerous Doctrine' or a 'Fantastic Theory' of Volitional Insanity1

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File downloads
Calder, Allyson34
Smith, Lindsay I.19
Tawat, Mahama13
Fields, Alison June11
Strack, Mick11
Brough, Tom Evan7
Ross, Jessie7
Harris, Phil6
Kolovos, Ioannis6
Dowling, Anthony4
Eketone, Anaru4
Fedorov, Aleksei3
Fielding, David3
Judson, Anne-Marie3
Regasa, Dereje3
Roberts, Helen3
Stephenson, Janet3
Trainor, Oliver3
Adams, Judith2
Adcroft, Jane2
Aguirre-Bielschowsky, Ikerne2
Brickell, Chris2
Cole, Michelle Christina2
Dahl, Jenny2
Duncanson, Mavis2
Flood, Henry2
Gallagher, Sarah2
Jones, Emily2
Lawson, Rob2
Leslie, Emily2
Mirzaei, Azar2
Mitchell, Sarah2
Morris, Simon2
Oben, Glenda2
Scott, David George2
Simpson, Jean2
Smith, Romilly2
Strydom, Andrea2
Todd, Sarah2
Wicken, Andrew2
Abel, Gillian1
Adams, J1
Anderson, Ben1
Babaranti, Oluwuyi Ajani1
Barris, Ashleigh Catherine1
Bastani, Amir1
Batson, Arthur James1
Benwell, George L1
Bhattarai, Prakash1
Blanch, Keely Francyne1
Bohlander, Jennifer1
Campbell, Hugh1
Cranefield, Stephen1
Dawson, Jackie1
Deans, Kenneth R1
Dickson, Hamish1
Dortans, Carsten1
Duncanson, M1
Frantz, Christopher Konstantin1
Gavaghan, Colin1
Gavighan, Colin1
Geddis, Andrew1
Ghandour, Ahmad1
Gibson, Peter Bernard1
Gu, Xianbin1
Guido Mendes, Célia Maria1
Harran, Terry1
Haug, Alfred1
Hulbe, Christina L.1
Jack, Michael1
Kahn, Pia Cristóbal1
Karki, Sudarshan1
Kendall, Fiona Elizabeth1
Kennedy, Lucy Jennifer1
Khan, Imran1
King, Lisa-Marie Francisca1
Knott, Ali1
Kumari, Shivani1
Kuzma, Julian1
Lee, Choon-Ki1
Liddicoat, Joy1
Loh, Joanne1
Maclaurin, James1
Malcolm, Ngaire Lynne1
McDougall, Kevin1
McPhail, Cameron Kenrick1
Milne, Valerie Cavaye1
Morris, Caroline1
Oben, G1
Oranje, Joanne Maree1
Pierson, M1
Price, Donna1
Richardson, G1
Roberts, Chris M1
Salis, Romana Katerina1
Savarimuthu, Bastin Tony Roy1
Scamobs, Ted A.1
Scott, David G1
Thompson, Rod1
Tumilty, Steven James1

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