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The Role of Values in Japanese Elite Views of Contemporary Japan-China Relations14
The Establishment and Characterisation of Gastric Organoids as a Model for Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer13
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis12
Wine tourism and the generation Y market: any possibilities?8
When do students intend to return? Determinants of students’ return intentions using a multinomial logit model5
Narratives of desperation : 'genre, gender, and Desperate Housewives3
Manipulation of the host cell cycle by murine norovirus VPg3
Smart Homes: What New Zealanders think, have, and want.3
God in the Machine: Depicting Religion in Video Games3
Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensate with a Vortex2
The Malaysian visiting friends and relatives (VFR) market initiated by the Malaysian students in South Island, New Zealand2
A two-stage double-bootstrap data envelopment analysis of efficiency differences of New Zealand secondary schools2
Agency, uncertainty and power: Why people consider assisted dying at the end of life2
The DesignAdvisor: An intelligent knitwear design aid2
Unintended effects of ethnically targeted advertising2
An empirical examination of the editorial review processes of accounting journals2
Managerial Incentives Behind Fixed Asset Revaluations: Evidence from New Zealand Firms2
Android In-Vehicle Infotainment System (AIVI)2
The effectiveness of nutrition education delivered in the inpatient setting on behaviour change post patient discharge2
The Application of Spectral Analysis of the Surface Electrocardiography Prior to Direct Current Cardioversion in Patients with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation2
How Rebellious Non-State-Actors acquire weapons2
The Christ-Story of Philippians 2:6-11: Narrative Shape and Paraenetic Purpose in Paul’s Letter to Philippi2
Principal Perceptions of Self and Change: A New Zealand Case Study2
The algorithmic subject: the neo-liberal apparatus and the social media technology of power.2
Becoming-common: Affective Technologies and Grassroots Activism in Contemporary Italy2
The role of pelvis-thorax coupling in controlling within-golf club swing speed2
The Window in Virginia Woolf's Early Novels2
The choice of market entry mode: greenfield Investment, M&A and joint ventures1
Human Activity Recognition in Smart Homes1
Consumers and Their Brand Love Relationships1
Tracing Nutrients and Contaminants in Nearshore Food Web1
Using ArcGIS Story Map to Communicate an Emotive Topic: Responsible Cat Ownership in New Zealand1
ADSC-EVs and Macrophage Polarization in Fat Grafting for Breast Reconstruction1
Characterisation of Arcuate Nucleus Projections to the Paraventricular Nucleus of Thalamus1
Chinese Consumers’ Perceptions of Functional Foods Designed to Help the Immune System Recover from the Impact of Air Pollution1
Dietary intakes and food sources of dietary fat among vegetarian and non-vegetarian female adolescents in New Zealand.1
Investigating value propositions in social media: studies of brand and customer exchanges on Twitter1
Exploration and discovery: Learning at a science centre1
Smartphone Fundus Imaging1
Aerial photogrammetry and size structure analysis of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) at Kaikōura, New Zealand1
Risk factors and life processes associated with teenage pregnancy: Results of a prospective study from birth to 20 years1
Show me the child at seven II: Childhood intelligence and later outcomes in adolescence and young adulthood1
Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents1
Adolescent resiliency to family adversity1
Childhood self-control and adult outcomes: Results from a 30-year longitudinal study1
Tobacco smoking and cannabis use in a longitudinal birth cohort: Evidence of reciprocal causal relationships1
Self Harm in New Zealand: Perspectives on Hospital Presentations and National Trends Across the Lifespan1
Flash Glucose Monitoring Among Youth with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Cutaneous Adverse Events and Sensor Longevity1
Characterising TRIB1 Nanobodies using a Yeast Surface Display Platform with Flow Cytometry1
The determinants of international students' return intention1
Voter apathy in British elections: causes and remedies1
The relationship between website metrics and the financial performance of online businesses1
Due diligence, research joint ventures, and incentives to innovate1
Lipoproteins and Hyperlipoproteinemia: Links to Gout1
The system Y-TZP and its porcelain : the interface and firing influences of the porcelain on the "chipping".1
Specialised Production of Early‐Lapita Pottery: A Skill Analysis of Pottery from the Island of Emirau1
Beacon - A Rapidly Deployable Cellphone Network1
Funnily Serious: Using Comedy to Communicate Science1
Interpretation Of Statutory Rules As Application: A Legal Hermeneutics1
Amoeba Management: Why it Works at Kyocera and which other Firms Could Benefit from its Adoption - Part 11
Glycaemic response and glycaemic index to five varieties of rice in people of European and Chinese ethnicity1
Health in the late pre-colonial and early colonial period in the Philippines1
Globalisation, Corporate Nationalism and Japanese Identity: Advertising Production and Signifying Practices of Nike and Asics1
Te Rapunga mo tētahi Ara Tika: Searching for a 'Right' Direction1
The political lessons of Tomorrow's schools : what can be learnt from the outcomes and implications of Tomorrow's schools1
Genetic patterning at Austronesian contact zones1
The benefits of peer support for online learners1
Beyond care versus control: decision-making discourses and their functions in child protection social work.1
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page1
Whales and Whale Bone Technology in New Zealand Prehistory1
Murihiku Pa: An Investigation of Pa Sites in the Southern Areas of New Zealand1
The Agriculture Research Group on Sustainability Programme: The Design of A Longitudinal and Transdisciplinary Study of Agricultural Sustainability in New Zealand1
Recent Developments in Organic Food Production in New Zealand: Part 3: Exporting Organic Produce from Gisborne District1
The Development of Organic Horticultural Exports in New Zealand1
Mission, Meditation and Miracles: An Shigao in Chinese Tradition1
Taxonomies of Taiwanese Aboriginal Musical Instruments1
Orphanage Tourism in Cambodia: The Complexities of ‘Doing Good’ in Popular Humanitarianism1
Explaining Ukiyo-e1
Relationship of Gout and Dyslipidemia1
Measuring Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Humans1
Improved Indexing & Search Throughput1
A Discourse Analysis of Self-management for Bipolar Disorder1
Reading Scripture with Moltmann: The Cry of Dereliction and the Trinity1
Evolutions or Revolutions? Interaction and Transformation at the 'Transition' in Island Melanesia1
Management of Osteoarthritis: A guide to non-surgical intervention1
Even if you say it three ways, it still doesn't mean it's true: The pervasiveness of heteronormativity in early childhood education1
On the use of continuous relative phase: Review of current approaches and outline for a new standard1
Eating a nuclear disaster: A vital institutional ethnography of everyday eating in the aftermath of Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster1
What Factors Are Associated With Guideline Use and Compliance?1
Health promotion planning and evaluation in public health units in New Zealand1
An Adaptable Long-term Condition Workload Prediction Model for Primary Health Care1
An application of Bayesian network for predicting object-oriented software maintainability1
Understanding and Responding to Climate Change: An Analysis of the Sundarbans World Heritage Area1

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File downloads
Kiglics, Balazs Istvan14
Nouri, Yasmin13
Smith, Lindsay I.12
Hall, C Michael8
Mitchell, Richard8
Treloar, Peter8
Soon, Jan-Jan6
Fergusson, David M.4
Horwood, L. John4
Adler, Ralph W3
Campbell, Hugh3
Fairweather, John3
Ford, Rebecca3
Higgins, Teri3
Lamb, Peter3
McSweeney, Alice Mary3
Peniamina, Rana3
Tregonning, James3
Al-Ani, Tarik2
Alexander, W Robert J2
Boden, Joseph M.2
De Run, Ernest Cyril2
Fergusson, David M2
Hacon, Christopher Laurence2
Haug, Alfred A.2
Isa, Siti Suriawati2
Jaforullah, Mohammad2
Jia, Ran2
Lee, Au-Chen2
Liyanarachchi, Gregory A2
Lynskey, Michael T.2
Oxford, Hazel2
Pataky, Todd2
Robertson, Sylvia Margaret2
Seng, Dyna2
Su, Jaihua2
Urbano, Massimiliana2
Weymouth, Richard John2
Woodford, Brendon J2
Young, Jessica Esther2
Yu, Xiaoxi (Eileen)2
Zohar, Eran2
Abbott, J. Haxby1
Ahmad Zamri, Aisya Sofia1
Alwash, Mostafa1
Babaranti, Oluwuyi Ajani1
Badiani, Aldo1
Bell, David1
Benge, Jayson1
Benwell, George L1
Blackwell, Grant1
Blanch, Keely Francyne1
Boyes, Suzanne Unaiki1
Brinsden, Mark1
Burch, Karly Ann1
Callender, Rosie1
Carey, Peter1
Cath-Garling, Stephanie1
Cheng, Lancini Jen-hao1
Cong, Lei1
Connew, Scott Joseph1
Coombe, Cameron1
Coombs, Brad1
Cox, Murray Paul1
Crane, Matthew Stephen1
Crane, Paul1
Cunliffe, Emily A.1
De Pirro, Silvana1
Deans, Kenneth R1
Devananda, Manjula1
Dickson, Toby William John1
Emanuelsson, Martin1
Fabrizi, Simona1
Galvin, Raylene June1
Ghandour, Ahmad1
Gray, Andrew1
Greer, Glen1
Guiney, Tess Catherine1
Gunn, Alexandra C.1
Harold,Gordon T.1
Harris, Phil1
Hassan, Md Kamrul1
Hiromoto, Toshiro1
Hogg, Nicholas William Stanton1
Hong, Sheng Chiong1
Horwood, L John1
Hsu, Tien Chia1
Hunt, Lesley1
Kataoka, Minako1
Keddell, Emily1
Knight, Benjamin1
Kobayashi, Koji1
Kolovos, Ioannis1
Labidon, Sigrid Lorraine1
Letham, Virginia Ann Frances1
Lippert, Steffen1
Lucock, Dave1
Luo, Shanshan1
Manhire, Jon1
Marsters, Brooke1

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